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When: April 22nd 2006


Anthrax's post event breakdown

We fought hard and clean about 32 on 32 a great number for the size of the field. The Action was non stop, very fast and rough.

We gave out about 2,000 Brochures , and around 300 Invitations + note pads to many interested people.

The Music was very loud and gave a great atmosphere and the fighting was harder than harde core, it was hyper Core.

Thanks to all of our out of town guest, IL, Ky, Ga, Mo, . We are so Glad you came. thank you .............please come again.

The CRowd loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 99% postive comments smile They did not leave there seats, many were standing, did you notice alot of the guys were getting pumped up and acted like they wanted to jump the wall and join in.

The Titans (Nashville NFL Team) entertainment director was at the game, i will be contacting him Monday about us doing the Titans game as a part of EQ that Sunday at NOON in front of 68,000 people and TV......im going to tell him we could get over 300 fighters

Thanks to the leadership for this event , Izzy, Onyx and Vo'Kor Great job guys..........also thanks to Zzyzx, Rache, and all the video Wives

Parents called in and said they saw us on tv, we will try to get more info

We have seen 2 of the 4 videos , and they are really good, we will put them up as soon as we can.

The teams one being painted monsters vs non painted fighters made it possible to spot you enemies with out asking questions , that was cool.

The deaths were nothing short of Great , a new standard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we want to do this next year we can ask for the first game and that is normally a sell out , about 15,000 people.

The kats staff loved it , and told me it was by far the best 1/2 time show they ever had. They told me to tell everyone Thanks and please come back again.

I did not lose 1 dollar , thanks for every one paying. To those of you about 20 who said you would go, when we were counting heads too see if we could have enough people to do the event. You need to be more carefull in in the future in commiting to somthing and people counting on you and then backing out with out even giving any notice sad.... not cool.... sad

Highlight was Vo'Kor smashing the Kats Mascot " Cool KAt to the GRound and beating him. i will never forget that neither will kool kat! smile

-Anthrax Public Relations Director For Dur-Demarion




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