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The most basic weapon in Belegarth. This is usually the first weapon fighters learn to use and build advanced techniques on. The knowledge learned from wielding a sword effectively forms the fundamentals of medieval combat for the majority of Belegarth's melee weapons.



For instructions on building a blue sword, see Constructing a Blue Sword.

Swords are distinguished from clubs by the presence of a flat. The blade of a sword is typically rectangular, with only one or two of the sides being padded to the level of a striking surface. The blade typically runs for most of the length of the handle, with little or no incidental padding of any form between the blade and the handle. Swords are also by far the most common weapon to have a crossguard, although it is still relatively uncommon.

The most common construction method for swords is a box build based on a single core of kitespar or 3/8" or 1/2" fiberglass, although other methods and core materials are used as well.

Types of Swords

Swords in Belegarth come in two basic variants: Non-Stabbing and Stabbing. Non-stabbing swords are build following the basic rules of sword construction. Swords can be class 1 or 2 weapons depending on overall length and weight of the finished project. They are the most common weapon in use on the Belegarth battlefield. Stabbing swords can be class 1 or 2 but also have a tip which is class 3. This stabbing tip can be utilized in close combat with a smaller sword allowing the combatant to get into tighter gaps with their weapon, or it can be used to keep people away by holding the weapon two handed to pierce armor with the tip and (providing it is a class 2 weapon) break shields and penetrate enemy armor. Overall, the sword is a very versatile weapon on the field of battle.

Swords in Belegarth

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