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  • Note: Page is still under construction.- Rumble

Stich is a Fighter currently in Orem, Utah but has traveled all over the West, previously living in Southern California and Portland, Oregon. First starting fighting in Imperial Beach, California in the Splinter Realm of Blackwater. He is a Tournament Fighter and renowned duelist.

Featured in the TUSSLES Versus Series video "VANSEN vs. STICH" shot at Battle For The Ring VIII.



Belegarth Fighter

Full Name: Stich The Sunset Mantis of Blackwater

Race: Anime Protagonist, Human

Fighting Since: July 2012

Fighting style: Sword and board down stick, crossbow

Current Realm: none

Sashed Member of Blackwater

Notable Mentions

Bftr V: Won Best Honor

Chaos XVII: 1st Newbie tournament

Chaos XVIII: 1st Novice tournament

Bftr VII: Won King of Games Yu-Gi-Oh tournament

Chaos XIX: 1st Dagger tournament.

Chaos XXI: Champion Tournament 1st place


Credit to the verse and much help by Rumble

To understand Stich you must first know of Stichio, an extra-dimensional entity who inhabits the body of Stich13.


An Extra-dimensional entity responsible for the event he calls "The Binding" where he orchestrated the attachment of the Multiverse of 17 dimensions he calls Verse17 through the use of the several members of those realms named Stich. Stichio currently inhabits the body of Stich13

Dimension 1

"The Tread", D1 was once a loose Dimension where the knit of time/space was not as tightly woven. Reality was dispersed into fragments floating in 9-dimensional space as the whole of everything drifted and weaved around itself. Stichio needed to start here as this would be where and what held his Multiverse together. Using the resident who would become "Stich1", Stichio instructed and coordinated the fabric of this dimension to bind the other 16 universes together. Tearing what reality there was apart, Stichio through Stich1 wove the strands into a tight thread and then sewed the Verse17 together.

Stichio uses this thread network when traveling through the Verse17 as he claims it is faster and more efficient than his normal method.

  • Stich1 was created by Stichio and given above average intelligence so that he may sew the Multiverse together. He currently resides in "The Space Between" and constantly inspects, tightens, and holds the 17 together. He is charged not only with the integrity of the Thread that was once his home, but also with its protection. He wields a large, long needle capable of sewing reality itself and while he does not leave "The Space Between", he watches over the dimensions carefully for any rips or tears in the realities that he holds together.

Dimension 5

If you are reading this, you are here. The Anime Dimension where a great story is being told.This is the story of Belegarth as seen through the eyes of our protagonist. in The Verse this dimension is stored next to strong magical dimensions that give it it's anime properties such as Power levels and super sweet trick shots. All you have to do is believe, and you to can become a protagonist of legend. It was recently in the year 2018 that this dimension was breached causing vast entities to emerge. The cause of this breach was The Silverhelm race and their advanced technology. With the new threat of corruption following close behind, The Sunset Mantis set fourth to vanquish this threat as well as make new allies to help him cross dimensions and rally his other versions in the war on Stichio.

Dimension 12

A realm of Advanced Warfare, residents of D12 have begun to forsake their original bodies for more secure and dangerous mechanical husks. Stichio at first did not intend to include D12 in the Verse17 but due to overall structure, position, and reality make-up of the dimension, including it solved more issues than it created.

It was here that Stichio first concieved the idea of implanting his conciousness into a resident to be used as a host.

Stich12 was one of the volunteers chosen for the fourth wave of tests and is now the inhabitant the Warframe MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki. Strictly a Military Warframe, the experimental (and temperamental) "Delta Gundam" has been seen to exceed expectations in the field when at full functionality. Originally a Prototype for the hoped for mass production soldier model (MSZ-006) he poses many unique qualities.

  • The MSN-00100 (MSN-100, MSN-001) Hyaku Shiki is a prototype attack use Mobile Suit.
    • The Hyaku Shiki (codename: "δ Gundam" or Delta Gundam) is a mobile suit built by Anaheim Electronics® as part of the "Zeta Project". Originally designed as the MSN-001 Delta Gundam, the unit was intended to be a test unit for the transforming MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam by incorporating the "movable frame" technology found in the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II and back-pack wing binders for additional mobility, though defects in the frame design rendered it incapable of transforming to mobile armor mode. The Delta Gundam's transformation capabilities would be used in the production of the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus while the gold armor was used to create the Hyaku Shiki. The Hyaku Shiki sported a gold-colored frame, utilizing a prototype anti-beam reflective coating.
    • When the Hyaku Shiki was created, the gold color on the alloy was not intentional. Instead, it was supposed to be what Anaheim Electronics® called "Anti-Beam Coating™". AE had anticipated the growing use of beam weapons like the Beam Saber, beam rifle and beam cannons which led to the development of Anti-Beam Coating to armor. The use of the anti-beam coating for a mobile suit is very expensive, and thus, the Federation could not fund this. Only the wealthy individuals of Zeon such as Char Aznable (Quattro Bajeena) can afford one. As Char went under a guise during his time with the Anti-Earth Union Group, funds from his previous resources could be redirected and expended on the development of the anti-beam coating. It adopts a unique sensor called the Image Directive Encode™ (IDE) system, which emits a red pattern when scanning or during precision aiming.

Dimension 13

The dimension that’s home to The Wizard Council. Another high magic dimension that is the current home of Stichio himself who has taken the body of Stich13 A Litch filled with natural Void energy.

Dimension 16

Deaths dimension. All beings experience Death. If it’s a thought, an experience, any instance involving death finds its way to this dimension and the beings known as the Avatar’s of Madness. An Avatar knows nothing but death and every time in battle you have experienced it is placed upon its broken mind. They wield a power no one else dare touch and only few records show these Avatars ever leaving their own domain.

Dimension 17

A Shell Dimension, due to its sheer size in relation to the other dimensions, it is used as a grounding for the D1 "Treads", as well as a protective crust that encloses the other dimensions. It's density in 9-Dimensional space aids in the suspension as a psuedo-gravititonc pull keeping the other dimensions from fully phase-fusing.

  • Stich17 works in a partnership with Stich1 as a resident of "The Space Between". Instead of overseeing the thread and structure of the Verse17 however, he focuses on the integrity of the shell, and the overall positioning and suspension of the other Dimensions. He wields a large hook attached to a strand of "The Thread" that he uses to maneuver and manipulate the dimensions around 9-Dimensional Space.
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