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Wolfguard Symbol

As of Octoberfest 2007, Wolfguard has disbanded as a formal unit. There are plans to make it a house, so that the spirit of Wolfguard can live on.

Wolfguard is a unit based out of Wolfpack of the High Plains, in Bloomington/Normal, Il. Wolfguard specializes in flanking and as a squad in larger, realm-based battles. Wolfguard strives to be proficient with multiple fighting styles to fit in anywhere on the battlefield at any time. They are an adaptable, quick, and hard-hitting unit.

Wolfguard is divided into 2 sections- Full members, called Adepts, and new members, called Novitiates. Novitiates are invited into the unit based on potential and attitude more than skill. There is a 6-month period where they fight with the unit to get a feel for things and decide if they want to continue. At the end of the 6 months, they can be brought up to Adept status.

Members take a knee and recite the Wolfguard Creed (created by Beergarde) at the beginning of every meeting and the first time the unit fights together for the day:

I must be stronger.

I must be faster.

I must be humble.

I must think before I act.

I must act without hesitation.



Hall of Fame

This space is reserved for former members who have moved on for one reason or another, so their contribution to our unit is not forgotten.



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