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Dee witchdoctor’s name be Chita. She walk out of dee forest with her aprentices dee day Neb go down into volcano. She first Goblyn on earth to hail Neb as King.

When Goblyns heard of Neb’s victory over Baron and Fire Monkey, they spoke of it in hushed tones. When they heard that Neb had descended into the mountain and emerged with Reth’s armor, that Chita the Witchdoctor had hailed him as King, an Mo’ber dee Great had sworn his tribe to Neb’s Skryll, dee trickle of Goblyns going to Nezzar became a torrent, an avalanche, a stampede, throwing dee pinky nations into confusion as Goblyns emerged from everywhere an nowhere, trekking across mountains, seas an deserts to answer his call. His Skryll grow from two tribes, to ten, to hundreds of tribes, until every Goblyn tribe come an swear allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar an dee Burning Mountain, an it be named dee Great Skryll.

Great it be, an terrifying for dee pinkies, as they watch power of Nezzar swell. But Neb not foolish, he not throw away his strength dee moment he gain it. There be more Goblyns in Nezzar then had gathered in an age, but they starved, weak, an more accustomed to running an hiding den fighting in battles. So he give it time. Time for litters to be born, time for Goblyns to recover strength, time for weapons to be made, time for Mo’ber to train Goblyns in ways of war an beat dee fear out of dem, time for Chita to train apprentices, time for dee walls of Nezzar to grow high an strong. Neb himself train with Mo’ber every day, hard as he can. Mo’ber be stronger by far, but Neb quicker, an full of rage, far beyond any other Goblyn. Soon it be Neb who thrashing Mo’ber in dee training pit, not dee other way around. But for all his rage, an all his preparation, he always refuse when Goblyn chiefs come an demand he lead Goblyns to war. He know that war will come no matter what he do, so he let dee others start it, so he have as much time to prepare as possible.

Neb not only know war be inevitable, he know who dee war be with. Dee elfies an dee King of Stars. Dee volcano of Nezzar surrounded by forests, an enclosed in massive, impassable mountains, thrust up from dee ground when Milashekhaan reach down to take Neb away. One mountain valley lead from Nezzar to great plains beyond, an in a vale midway down dis valley be dee Kingdom of Stars. It not really a kingdom, it just one huge city, with high, magic walls an pretty elfie towers on dem. An in dee middle be massive tower, reaching almost as high as mountains, called Tower of dee Star by elfies, an dee White Tooth by dee Goblyns. These be same elfies who crush remnants of Nezzar long ago, an same King of Stars. Now they awaking to realize that Goblyn Kingdom is reborn on der doorstep. Neb know that dee power of ancient elfie kingdom be Nezzar’s first challenge.

King of Stars know what Neb be doing. He know that he cannot risk open battle with so many Goblyns, not in rough terrain of valley, an especially not beneath new-risen walls of Nezzar. But he not worry. He be old elfie, with many magics, an his people be old, wise, an strong. Dee walls of Kingdom of Stars be smooth an unbreakable, set with archers, an war machines, an mighty wizards, King of Stars know he must lure Goblyns beneath his walls an break dem. He also know that, given time, Goblyns impatience will work in his favor. He expect dem to attack soon, he surprised when Neb hold Goblyns back for so long. Finally he know he must incite Goblyns to such fury that they waste strength in attack on dee walls.

So he send out elfie killers, an dey hide in trees (like elfies do), an wait until great Goblyn chief of Steel Storm tribe come by hunting. An den dey kill him an all his Goblyns an hang dem in trees.

Steel Storm tribe be large an powerful, dee chief be popular with Goblyns of Nezzar. Goblyn anger be indescribable. Nebuchadnezzar sit on his throne before massed Goblyns of Nezzar, an he can feel dee weight of their screams for blood an vengeance, pounding in his ears. He knows that if he not give it to dem, even he might lose control of Kingdom. But more important, he know dee time be right, that dey finally have dee fury dey need. He stand an unsheath sword. “Elfies think dey hunting animals, forget dey hunting MONSTERS. Break walls, kill dem all, drink elfie blood! Waaaaaaaagh!”

