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"Time is our endless shoal....

the void, our dark heart."

Dark Elder Tsa'ath

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The Deathrisen are a race of monsters that once lived and died as one of the mortal races but were retched away from the clutches of death to exist as an entirely new and dreadful creature. These beings exist through the use and manipulation of powerful negative energies. Every "Risen" are a unique creature with their own interests, ambitions views and take on their place on the physical plane and their goals within the expanding multiverse.

Once they are risen they go through an intense process of change. Each of the three stages of this transformation bring about extreme adaptions to their physical state as well as permanent derangement of their souls. Their once living essences that they had while living are slowly bound and forever corrupted by powers far beyond the effects of the gods they knew in life or indeed the underworld itself.

They become evolved Undead beings that after receiving their Dark gift continue to evolve as they grasp at masters of the powers that their Dark gift connects them to. They are the progenies of the Undead God Hod and seek through their unholy efforts an assured place among those who have gained corporal immortality and a place within the deep void with the God of Undeath.

The Deathrisen are monsters that have been separated from the living world but through a connection to the darkest known magicks from the deep void have been unnaturally risen up. are the progenies of Hod and the extensions of Hod's will. Death is our permanent state of being while the living is seen by our kind as a lesser form of existence. Life itself and the living are often thought of as something to siphon from or consume.

Undead come in many forms and are the unliving horrors and abominations of most mortal races. Only the living descendants of the first mortals that mastered the energies within the negative plane to hold the key to the processes that allow for the dead to be risen. The first of these were ancient forms of the Hobben race called The Dark Elders and although there are few remaining strains that still exist, they are powerful and channeled extensions of the void itself.

The way to undeath is known as The Dark Gift and those who are the carriers of this dark magick through connections with the legacy of the Dark Elders remain hidden and silent. But not for very much longer. For soon, it is said to be the age of the next great awakening. The recurrence of the tendrils of the void sweeping across the Material Plane and a revival of the most vile kind.

Stages of Undead Ascension

Ghoul edited.jpg

Rotrend "Ghoul"-

When a soul is turned into shadow and the body is risen again the creature is held fast into a rending and horrible rot. It is a slow and languid existence which is usually horrific for those newly risen. Flesh begins to foul and if exposed to effluent environs it will begin to fall off the ghoul's animated bones. The stage of Rotrending creature will have lost many of the senses that it knew in life. It can no longer taste or smell as they once did. Those senses are dulled deranged seeking out the essences that the living emit. They never again seek out food or drink, unless it gets them closer to an unwary victim. The sense of touch is largely diminished as the organic systems of the body wither and decay. Hearing remains unchanged although the sounds they hear and not taken in anymore by their ears. Nor do they need their putrefying eyes to see. But, during the darkest nights the faintest evil light will begin to pulse behind the remains of those empty orbs as the shadow within them gathers and writhes inside itself.

The newly risen is a horror unto even themselves. Tormented and lost unless guided by the one who raised them up. The Rotrend is torn apart from within with memories of a life just lived but without the living consciousness to tame the evil filling up where once there was life and the understanding of the coils of mortality. They are slowly rent from their former existences. And it leaves them inside a mindless and horrible deviation of will. Some that knew them in life will mistake this as grief. But it would be at their extreme peril to try to help their lost and departed. For the living are no more akin to the ghoul now than a priest is akin to a prowler.

Ghast fen edited.jpg

Deathfeind "Ghast"

Evolution for the undead is not the same process as it is inside living cycles. The stages beyond the horrific Rotrending are divergent casts of the same race if one wishes to see it such ways. Becoming a Ghast happens after the Ghoul has found and consumed adequate sources of life energies. Devouring the bodies that they either kill or otherwise have access to are the most common on these. When the change happens the new Feind starts to be more directly linked to the deep void and ultimately to the deity Hod. The more successful the Ghast becomes at finding sources of life to siphon the stronger the Ghast's insatiable corrupted hunger gets and the stronger their connection to the source of void energies. This link is for the darkest divinations and it is known (although it is a simple term) as the "Shadow-Chains" or "Chains of Shadow". This is the link of the darkest and most evil of evolutionary paths.

