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Rumble Blackwater

Actual Name: Jeff L.

Current Realm: Andor

Home Realm: Andúril

Race: Night Goblyn of the Bright Eye Tribe

Unit: Sashed Member of Blackwater(SUCKS!)

Favored Styles: Spear (Goofy), Bat & Ball, Squid Style

Pernicious Pythagoras of The Science Alliance!

Sir Fur'Dude of The Knights of Wildwood

Basic Info

Rumble and Daggar

Originally from The Andúril Empire, Rumble soon found Family to the south in Blackwater(SUCKS!). In October of 2015 he joined Blackwater's invasion of Pyke, The Ironport where he currently resides. Rumble is mostly known for his almost exclusive use of a Spear, as well as his Black and Purple colors and the large Rook that flies on his belt.

He is currently busy expanding the lore for Night Goblyns, expanding the Goblyn lexicon into a workable language called Babelspeak (Im working on it, link will be available soon-ish)

He is the author of the Low Babel Script used by Night Goblyns and is currently the only person fluent in the script that has ventured to the Sun Lands. However if you are interested in learning, he is more than willing to give young aspiring Night Goblyns a key, and others puzzles to figure it out for themselves #RosettaStone.


Rumble and Slippery

After the fall of Pandemonium, Rumble fled to the Sun Lands to find sanctuary in other Goblyn tribes. When he found none, he joined the Mercenary company of Blackwater where he bided his time planning the return of his people to their former glory. During Blackwater's invasion of Pyke, he discovered other survivors of the genocide of Pandemonium and he started bringing them together in an attempt to save the history and preserve the lost ways of their people. He hopes to one day live up to his Hero Fanatic Nanakk

Vexable the Tall

Rumble and his partner, Vex, have been sent by Elders of their tribe to scout the ruins of the Great War with the Gods. They devised a clever disguise as Vexable the Tall, a curious Hat Troll that calls no attention and is definitely NOT a conspiracy. From their clever and totally not obvious disguise, they observe the world around them and judge if the world is safe for their people to rise, conquer, and take their rightful place as Melashekhaad's favored children again.

Rumble makes up the bottom half and contains half of Vexable's Magic Power, and possesses his trusty wand Firecrotch and a bag of holding.

Rumble Gallery

Chaos Wars XXI
Chaos Wars XXI
Western Wars 14
WoW 2017
A Rumble pack
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