An with that, Great Skryll go to war.

Dee tribes pour out of Nezzar, spilling into forest, dragging elfies scouts from trees, eating dem alive, putting ruined skin an armor on poles an carrying dem before dee host. Elfies flee in horror from dee horde as it rush into vale, huddling behind walls of city. Drums an horns an screams of Goblyns fill air day an night, making elfies babies cry an elfies go pale an shake. High up on dee White Tooth, King of Stars feel a twinge of worry as he sees Goblyns pouring into vale, beyond count, without end, armor black against dee pretty fields, spears an banners a dark forest. He fear he wait too long. On other end of vale Neb stand on a cliff overlooking Kingdom. Dee forest end at a river that cut vale in half. Between river an city there be a large, open meadow, filled with elfie farms an gardens. He order Goblyns to tear down forest an float logs across river to make tower an rams an trebuchets. For a week burn an cut an hammer, until all is ready.

As dee sun set on dee last day, Goblyns throw themselves at mighty walls, fire burning as trebuchets an elfie war machines spit thunder at one another, wheels of towers creaking, Goblyns screaming in fury an pain as elfies arrows storm down among dem. High above, dee moon an stars look on in silence.

But in dee end, dee walls be too strong, stones shatter on dem, rams crack. There be too many elfie archers, an far, far too many elfie wizards, calling fire an lightings down , brushing aside attempts of dee witchdoctors to stop dem, knocking over towers with great winds an crushing Goblyns by dee hundreds. Only one tower make it to dee walls. It be dee greatest of dem, massive, made of solid oak edged in steel, painted black, with protecting runes painted in elfie an Goblyn blood over every inch of it. Atop it ride Mo’ber an Chita, and for once it is dee elfie wizards who find themselves brushed aside, thrown aside, broken an screaming. An when dee tower let its bridge go there be Mo’ber, all in steel, laughing at elfie arrows an spitting at elfie spears, laying waste with his hammer. It be a close thing Elfies expecting hordes of little Goblyns, they not expect hordes of Goblyns, an a couple of damn near unstoppable Goblyns on top of dat. So yes, it be close. Led by Mo’ber an Chita dee Goblyns break off of dee wall an begin to spill into city, burning an terrorizing. But it be dee only tower that make it, so all dee elfie defenders collapse in on dem, surround dem an cut dem to pieces. Mo’ber stabbed an hacked more times den he know, untileven his strength begining to fail, an finally dee King of Stars himself come against dem, his armor glinting blue, his wicked sword, thin an curved, purring with magic. King of Stars wreak ruin on Goblyn survivors, an Mo’ber die there for sure, but Chita throw her arms around him, an dey vanish with a great rush of wind. Dee assault fail.

Neb lead what left of Goblyn horde across river an dig in at dee ford, preparing to meet elfie attack. Sure enough, next day dee gates of Kingdom of Stars open, and dee elfies march out, a huge host, many more den Neb expect dem to have, because Kingdom of Stars live in peace for many thousands of years, an grow to be strongest elfie kingdom in world. Each elfie be armored in silvered steel, dee wizards float on wisps of clouds, an King of Stars himself be tall an terrible, cold as ice to behold, eyes chill an bitter as his sword.

Two armies face each other in dee early morning, an King of Stars tell heralds to call out that he wish to speak to Goblyn King. To surprise of both Goblyns an elfies, Neb accept. He walk out from trenches, and wade out into water, dark an threatening in full armor. King of Stars watch him approach, an be shocked to realize dis Goblyn be as tall as him. Neb’s eyes glow from inside Reth’s helm, deep in his sunken face, like twin rubies in deep cavern. For a moment King of Stars feel unerved, until he remember who he be, an how many Goblyns just like dis one he has faced down an killed.

