Fallen Aasimar

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Fallen Aasimar

The circumstances of how we came together are inconsequential. Family is the bond I follow, and I write my own history from this day forward. -- Sul Chaotica, 2021

Fallen Aasimars are a group of aasimar individuals who reject their divine heritage, and choose instead to follow a different path. While these warriors were blessed with divine powers from birth and destined for greatness in service to their holy order, individuals within this domain had a falling out or chose to abandon their path for a variety of reasons. These individuals, while not necessarily evil in nature, can lean more into their chaotic and darker natures, as opposed to the lawful good nature of their angelic counterparts.



Fallen Aasimars share the same history with the Aasimar bloodline, save for the eventual abandonment and rejection of their nature and the following a new personal creed. Those individuals who tended to act in seemingly "selfish" ways or who opposed unjust laws in a manner of speaking out as activists were considered the first fallen. Others committing truly evil acts lost their champion’s blessing, choosing to seek out a new deity more in line with their bloodlust. Fallen tend to have been rejected by human civilizations, choosing instead to find residence and family within Monsterdom, citing the differences they exhibited as the core reason humanity seemed to cast them off.


Fallen Aasimars can range with any variety of personalities, mostly associated with the circumstances of their fall from grace. While most are rarely lawful or obedient, the range from good to evil intentions does muddle their reputation and makes for a slightly difficult time gaining trust in new allies.


Fallen Aasimars bear no anatomical difference to their counterparts, choosing instead to show their differences in the discoloration of the angelic markings they are "blessed" with. The golden eyes are kept the same from birth, though some choose to add a flair of color to denote more secretive motives and to hide their bloodline entirely. Many Fallen see their wings turn a black or gray color, some lose the ability to use them at all, bearing only a resemblance of skeletal forms where their wings once were. Some choose to keep these wings as a sign of their past, while others remove them in order to forsake their past deity even more.

Fallen Aasimar Facts

  • Sometimes simply referred to as "Fallen"
  • Fallen Aasimar are officially classified as Outsiders, mainly due to their rejection of what many humans see as a blessing and an honor.
  • There are varying degrees of Fallen, all regarding the circumstances of their fall. Some choose to adopt these traits into their personality, others try to hide them in plain sight.
  • The classification of a Fallen Aasimar is based on the circumstances of their life and their rejection of their divine goals.
  • Many Fallen are not known by particular names, and instead are regarded through past or present deeds. Stories told depict their exploits, however many of the Fallen refuse to tell these stories themselves.
  • While human in nature, some take on the mannerisms and even modify appearances to blend with a particular race or family. This process of joining a new family or clan has been dubbed “familization” or “choosing” by observers.
  • Fallen Aasimar do not partake in much of a community, however a general understanding is had and some do choose to swear loyalty in an unbirthing ceremony, officially cleansing themselves of any divine influence from their past deity.
  • The Fallen do not follow a hierarchy, believing their own stories to be the guiding force and do not serve a common leader. However, some do become titular members of the society, where they are granted the honorific associated with their fall. The chosen family of a Fallen Assimar (or clan or familiars) may also be addressed with this title by other Fallen.

Fallen Aasimar Classifications


  • Seen as one who betrayed the interests of their deity over one main decision, either for personal gain or out of an inner sense of justice. Intention led individuals who make choices based on a strict code that their original deity could not support.
  • Identified by pink / green coloration, also known as an Unbound Aasimar.
  • Post-fall deity affiliation can vary, some can even come to terms and be restored to their status with their original deity if the path of redemption is offered and chosen.
  • Honored title denoted as “Bry”

Dark Warrior

  • Tending to be the evil side of the Fallen, Dark Warriors develop or had evil intentions that came between them and their divine mission. Usually working in shadows, searching for revenge and retaliation can also send the Fallen into the path of darkness.
  • Identified by red / black coloration, also known as a Dark Aasimar
  • Mainly servants of the Chaos Gods, some may fight without a champion and just follow the path of bloodlust.
  • Honored title denoted as “Dak”


  • The members of the Fallen who were pushed to a breaking point, through deity based pressure or an innate sense of being unable to cope with hypocrisy and were abandoned or rejected by their deity.
  • Identified by purple / orange coloration, also known as a Shattered Aasimar
  • Rarely serve another deity, lack trust in the divine methods, choose instead to believe in chosen family and allies, maintain a cautious distrust and neutrality with unknown situations and circumstances
  • Honored title denoted as “Sul”

Garb Suggestions

  • Black / Gray Feathered Wings, Skeletal Wing remains, or a Scar of Wing Removal
  • Gold eye color
  • Cloaks or flowy robes for concealing identity if in populated areas
  • Crossed out or covered blue or gold celestial markings, often bearing the color most associated with their fall. Some (those who have fallen longer) even have remade the markings to match their new deity / callings

Known Fallen Aasimar

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