The shadows within the Ghast begin to form its own corrupted core and twisting gravities. Their form develops new affects during its evolution as a Ghast. The process of their rotting slows and only continues at an almost imperceptibly slow rate.Their skin usually starts to turn deep and lacquered tones of greys. The skin hardens upon their flesh which first rigours, dries and petrifies into lengths of unnatural and twisted chords of tissues across the body. The crawling creatures and larvae that once fed upon their flesh fall away from the changing body and rarely return since there is little left that could be used to sustain them on the well evolved Ghast.

Ghasts edited.jpg

The Deathfeind starts to gain evolved undead senses that it begins to see the world anew. The dim light within the sockets of the eyes start to become more defined and darkly brighter. Memories of their former life are almost totally lost by the Ghast. Only nightmare images of what they were before being retched away form the tenuous cycles of living realms. Cycles that the Ghasts now find irrevocably fixated on. Constantly hungering to destroy and consume them.

As a Ghoul within the state of Rotrending, their mind was a tourtured blend of blatant and mindless thrashing. But the evolving Ghast finds that their thoughts begin to take on a form of reason. The once mindless obsessions begin turning into a more semblant ration of focus. Minds that begin taking on a more adapted and lurid cognisance. When enough time passes, and they find more to consume and as they begin to become more evolved they begin to hear the whisper from beyond their protracted suffering. It is not heard well enough to be any use to them yet, but the time will come when the voice will bring them closer to the source. Closer to the beginning of every horrible ending.


Reaver "Revenant"-

Revenants are Undead that have survived and have found their own way to settle into the experience of undeath. With the abilities they learned during life they can now start to improve upon during undeath. The last of the basal changes (called ascendancies) that the undead will go through culminate within a process called "The Reaving". In many ways, it is the true beginning for the creature as it is the awakening of undead self awareness and is only granted to those who were able to make it through the first two stages of Ghoul and Ghast and have learned to thrive inside their new horrific reality. And, for their ability to survive and for their service to the void they gain the first formal gift from Hod. The shade within them now is now deeply bound by the chains of shadow and are restored with a new un-living sentience. This state can be considered in some regards as the emergence of undead consciousness.

Reavers don't just regain the abilities of speech and other social abilities that they knew while alive, but new languages and abilities can be learned to assist the dark aspirations of the Reaver. Their former lives are again remembered, but it is with an imperfect and cruel recounting. These memories are now a distorted and often emotionally charged versions of what actually transpired while they lived. It is often the conquest of those that gain this Undead reasoning and memory that they would make it a personal quest to right perceived wrongs that may or may not have happened to them. It is common that the Revenant would find an constant obsession to exact extreme revenges on upon individuals related to their hazy pasts. Total eradication of entire families to settle scores that they may imagine or are true are sometime the first real and feverish endeavor for newly realised Revenants.

The many changes gone about the creature as it finds victims and sources to consume will find the reaver a new and horribly unrecognisable being. A being that until now had only rudimentary abilities to speak or complete complicated tasks. But with their newly established and coldly settled undead consciousness, the possibilities for more complex and interrelated connections to the world at large become possible. The realisations of logic and calculative reasoning within the cults and cultures for the Undead are made possible. As they develop this new consciousness and as they become aware of their link to Hod, they can again pursue new knowledges and talents. To again lurk among the hidden centres of undead learning. To actively seek to interpret the Three triangles of connection to Dark energies of the void. To make best use of the possibilities and promises of immortality.

