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Disclaimer: The contents of this page were written by a single individual, and do not reflect the belief systems or play styles of all races you will interact with. Some of the races listed here are not currently active, or have very few members. As such, if you are interested in playing one of them, feel free to abide by or ignore this information, as you wish.

Creatures whose origins can be found outside of the Material Plane, generally interdimensional travelers who've come to our worlds for reasons known only to themselves.

The Celestial Plane: Creatures born within these planes are commonly known as Celestials, primarily focused on protecting and maintaining order of the Material Plane. These species include examples such as, Aasimars/Fallen Aasimars, Valkyries and various good-aligned deities.

The Abyssal Plane: Dark creatures born from this plane are commonly known as Fiends, most of which primarily focus on punishing or destroying the Material Plane. These species include examples such as Tieflings, Lemurs, Demons, Devils, and various evil-aligned deities.

The Ethereal Plane: Creatures born within these unknown and seemingly infinite planes of existence tend to have a very weak tether to the Material Plane altogether, often times they're thought to be creatures actually stuck between dimensions rather than creatures actually born of it. This is primarily due to the existence of Poltergiest and other incorporeal beings such as Wraiths creatures believed to be dead spirits of the material plane caught between the passage onto either the Celestial, Abyssal, Negative or Dream Planes. On occasion beings of great strength can break through this plane and enter into others, but this is very rare.

The Negative Plane: Also known as the "afterlife" or "The Void". the creatures born in this plane of reality exist only as shadows but these spirit can often be used by powerful Liches and Necromancers to empower the remains of the dead in the Material Plane to create the undead horrors that we know today as Deathrisen. The Deity Hod found, claimed and mastered the powers within the Negative Plane. It's said that this Plane has a deep connection to the other Planes of existence as each as been able to birth it's own independent variety of undead horrors since it's discovery. At this point the world was still very new and many of the scattered races of these planes were ill prepared to combat these foul beings win the midst of their own battles, but with time most eventually decided it better to momentarily lay down arms and fight off this undead scourge before it consumed them all. they would of course resume their previous in-fighting later, but over the centuries the beings of these planes made great strides to ensure that these undead creatures never arise to power and overtake the Planes again.

The Dream Plane: Creatures born within this plane are commonly known as Dreams and Nightmares. This is a place where dreams cavort, heedless of the waking world. Dreams once dreamt fade into obscurity, but their echoes resonate forever throughout the Dream World. The Hobben God of Nightmares is believed to hail from this plane. It is said carcasses of particularly vile dreams, charged with dark emotion, sometimes rampage from dreamscape to dreamscape, giving rise to terrible Deathrisen horrors brought about by his dark reflection Hod. When dreamers of the Material Plane sleep, their minds enter this Plane. The size of the dream realm expands and contract as dreamers sleep and wake. The mechanical description of reality in theory does not exist in this plane like it does in others. In this Plane reality has an element of what can only be described as postponement or indecisiveness, and you can catch truth as loose as an underdone egg. In the Material Plane this isn't a big factor because it's laws are based on physical truths. But here they're polarized. An example of one such anomaly being that studies show this realm still exist and so do most of its inhabitants after their "creator" awakens. This has led many scholars to argue whether this plane truly only exists through the power of dreams, or just belief itself.

The Astral Plane: Creatures born of the this plane are often interspace travelers or extraterrestrials who've come to our plane to either study or even improve our way of life like the peaceful Silverhelms or beings from a long time ago, in a galaxy far away with intentions of full galactic assimilation via hostile take over such as The Sith Empire.

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