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In the lands of the Bone Knife goblin tribe, there was a prophecy that a warrior from the west would come to lead to wash the pink scourge from their lands. For years, the goblins fought to save the land, but the warrior never came.

One evening, as unrest grew amongst the lesser goblins, the Great Goblins of the tribe looked to the shaman for answers. They went to Shah Syrus, and he cast bones for them.

"Dee warrior is amongst us by dee time dee sun rises. It not be goblyn, and not be orc like before. Dis be monster not seen in dese lands before." Ponderous on what it could be, the great goblins went to talk to the tribe.

The tribe did not believe. They became angry and threatened to kill the great goblins and the shaman, and leave for other lands. Right as weapons were being drawn, a small lizard-like monster stepped into the firelight.

"I am Shrat. I need to rest. Where do I sleep?"

The great Goblins exclaimed that this could be our warrior, but the tribe couldn't believe that such a tiny monster could be their salvation. They turned on the Kobold called Shrat to prove that he is not the warrior, and then would slaughter the great goblins for their foolishness.

As they approached the Kobold, a dozen goblins encircled him. Shrat set the pommel of his spear on the ground. They rushed at him at once, and three were dead before the first hit the ground. Shocked, the goblins continued their onslaught out of fear hoping to kill this new threat. Two were struck down from behind as Shrat killed another. Shah Syrus rushed into the circle to stand in front of the Kobold, chanting a mantra to invoke Skribbit's rage. The remaining six goblins were slaughtered. The rest of the tribe was outraged. Syrus's pair-mate, Jose, was the only goblin to speak in their defense.

"Dee warrior killed one... two... three... yeah, three goblins before we could count a breath. Dee shaman stands before him. Dis be our warrior!"

Syrus exclaimed "Let dee goblins who do not believe stand against us." Jose, and the outcast Starfish stood as a wall flanking the shaman, and the four stood ready, Skribbit's rage fueling their readiness to kill.

The goblins knew that the goblins before them were the mightiest warriors of their tribe, and that the spear of the kobold was strong as well. Rather than face death, they decided it was better to live and listen to this new warrior than die where they stood.

As time progressed, Shrat fought with Bone Knife. Many times, great victories were won with Shrat, Syrus, Jose and Starfish Killing many numbers of pinkskins.

One day, a great mounted army came over the hills to save Dun Abhon and eradicate the Goblins. The crafty Kobold orchestrated traps and ambushes, and the mighty warriors of Bone Knife stood before (and ran from to trigger ambushes) the mighty pink army. Leading them into a swamp, the goblins besieged the knights. With their horses stuck in the muck and mire of the swamp, they were massacred to the last living being.

In celebration, every pinkskin was baked in his armor as a feast, and afterward their horses' rotting carcasses were dragged to the borders of the lands of the Bone Knife Tribe as a warning.

The sneaky goblins overheard the pinkskins hiding inside the keep of Dun Abhon discussing what had happened.

"...noone will help us now. They will be afraid to cross the Horse Grave Border lest they die."

Tickled by the fear that this seemed to engender, they took to calling the lands "Horse Grave" to remind the pinkskins what happens when you venture into their lands.

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