Well, none like this in dee past few thousand years, but whatever.

“You are braver than your kind tends to be, Goblyn. They generally don’t dare to seperate themselves from the horde. However fearless your warriors are, the Kings always tend to develope a love of living.” Neb make no answer, just cock his head to side an keep looking at King of Stars. King of Stars smile, he see now why this Goblyn horde be more dangerous den most. “You’ll be pleased to know that, while your assault was unsuccessful, your Goblyns were the first foes to cross over our walls in all of history. And our history is substantial.” Neb still not answer. Elfie a little upset. “Do you plan on saying anything at this parlay, Goblyn, or were you just interested in hearing my voice?” Neb smirk at him. King of Stars bristle with anger for a moment, before making himself calm down. He know better den to fall for old Goblyn tricks. “You Goblyns are all the same. Timid scavengers or warrior Kings, none of you have the sense to avoid death when it comes for you. The army that stands before you is the same army that crushed Nezzar in ancient times. But now, three thousand years later, it has grown in numbers and in skill. You have accomplished more in a year than any of your kind has in the past millenia, but we outmatch you. Fool! You cannot defeat the elves, Goblyn.”

Neb’s smirk get bigger, an he lean closer to King of Stars. Elfie tense up an tighten grip on sword hilt, a shiver of anxiety run through his army. “But elfie, we isn’t trying yet. Give us a chance.” He walk away, back to Goblyn army on dee riverbank. King of Stars shake his head, walk back to elfie lines, an give signal to attack.

Day not go well for Goblyns. Rain of arrows never stop, finding an killing Goblyns wherever they hide. Elfie wizards throw bridges of ice across river in dozens of places, an elfies pour across everywhere. At dee ford, Neb meet dee King of Stars waist deep in water, an dey fight. Neb hack an smash with fury, but dee elfie never touched, never there when dee blow land. Elfie’s sword sing with nasty magics, and ring out horrible music on Neb’s armor. But even it not sharp enough to pierce Milashikhaad’s gift, an Neb never give him a chance to strike through weak points in armor. Finally Goblyns of Nezzar be broken an forced back from river, an they flee through forests to high passes, chased an hunted by elfies on horses. Neb take what left of main force at dee ford an fight his way out, leaving King of Stars triumphant an in control of his lands again.

But elfie King know war not be done until Neb is dead, that war with Goblyns never over until leader be killed. His army assemble at base of mountains, an prepare for assault dee next day. Neb merciless, an force Goblyns to work through night preparing new defences. Next day, when elfies awake they faced with grim stoneworks set across high, narrow passes.

King of Stars know that assault on Goblyns be costly, but he know he cannot let them be. Let alone he know we just slip down from mountains in dee night an keep harassing elves. He know that any delay in dee war simply leave time for new Goblyns to be armed an prepared for battle. He know that once he capture dee pass, war be over, Goblyn army be broken an at terrain disadvantage. He also know that though Goblyns have unmatched endurance, they must be tired from fighting two losing battles an digging two lines of defence in two days. He pray for souls of elfies who about to die, an give orders to prepare for dee attack. But before battle begins, he ask to meet with Neb again. Once again, Neb come down to speak, but King of Stars not waste time that day. “Leave the mountain passes, or we will make you leave,” he say. Neb not answer, of course, just smirk. “Very well. But you are outmatched, and I’ll prove it to you again. Fool! You cannot defeat the elves, Goblyn.”

Neb laugh outright this time, an say, “But elfie, we still isn’t trying yet! Give us a chance.”

