Armageddon XIII

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Armageddon XIII

Host: Tails
Cost: $35 pre-reg, $40 at Troll
Dates: June 4th - 8th 2014

Emerald Acres Campground II
3351 South Mill Grove Road
Pearl City, Illinois 61062


  • Otherwise known as Gnat-aggedon or Arma-gnat-on (yeah, it was bad. BUT AT LEAST IT WASN'T MOSQUITOES!!!!)
  • Friday feast was hosted by Horde, clad in awesome homemade aprons, serving Pinkie Sausage and Baby Beans!
  • Saturday feast was hosted by Hydra, serving some fajita-type things
  • Morg was barreled into Horde and Ursyne was made Commander.
  • Sir Cidion the Savage was knighted by Sir Luthien.
  • Sir Rhys was knighted by Sir Morpheus.



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