For all undead creatures, becoming Revnant is the end of a protracted painful process that sees them nearly fully realised again but within a new identity. But it also marks the beginning. For it is the first form of the higher ranking echelons of undead societies. For although they do not live in the open, groups of undead have been known to inhabit spaces together. And history shows the the existence of the great halls of Chind and the sprawling underground lairs known as the Koptyc Crypts under the black sands of the Skeleton Dunes are proof that undead cities once existed. These were the centres of dark power while they were in use. found their own collaborative efforts during those ancient times. They were the pinicles of collective Undead power. And there are numerous hidden caches of these old societies hidden under layers of ages and dust. But ages change. And Hod stirs.

But still there is the spectre of a slow decay that haunts them. Although their flesh has become almost entirely resistant to degradations that daed material goes through they are not totally immune from times slow deterioration of their physical bodies. And when their bodies are slowly worn away from them the magicks that sustain their efforts of movement and whatever else the physical body provides them. Because of this they begin to pursue the arts that will keep their slow disintegrations at bay. What will be required to cease this process will be through the void and increase their connection to the shadow chains leading to it. The whispers that were heard but still not understood when they were Ghast are now more frequent and clear. It is the sound caused by those that have studied the dark arts of Hod. And it is delivered to them by a very real and evil thrumming bug that is often harboured within their very skulls. It is the decision of the Revenant to either stay dormant or accept their slow decay or for those ambitious to follow the dead reckoning of the whisper and find their place among the new throng of undead masses about to rise. To be lead into the higher forms of unliving. To be found within the newly forming and second Undead Army. To fight in the war that will see the realisation of the new Age of Undeath which looms just ahead of us.

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The Undead Countenance

Undead are some of the most abhorable of creatures among nearly every living culture that exists on the planet. It is our job to ensure that we represent the best affect and image for the race and the theme. The goals for look can vary widely dependant on the type and style of Deathrisen sub-type that you choose to represent.

Racial Identifiers

1. Garb

Deathrisen Cowl

"The robe of flesh wears thin, but this cowl is my shadow's persistent face."

The primary garb item encouraged to be worn for all Deathrisen is the construction and use of a hooded cowl or robe. Types and styles of this item will be as varied as there are different individual Deathrisen representatives.

The entire look of your garb should make you instantly recognizable as an undead form from across the field of battle. This can include the use of black and grey tones as is typical for the theme. This can be achieved using a number of style choices and techniques.

2. Grey Skin

"Then I looked and saw a pale horse. Its rider's name was Death"

The flesh of the Deathrisen race moves through unnatural means and does not have the color of the living. Coloring the skin to show our undead complexion is an easy way to show that you are beyond the confines of mortal needs like oxygen, blood or nourishment. We are sustained by the void. Emptiness is the creator. Grey skin is ours.

3. "Our Fetid Face"

The face is of the Deathrisen combatant in to be obviously undead as is particular to their selected sub-variation of the race.

Corporeal Subclasses

"Rise, creation, follow my command,

Rise and be my undead hand."

Rotrend (Ghoul) Subclasses

Skeleton edited.jpg

Skeleton- Skeletons are the animated frames of Ghouls who have either stayed within the state of Rotrend for an extended amount of time or those who have been brought about long after death. In either of these cases the physical effects are the same. Skeletons have the same abilities that an undead within the Ghoul stage would. Skeletons have none to very little flesh left on their form and notwithstanding their personal affect, being a walking skeleton is their most notable characteristic.

Zombie- Ghouls that have been risen but have not transitioned well into the state of undeath can be a slow awkward and ungainly form of Ghoul often referred to as a Zombie. These mal adjusted forms can understand the languages they knew in life but are only able to respond using indecipherable moaning gasps. They are usually found skulking very near to where they were risen since they have little initiative or motives to take them far beyond their lairs. It has been known that those with Necromyk abilities will use creatures such as these to endlessly within circle empty moats or be kept inside dry wells within their territories or property as a passive deterrent for those who would trespass. For those who are caught could be easily dropped inside these to become food for the waiting Rotrends waiting inside.