It worse den King of Stars fear it be. Entire lines of elfies slaughtered on slopes, crushed by boulders an ambushed by hidden Goblyns. Proud, dead bodies litter slopes, glittering like jewels in pretty elfie armor. Elfie arrows not as effective firing up, an elfie wizards not able to use full power, for fear of collapsing avalanches onto advancing elfie army. It late in day, an more elfies has died then King of Stars want to think about when he make his last attack. He gather all dee elfie elite, his Royal Guard, elfie Lords an War Masters, an lead dem up dee slopes his self, surrounded by ten wizards floating on clouds. Dis time dey smash through Goblyn lines, though slopes covered in more proud elfie blood. Dey almost to last wall when Neb lead massive counterattack against dem, throwing most of dee Goblyns of still alive into final effort to stop King of Star’s advance. Nebukhadnezzar smash through elfie lines, crushing an killing Lords, Masters, an wizards alike. Down dee mountain dee Goblyns roll, in wake of dee great King, hurling elfies back down. King of Stars see Nebukhadnezzar coming, hear Goblyn screaming his name an mocking him, an he shove past his Guard an race to meet Neb face to face. Dey crash together, shields shaking an bones jarring. All about dem, Goblyns an elfies fight to decide outcome of war, as two Kings struggle, one to ascend, an dee other to cast down. Five times dee King of Stars try to force past Neb, an five times Neb smash him back down with shield, until elfie’s plume an cloak be ripped an haggard, his flesh bruised, an his blue armor chipped. Finally dee sixth time King of Stars slip his sword past Neb’s shield, an through gap in armor under Neb’s right arm, sinking deep before he smashed back once more.

He look up at Neb an smile in triumph through bruised an bleeding face. His sword be strong in magic, an enchanted against Goblyns. But Neb stand there not wavering, blood running down his side, yes, but no sign of magic gnawing at him. King of Stars here a wavering, choking sound, an look down. Neb’s blood be running down dee blade, thick an black, an as it do, dee light of his sword flicker, an its music be strangled. He quickly wipe dee blood off on what left of his cloak. Sword start to hum again, though it sound . . . tired. He look up to Neb’s laugh. “Something wrong with your sword, pinky?”

King of Stars snarl up at him, “Something wrong with your army, monster?” An yes, Neb’s army be exhausted an faltering, slowly being pushed back, back over walls, an off dee pass by furious elfies. Neb grin back down at King of Stars. “Oh well, guess we try harder next time!” he say, before turning to run back up the mountain.

Elfie army stand on high peaks, victorious again, but weary, wounded, an grieving. Many, many elfies lie crushed, stabbed an hacked on what were majestic mountain slopes. But only a few Goblyns made it off dee passes an into safety of forests on other side.

“Since when are the forests the domain of Goblyns, not elves?” Demand King of Stars, as he sit, fuming, in tent on dee mountain. He know that Neb is escaped, an he probably have to lead army to assault walls of new city. His generals shift uneasy from side to side, glancing at one another, an dee healers who tending to King of Star’s wounds try to be very small an quiet. “Why is it that none of you could bring me the head of that Goblyn, one little Goblyn is all I ask, is all I need to achieve victory in this war, and none of you, not the whole massed power of my army and my mages could kill this beast for me.” He have to tighten grip on wine goblet to stop from hurling it at elfie who just duck into tent as he ranting. He behaving like a maddened hu-man, he know it, but to have final victory still out of reach after so much death be infuriating. Also he know his own defeat, or maybe stalemate, with Neb on dee mountain grinding away at his calm.

Dee general who just enter tent look at other elfies nervously before speaking. “My King, we have just recieved news of this Goblyn you seek. He is, ah, actually on a ridge behind our camp, screaming things about Your Grace and demanding a parlay with you.”

“Start sending our best rangers, and I mean our very best, into the surrounding rocks surrounding this ridge. And our best wizards, too. Spells of invisibility, complete silence. I don’t want this beast to hear to breath of any of it. I’ll meet him, but he won’t be coming down from that rock alive, understand?” King of Stars be stalking through elfie camp giving orders as squires hurry to strap on his armor. His hand be on sword hilt, an it singing again. He can hear Neb now, shrieking insults an laughing from dee rock. “Laugh away!” he think, “It is your last night on the earth!”

