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Brynja using a spear

Other Titles: None (yet)
Race: Maanhaar Gnoll
Clan: Clan of the Blind Star
Realm: Kamigawa
Unit: Horde - Awakened at Battle for the Ring 2018, Year of Blood
Other Affiliations: House Valkyries


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The story of Brynja the gnoll starts in the far away lands of someplace not here. When she was just a little puppy (very cute n little) she played with her littermate. She doesn’t know his/her name anymore, or her first name. Not that important anyway. She was like most Maanhaar Gnolls. Sleeping in the day, playing and killing in the night. But one day, she made the first of a lot of not so smart decisions. That day she didn’t want to sleep. So she got up, doing best not to step on too many of other gnolls paws, and left. At first she just played close to Clan home, but soon she wandered away, following a pretty bird. After the bird flew away, she just kept going farther way without realizing it. Soon she was very lost. She tried to get home, but went wrong way, and giving up went to sleep by a road.

Thats when a very bad thing happen! Pinkies find her sleeping by the road, and put her in a cage. The pinkies travel for a few days and get to big place with lots of pinkies. They take her to “slave market” and sell her for some shiny things. The people who buy her not nice at all. They not like to feed the gnoll much food, and they kick if she not do what they say. After they travel for while, they take her to another “market” and sell again, this time for many shiny things.

The people who buy her take her on a ship. They put rope around her neck and let her out of her cage when she is not too sick from the movement of ship on the great blue wet thing. They call her Brynja, even though that is not her name. Soon though, it is her name. The place they land at is very cold, and smells not like home at all. Lots of strange pinkies, talking using words she does not know. They take Brynja to a house, and give her to a little pinky child. They raise Brynja to be a guard dog for their home. They teach her how to use a sword and shield, also a spear. Soon, she forget she is gnoll.

After many winters have passed, she goes with her people on a boat again. This time she is one of the feared warriors others call Vikings. They go to many places to take all the shinies, kill the pinkies, and burn their houses down. Is very fun. But when they try to go back across the big blue wet thing, a big storm stops them. Brynja is knocked off of the boat, and almost drowns! She makes it to shore somehow, and has no idea where to go now. So she starts following the first cool bug she sees. Not best idea. She goes to pinkie village, but they not like her. They throw rocks until she must run away. Same with the next village, and next! She keeps wandering like this for a whole winter and then some.

Eventually she finds others like her! They say they is called gnolls. Their names is Dundee, Abel, and Nickle. They say she is gnoll of clan Guttermaw now. They show her how to paint her face like she should. She meets other gnolls too. They tell her more about being a gnoll, and that she is not a very fuzzy pinkie, or guard dog. Sometime she miss her old life with Northmen, but being gnoll with other gnolls is much better. Soon they say she will get her own collar and then be full member of new clan.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Spear

Fighting Since: Fall 2014

Events Attended:

  • Chaos 2015, 2016, 2017
  • T-Wald 2015
  • Battle of Anigawa 2016, 2017
  • Chaos Opener 2016
  • Thaw Brawl 2016, 2017
  • WoF 2016, 2017
  • Octfest 2016
  • BftR 2018
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