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Creatures whose origins can be found outside of the Material Plane.

Celestials: Creatures of Light born in the outer-dimentsions, primarily focused on protecting and maintaining order of the Material Plane.

  • Aasimars- Humans born with Celestial blood.
  • Angels- servants to most deities.
  • Valkyries- female riders who would carry the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla .
  • Good Aligned Gods; Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian ect.

Fiends: Dark creatures born from the outer-dimensions, most of which primarily focus on punishing or destroying the Material Plane.

  • Tieflings- Mortals born with Fiendish blood.
  • Lemure- Mortal souls corrupted by hellfire and reborn as fiends.
  • Evil Aligned Gods, Demons & Devils; Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian ect.


  • Fallen Aasimar - Aasimar who turned away from their deity, and instead choose their own path, whether for good or evil.
  • Geist- spirits of fallen mortals traveling through the astral plane to the predetermined destination. Geist are often used in necromancer spellcasting.
  • Mohrg- Worm-like interdimensional hivemind Parasites who use corpses as host bodies for invading and assimilating dimensions.

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