He begin to climb to ridge, elfies slipping silently past him in dee darkness. Finally he reach where Neb standing. Below them be elfie camp. To dee east be Tower of dee White Tooth, to dee west be valley, an burning mountain of Nezzar.

Neb smile at him. “Thank you so much, elfie, for coming to my par-lay.”

King of Stars scoff at him. “You seem to be favoring your right side a bit, Goblyn, did you get in a fight?”

“Hmm, you look like you gotten dee shit beat out of you, mister elfie King, did you an elfie woman be having argument?”

King of Stars step closer. “I didn’t come here to listen to your insults, monster. You have a quick tongue, but you lack the strength, or the wits, to back it up. Just like you Goblyns always have. And I would know! I was here when this valley was created, oh king of Goblyns, I was here when Empire was crushed and Reth vanished, and the races were left to fend for themselves, and I’m telling you now, that he was the last of your kind worthy of your history. You Goblyns today are broken, weak, craven shells of the creatures who ruled the earth when I was born into it.! So yes, I know the secrets of this valley’s orgins, its power, and its importance to you creatures, and that is why I came here, crushed the pathetic remains of its kingdom, and kept you beasts sealed from the world. And after I kill you, I’ll continue to do so, until the world is changed.” As he speaking Neb’s eyes keep flicking to east, where White Tooth shining in dee starlight. “What are you looking at, Goblyn?” demand King of Stars.

“Oh, don’t mind me elfie, keep talking. Story be very interesting, mmm hmm. But if you must know, we Goblyns is about to start trying any time now.”

King of Stars stare at Neb for a moment, then laugh. He laugh long and hard, an finally draw his sword. “Fine, I admit you are exceptional, King. But you are still going to be dead.” He take one step towards Neb, before Neb hold out a hand telling him to stop, an points east again. King of Stars hesitate, not wanting to be tricked, but suddenly there be a rumble in ground. His eyes flick to Tower of dee White Tooth in time to see it shift, an his stomach suddenly be clawing against his skin. In one moment, he remember, an understand. When Goblyns be pouring into vale, earth wizards come to him about strange vibrations, but decide it must be from uncounted thousands of Goblyns descending mountains, but no! It not be from Goblyns descending, it be from Goblyns digging! White Tooth shift again, an den, agonizingly, by inches, tip over, an crumble slowly an thuderously to dee ground. King of Stars scream in pain, in denial, rushing to edge of cliff, falling to his knees an screaming, screaming as his people be screaming as entire horde of Goblyns pour out of crack in dee earth, screaming as his army be screaming as dey break an race towards their burning homes an slaughtered families, screaming as flames consume his life, his Kingdom. Finally he stop, throat raw, as he watch flames rise. There be a soft whisper in his ear.

“Foolish elfie! You cannot defeat dee Goblyns.”

He rose den, in wrath not grief, with all his speed an all his fury, all his power from all dee ages of his life, an his sword shriek with anger like it never known as it seek Neb’s neck. An it all come to shaking, unbelievable halt as Nebukhadnezzar catch dee sword in one armored hand. King of Stars’s have time to widen in disbelief before Neb smash his helm into King’s brow, an dee elfie’s world begin to spin. Den Neb smash him again an again, until elfie’s helm shatter an fall to ground in pieces, an blood running from his face, an Neb toss him to dee ground.

He try to stand, try to crawl away. “Now!” he choke, “Kill him . . . now! Archers! W-wizards, where are? What?” He look around in confusion as laughter, not arrows or spells, answer from dee rocks, finally he see elfie archmage standing in dee shadows. “Arcanister Elius, help me!” But in response dee mage just jerk, arms an legs flailing about, an den King of Stars now sees dee blood that cover him, an his dead eyes, as Chita peek around elfie corpse an cackle. An all about him Goblyns stand in dee rocks, laughing. An he hear a soft humming, an he feel his sword slide up through his body an pierce his heart, an it end at last.

Ha, fuck Elves. Moving On.

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