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Vokor @ Oktoberfest '05

Vo'Kor, Lord of Avondale
Real Name: Patrick O’Shea
Unit: Elite Bloodfalcons
Realm: Dead River (aka Dur-Demarion)
Fighting Since: 2004
Weapons of choice: Sword and Strap

Although one of the smaller fighters in Belegarth (6'5”, 330lbs), Vokor has proven to be an unstoppable force in unarmed combat. He has been undefeated in a hand-to-hand challenge, and is also exceptionally fighter on the field in armed combat. Getting kicked in the chest by a Clydesdale is preferable to being shield-bashed by Vo'kor. It is not uncommon for him to hold, push back, and destroy a flank by himself. In addition to being one of the Dur-Demarion's most exceptional fighters, Vokor is also skilled in cooking, liquormancy, and training new recruits. Vokor was the President of Dur-Demarion. With the addition of Vo'kor the Onyx project has begun.

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