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Elebrim in a portrait taken after the HACS fighting tournament at Octoberfest 2006.

Full Name: Elebrim Mistblood

Race: Eldar (High Elf, Lord of the Rings)

Fighting Styles (Order of Use): Sword & Shield, Single Blue, Bow & Arrow, Florentine, Red.

Unit: Templar Draconis Kestevara

Squire to Sir Satanaka

Background Story

Elebrim was found abandoned in an area of woods north of the Shire. Though there were the remains of a fight in the woods nearby, the human family who took him in did not know where he came from or how he was left there. They took him in, nevertheless, knowing his name only from the few items they could salvage from nearby. Elebrim was raised as a man, working to get along and function as the other men did. Despite his and his parent’s best efforts, the other children in the town ostracized him for his obvious physical differences, mainly his ears and his long, straight hair. Elebrim spent many of his days in solitude, reading or learning about the world around him, still not understanding why he was “different.”

On a child’s eighteenth birthday, the town honored an ancient tradition that marked that child’s passage to manhood. The elders would discuss the youth’s character, and would choose a task or challenge that they felt appropriate to making that girl or boy a woman or a man, respectively. When the days of Elebrim’s eighteenth birthday were fast approaching, the elders of the village met as they did for all others. The deliberations lasted several days, the elders not leaving the house until the night of Elebrim’s birthday. The patriarch, wearied and hungry, announced that they could not pass Elebrim into manhood unless he was made into a man. When that announcement was made, a great cry went up to do just that. Elebrim’s peers quickly subdued him, binding his wrists and feet and dragging him into a small shed. There, they used a pair of wool shears to brutally cut off his hair by torchlight, making sure that every lost strand was passed onto a pile in front of Elebrim’s now fearful eyes. By the time his hair had been hacked and mangled beyond recognition, the men locked Elebrim into the shed and left to heat the knife they planned to use on his ears. Elebrim panicked, looking to discover a means of escape. Frantically searching the room, he looked into the corner and noticed that one of the men had dropped a small knife in the corner. Elebrim frantically cut himself free and laid back down in wait. When the men returned several hours later, the large carving knife burning a brilliant orange against their stained teeth and lifeless eyes, Elebrim took his chance. Using the knowledge he had gained from living with them all of his life, Elebrim took advantage of the drunkenness of each of the men, killing them in his frantic plot for escape. At the last, Elebrim took the fiery dagger and stabbed it into the wall, burning some of the weaker planks and setting the small shed on fire. Battered and beaten, he stumbled into the night, with nothing but clothes on his back, the knife in his pocket, and blood on his hands.

Elebrim spent the next half century wandering. He took what he needed and by whatever means he could. He cared little for men, and even less for what they thought of him. He was truly, in every sense of the word, an outcast.

On Elebrim’s 70th birthday, he was still wandering. He had run out of supplies, and was considering which town to steal from next when he heard the piercing cry of a trumpet break the silence of the mountainside. A blinding light rose up in front of him, and Elebrim fell back to the ground. Out of the brilliance emerged Orome, Valar of the hunt and of the wilderness. Orome proceeded to verbally berate Elebrim of his long list of offenses against the Eldar, the Valar, and against the will of Eru Illuvatar (God). He then informed Elebrim that he had betrayed his kind. He was no longer able to return to the Undying Lands. Very shaken, Elebrim quietly explained to Orome about his childhood, and that he didn’t understand anything of what he had been talking about.

At this, Orome smiled. He had already known that Elebrim had no idea of Elves or of the Undying Lands or even how to speak his own tongue. He had needed to be sure that Elebrim had not been completely lost to the darkness he had been forced through, and his innocent reply revealed that there was light left within his torment. Comfortingly, Orome explained to Elebrim that he was indeed an Eldar, one of the Firstborn of Middle-Earth. He explained to Elebrim all about the Elves journey across the sea, the Kinslaying, the great wars with Morgoth and Saruon, and Manwe’s invitation to return to Valinor. This fourth age, he said, had left almost no light from Eru or from Valinor in the land, and the Valar needed a servant to act as their agent in this changing world. Elebrim had been chosen as that servant. So long as Elebrim served the will of Eru Illuvatar and the light, he would be restored in the sight of his kin and be given a chance to return to the Undying Lands when his task was at an end. Orome promised Elebrim that he would not be sent into this task alone, but he would soon be given aid and taught many important skills he would need to be of service to this world. As a last action, Orome gave Elebrim the surname Mistblood, for the light running in Elebrim's veins was clouded by his past.

After Orome had ridden off in a blaze of glory, Elebrim was determined to start anew and breathe his first breaths of a fresh life and identity. He soon came to be in the lands of Moria, and began his new life and new identity when he found a small group of Dwarves, Men, and a few Elves trying to rebuild the lost kingdom of Khazad-Dûm and reclaim it from the Orcs and surviving Uruk-Hai who had claimed it. He learned everything that he could in weapons, strategy, smithing, and even some healing, but he grew in knowledge and age moved on to other lands. Eventually, he was chosen as a member of the noble and ancient order Templar Draconis Kestevara, who valued honor, service, kindness, and prowess above all else. Elebrim was even taken on as a squire by a knight of that order, the formidable Sir Satanaka. Elebrim has continued on until this day, battling on against orcs, demons, and all others from the darkness, knowing that only by increasing his skill, honor, and knowledge of his kin will he be truly able to complete his appointed work and be wholly filled with the light of his brothers.

Real Life

Real Name: David

Home Realm: Charleston, IL

Started Fighting: 2002

Events Attended:

  • Octoberfest 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Spring War 2004, 2006
  • Armageddon 2006
  • Beltaine 2007, 2008 (XIII, XIV)
  • Wintersnight 2007, 2008
  • Winter War 2008

Unofficial titles:

  • Village Sacrifice of Octoberfest 2005.
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