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"I am called an elf. Not that I am. Most of us aren't. They are dead. I am not from here. None of us are, I think. Being here is a dream. A hangover.

I'm a Dryad, not that it matters (it doesn't). It means that when I stepped off the path, in exactly the wrong place, I knew I was in another world, instantly. It hurt like hell. My tree was gone. I died.

I've died before. Dryads who wander too far plant new trees all the time- it is the way of things. But this, this was different. In an instant, I lost all contact with everything and everyone I knew. My home was gone, I was alone. And so I died.

When I awoke, the first creatures I encountered were goblins. They spat on me. Called me names, killed me, ate me. I didn't know what to do- I had never been called names before.

How I wish I hadn't stepped off that path.

When I awoke once again, I searched them out and killed them. It wasn't hard. Seemed only fair. People treat each other civil where I come from.

But this isn't my home world, and I can't go back- my tree is planted. So I try to make the best of it. It's the only thing to do.

Since then, I have found more hospitable folk. Creatures of the land, sea and sky, who have stumbled upon this world. Other visitors. The only thing we truly have in common, is that the monsters call us 'elves' and scorn us, whatever our true names.

Why the monsters do so is a mystery. I don't think even they know. The age old hate. It seems senseless. Where does it all come from? Why can't we get along?*

We have inherited a name. From a people, who have not survived. We won't be driven from this world like our predecessors; we are here to stay. We shoulder the bullying and move on.

Pulled like water from other worlds, our numbers grow. Each visitor unique, some of us gentle, some of us wicked. All of us beautiful, in our own way. There is no stopping us: Belegarth Prime needs elves, and who are we to resist the call of the land?

  • Or at least, you know, killing each other because of politics, or even just for fun, rather than say, speciesism.

Core Concepts:

Elf is a generic term like 'pinkie'. It doesn't refer to any specific race, but an amalgam of pretty/forest loving races, and races that claim descent from Belegarth's original elves. It’s really an ‘Elven Coalition’, more than anything else.

Because of the destruction of the original Elves, modern Elves are mostly made up of 'visitors'- those who have wandered here from other worlds, and banded together for survival. They may or may not have been labeled as ‘elves’ in their native lands (many were not). Visitors have unique backgrounds, inherited from their original home worlds/universes.

Being an elf, is about being wild and fair and free. We invite you to join us.

Known Elves or Half-Elves

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