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Wormmaster Slippery tha Slump God Second Master of Worms Master of Time Majiik

Fighting Names:Slippery, XxxSlipperyxxX, Slippy,Slips?,Slipps?,slipppppps?!,slipppppppppppppppppppppps!!!,Elbow Man Green Dude,Slupp,Salad Tosser, ,Slurppee,Snickers, Stabbery, Sqeeer Slip n Dip, Security Slips,Slipeet, Slip,Seal team,slappy Slips,Slipknot,Squee,Slipadeedooda,Slipadeedoodaday,SlipperyDipperyDop, Ships,Slipa, I got a shit ton of names from Silo and Quinn at western wars 15 and I forgot them all, Slipps"Butts"Goblyn,Six,Slup, Slippery "Dont offer me booze Pls" Zoz'zzles, Freudian Slip, Slaps, Slappery, Slipquid , Tbird Killed Kib, Slutterfly ,Skips ,Slobbo Gobbo ,Butt Goblyn,Slop, Lego star wars 2: the original trilogy, Sleepy, Trash Samurai, Slip Dick McGoo,Slip Dick McGee, Zayl's Pocket Goblyn ,Sweaty Slippry Dippery, Slip Her Eee,, New Gob,Sluttery("Keep on doing what you're doing BEING A SLUT"-Silo), Social Justice Goblyn, The noise wet shoes make on linoleum,Slip slop my Cock,Whos that on the radio?,Slippery the night god, ,Literally anything that kinda sounds like Slips and starts with a S

Sir Tificate of The Knights of Wildwood

President of Hellholt

Hellholts "Head of doing weird shit that monsters do at belegarth events"

Meme God of Belegarth

Mundane Name: William Hafford

Started Fighting: August 2k16

Realm Started in: Hellholt

Current Realm: Hellholt, Sunspear,Babylon?,Dorne

Murderers Known T-Bird

Fighting Style: Bat and Flat,Ball and Wall, Long Bat, Long Dagger,Daggentine

Current Units: Horde awoken in the Year of Mayhem

Houses: House Blep, House of the Empty Mug, House S,House Banned from Sith Camp, House Da,da,da, House Comrade, House SadBoi,GCC

Race:Night Goblyn of the Whisper Tooth Tribe, Gay Baby,Ska Goblyn

No gods No Warlords

Live fast eat trash

Thank you Based God

I do weddings

Slippery and Abel

Interesting Facts: He went all of BFTR with no shoes on

He likes all kinds of butter

He loves hats

Hes not a fan of crusaders

Hes not a fan of romans

He loves bowls

He eats spoons

His coat is covered in the blood of the bourgeoisie

He only eats pinkies with BBQ Sauce

He is both his realm's Slave and VP

He does not praise Baulk in any way

He may or may not have mercury poisoning

He Was a Elf

He is the reincarnation of Che Guevara

He is actually a 5-year-old sitting on the shoulders of another 5-year-old

He is a meme elemental sent from the future to warn humanity of some mysterious catastrophe

He is a fellow Amtgarder

He once burped The Star Spangled Banner in Morse Code over the course 64 days.

He is not a samurai, nor does he smell of sunflowers. So stop asking.

He is afraid of the milkman. But someday, he must face his fear to defeat his enemy in a checkers game and save the world.

Claims to be a Goblyn but is really a small treefolk comprised primarily of moss, oak tree, and a bird acting as a voice box. Someday he will grow to meet his brothers in the canopy.

Slippery his sponsor plague and Quinn

Doesn't actually want your cheeseburger, but he is too polite to refuse.

Every single one of his revenge schemes have backfired... Horribly... This has done nothing to deter his attempts to someday restore his honor.

Can give conclusive evidence that we are in The Matrix.

Was once molested by a Stop Sign. - "Never, again"

Has an enchanted tattoo that only smart people can see. If you can't see it, he can't help you.

There is a rumor that he invented the aeroplane... This is of course false. People can't fly.

Slippery fighting Rumble

Once burned his laundry whilst attempting to wash a lasagna.

He can read the minds of grass blades.

He is confused by polka dots.

Has 11 inch wide elbows.(thicc)

Holds his breath while crossing bridges and cemeteries.

Slippery channeling in his inner fanatic

Slips protecting da HON'R during belegarth dick measuring contest

He owns 2 walking sticks that, due to unrelated injuries, no longer walk.

Can't pronounce any word with a "W" in it.

Takes the Lord's name in vain... But the Lord is his homie so it's alright.

Worth $70 at the glad pits

Plays washboard with his elbows and Butt

He may be a dirty goblyn but he still keeps his mane in check (Slippery why do you smell so nice?- Caster CW21)

Has never put up a tent alone but he hopes he will one day

Is a Wizard

He has a deep affinity for android chargers


He Protec but He Also Attac

I is banned from sith camp

Was shot at Chaos Wars 21

For sure buttpregnant with worms

He done did the thing

Has not used a flat blade in over a year

The brother of Oakhart

Puked in Finn's car the day before BBW2k17


He convinced his college to take him and his realm to BFTR 2018,2019!

Creator of the Sliverhelm

[1] Listen to his band

Events Attended: in order

  • War Of Wrath 2016,2017,2018,2019
  • Harvest Massacre (dag) 2016,2017,2018
  • Kibs Raid
  • BFTR 2017, 2018 ,2019(ya boi got woke),2020
  • Siege of Sunspear 2017,2018
  • MOTAP 2017
  • Phoenix Rising 2017,2018,2019
  • The Battle of Andor 2017
  • Silica Vale (dag) 2017,2018
  • Chaos Wars 2017
  • Battle of Blackwater 2017
  • HoTYB 2018,2019
  • Western Wars 2018
  • Crash at Kord's Place the Curse of the Lost Snake
  • Horde Moot 2Dalany comes and California wanted to leave
  • Melcorme 2020 at home
Slippery's personal symbol drawn by Rotten
Look at em eyes
Slip Dick McGoo looking fierce
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