Flesh Golem edited.jpg

Flesh Golem- Purpose built, these hulking undead creatures are usually a significantly valuable possession to the individual(s) who arranged to have the Golem raised. Flesh Golems are the singularly raised animated creature constructed out of the pieces of two or more dead (usually bipedal) creatures. The rationale to create these creatures are too many to list but it is often to find Golems acting as strong-arm servants of the creator since they are known to have higher that average strength potentials (which the Golem is largely unaware of). It is frequent to hear of Flesh Golems becoming uncontrollable and killing their charges by accident or through a "deathrage" that are frequent in the early stages of undeath. After they find themselves alone they leave the place of their creation and continue somewhat aimlessly to travel the planet alone or to eventually join other forms of undead where they might find their own way into the deeper pathways into the Undead Ascensions.

Deathfeind (Ghast) Subclasses

Draugr edited.jpg

Draugr - Creatures that have been lost at sea and have been risen by the effects in the Necromyc direction of Bhogg'mur. The corpses of these individuals cling fiercely to undeath, attacking any living creatures that intrude upon them. Their attacks smear rancid flesh, rotting seaweed, and swaths of putrescence on whatever they hit. The transition to undeath is different for every Draugr as most are created through individual naughtical curses. However, many Draugr are created when seafaring vessels are sent to "Davy Jone's Locker". These lost vessels are then magically raised from the briny deep by powerful spellcasters. Crewed by the undead and captained by seafaring necromancers, these haunted vessels are often refered to as "Ghost Ships". Some Draugr have been known to sail alone and will often wash up along the shorelines of coastal regions all around the world spreading chaos and undeath. Draugr have been around as long as mortals have sailed the seas, and come in many varying shapes and sizes. Draugr are known to be an incredibly violent bunch, known for pillaging oceanside towns and devouring a majority of the inhabitants in the process. Draugr can be identified by their pale algae covered skin, and water damaged barnacle encrusted naughtical garb.

Crowler Wight edited.jpg

Wight- The first known undead risen by the Dark Elders were known as "Crowler Wights". These creatures are significantly mutated through horrible aspects of their undying hatred and the unholy effects of negative magicks. Twisted and marred, a Wights body is horrible and deadly. Their limbs and fingers often lengthen into sharp jagged extensions. Their mandibles sometimes split and grow out from their heads forming the most distinct and feared weapon of the Wight (Sometimes referred to as "Rasps"). Since Wights are deeply effected by extreme emotionally charged objectives they are usually fast and frenzied creatures that are too unpredictable to control as a group. They are clever hunters and can steady themselves for years at a time to exact a revenge or to cause the greatest damage to a group that they are set against.


Corpser (Ba'al 'Krynn)- During the Great Undead War there was a tear within the conduits between the multi-plannar realms. In some cases, Void magicks were enhanced by the powers of planes that included Anomyyl (Abysm) and Illith (The unknown) to assist raising the dead. The undead that were cerated using the powers from these sources were unlike anything seen before and have not been seen since. It is written that mounds of the dead from the previous mortal wars were the first places where these beings were seen being created. The manner of these undead types were extreme and would often not be easily commanded by their creators. It is rumored that the existence of Corpsers are what caused the Undead War to begin. For the nature of these beings were partly influenced through Abysmal and Illithic energies and could not easily be controlled through traditional methods. The Ba'ale'Kryn would turn on their own ranks and evolved quickly into higher powerful and forms that with a quickened form of sentience would take charge of the more common versions of undeath and plot them against whom they wished.

The scourge of this new type of undead and their Ascended forms caused the Hobben race to cease their focus on material dominances on the planet. This shift in Hobben focus is what started the Great Undead War and what ultimately eradicated the Corpser strain. However, the war with the undead significantly weakened Hobben numbers by the end of the era but their efforts to overcome the magicks from multiple planes made them the keepers of Nekromyc magicks and the experts on undeath power. Hobs to this day call their weapons "Korpsers" as an echo to this part of their deep history.

