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Real Name: Stephanie Le Feuvre

Belegrim Since: October 10, 2010


During one Autumn season, a young scholar and treasure seeker by the name of Sleuth stumbled upon a great battle in the mountains of Stygia. Not knowing why, she picked up a weapon and began to fight. After the battle, she was taken hostage by a band of orcs, bugbears, and trolls. Escaping from her cage one night, the young scholar stumbled onto a ritual of her captors which she now recognized as a tribe of the Uruk-Hai. During a great swell of magic from the sorceress, the captive was overwhelmed by the unknown force and forever altered. She became a dark and ferocious creature of smoke and fire. The Uruk-Hai of Stygia saw the value in their new pet and took her to their King Forkbeard and Lady Lillith who accepted her into their ranks after submitting her to the traditional beating. Upon returning to Stygia years passed and Sleuth travelled to and fro, always returning home to the mountains. These days, Sleuth returns when she can and especially enjoys aggressive brutality.

Character Race: Djinn

Religion: Dread Gods Worship, Acolyte of The Great Hunt

Favorite Weapon: Sword and Board, Florentine

Realm: Stygia - President 2014-2016

House: Valkyries

Events Attended: Chaos Wars XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII / Thaw Brawl IX / War of the Gate V, VI (Co-Coordinator)

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