There are no longer Corpsers that are still among the wide regions of this world. None that are still animated......... not yet that is.



The Morrikynn are the descendants of an adept and culturally sophistocated race of blood fervent monsters that went extinct during the acts that began and have since become known as the Khyber Rebellion. The leader of the that race was known as Morryn and it was he who found a connection to the Void and it was he who found the remains of his race and rose them into an undying existance. Because of part that he has played in the resurrection of the group the group have been called Morrikynn since that time.



Skaab'Mekeh are the fallen warriors of the various animal-like races that inhabit the land of the living. Their skin has begun to rot away along with any distingishable features such as scales, feathers, and hair. Their bodies are often no longer distinghishable from the common ghoul save for slight difference in bone structure. After ressurection Skaab'mekhet will slowly revert back to their primal state the best example being Canine Skaabs grouping up to ensure a larger meals. All contrary to popular belief all Skaabs are carnivorus regardless of what they were in life, this misconception often allows lone Bovine Scabbs to trick unwitting travelers. Skaab'mekhet's variations such as Canine, Feline, Reptile, Avian ect. are only distingished by their Animal-like Skulls (and occasionally tails). Skaab'Mekhet are mysterious creatures found in gloomy places florishing with wildlife, they especially enjoy small villages in dark forest with plentiful livestock. Scaab'mekhet only seek to consume the living with no remorse, however they are known to allign with other undead often being hired on as extra muscle or even leading hordes of undead into battle.

Incorporeal Subclasses


Wraith edited.jpg






The Lurea'ag are female undead that feed on the hopes of the living. The pinnacle of feminine prowess evolved over time. Mothers pass every thought and every wisdom to their daughter as they die and the cycle starts over when the ceremony of the death of the mother is ended. This cycle is a magickal art that perpetuates the power of the race.

The Lurea'ag are the moor of Death's seductive call beyond the graveyard's gate. The first of these creatures were known as "ladies of the hollow". They were the keepers and oracles of what was once known as the Dolman altars. But they were all hunted down and horribly killed. Only to find their way beyond the veil. Their song is the call of your deepest desire.


Deathknight -

Deathknight 2 edit.jpg


Lich edited.jpg


Demilich edited.jpg


9 star edited.jpg

When the Dark Elders were violently sent into the nine directions during the destruction of the ancient Temple Thuul, each took three manifestations of the void from their tombs within the walls of the Temple with them.

The first of these manifestations were their connection to the negative planes and the whispered voice of Hod, God of the Undead in their ears. For they had forsaken the first deity and had given themselves to the domains of eternal existences and to the void and to the endless hunger growing within them.

The second manifestation that escaped with them into the far and shadowed reaches was the secrets contained in their dark arts. For they were the first to write what would become known as the Abhorrent Wisdoms and the first to make tradition from these great hidden works.

The third and last manifestation that all of the Dark Elders held was the Ochreom'necrom. A single drop was the inheritance of each of them and it was as alive within them as much as they were dead they had long left within the living worlds. This material is the heavy heart of darkness itself. Each Dark Elder holds a single drop of the ochre in their wicked hearts. And that drop is the deepest and most vile of oceans within them. Their hearts are filled with those vilest oceans and it aches with terrors yet undone even as they wither and continue rotting away.

And they were the mortals to call forth the first energies ever to be pulled out of the Deep Void. These Necrom magicks remained hidden within the Dark Elders as they traveled the planet in the nine seperate directions. Each of them searching for a unique source among the various living and elemental regions of the world. There they would dig beneath the surface to feed on the life forces above them. And it was there for many centuries that they would wait and gather their strength.

It was when the Void within them found its ill repose that the greater void called out for them. And it was those of us that answered that call that would become the creatures known first as "Dthoum'mekkah" and through the many centuries since that time there have been many name given to us. The most recent of these being Deathrisen.

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