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Sir V-Hil of Numernor
V-Hil @ Oktoberfest'05
V-Hil: Founder and Warlord of the Uruk-Hai
Sir V-Hil of Numernor
Sir V-Hil of Numernor
Sir V-Hil of Numernor

Sir V'Hil of Numenor, Warlord of the Uruk-Hai

Realm: Numenor

Units: Knights of Numenor

Rank: Warlord
Breed: Gauntlet
Tribe: Orthanc
Position: Unit Commander

V-Hil, of the Gauntlet Breed of Orc, is the Founder and Warlord of the Fighting Uruk-Hai. Through his actions and contributions to the game on and off of the field, he has become the first heroically knighted knight of the order of the Knights of Numenor.

Character History of V'Hil
Many moons ago, V-Hil was born a half-breed. His father an orc and his mother a human, it is said that his mother ran away with V-Hil only days after his birth. She ran to the countryside surrounding Isengard. As a child, his human side dominated his physical appearance and on the inside, a compassion for weaker creatures. Only when angered did his orcish temper flare. He constantly fought with the local children, angered by their teasing of him and of the younger, weaker children. He often found himself in trouble for not only fighting, but for seriously injuring them as well.

As he grew older, he gained the respect of the locals. He possessed a strong interest in the arts and military tactics. Having wanderlust, he and his friend Yen Te left their homes and traveled far and wide to lands such as Wolfpack of the High Plains, Arnor and the lands of Numenor. Numenor is where he met the young Squire Arioch Hellhammer. The charismatic Arioch was training some soldiers outside of Numenor’s capital city. Impressed and eager, V-Hil and Yen Te befriended Arioch and they quickly became good friends.

While in Numenor, V-Hil studied under the Scholars of Numenor. He studied military tactics and trained with Arioch in the art of the Spear. He attempted to join the Army of Numenor but the army wouldn’t allow it due to his family heritage. Anxious to put his military teachings and combat training to use, he, with Yen Te at his side, joined a Mercenary Band that had soldiers like the goblin Nutshot and Soth. They fought for the Army of Numenor through their employ of the Mercenary Band.

Nearly a year after their meeting, Arioch had become a Knight. With his privileges as a Knight of Numenor, he managed to V-Hil into his household. Arioch saw promise in V’Hil as a leader and gave him command at leading his monstrous troops. Initially, things went well. But V-Hil wanted to implement some discipline to these chaotic troops. Unfortunately, before he could, his homeland of Isengard was under attack.

He left in a hurry, passing his duties over to another. He went home and fought against the Arabic raiders of the Middle East. This is where V-Hil’s orc blood came out. His lust for battle inspired men to fight hard. Only when V-Hil killed innocents in his fit of bloodlust did he realize that it was something he couldn’t control. So he focused on his leadership abilities and studied more great works from great military minds such as the Far East’s Sun-Tzu and the western world’s Clausewitz.

While he was away, dark times came for Arioch and his house Hellhammer. Arioch had plotted to poison fellow warrior Rache at a great banquet. He was caught and stripped of his Knighthood. Also, his house had strayed from the vision that it once was. Brutus Destructicus had written V-Hil and told him of the state of the House. Once V-Hil’s duties were finished, he returned with a new problem: Restoring the original vision of Hellhammer.

V-Hil and Brutus had spend several months attempting to restore the motivation that once kept Hellhammer moving towards the original vision. Only after many weeks of hard labor and sacrifice did they realize that all hope was lost. They resigned their duties.

With battle and leadership experience as well as armor and weapon smithing skills, V-Hil began his own Mercenary Unit. This was the only way he could fight for Numenor. He recruited several orcs and goblins and fought in several campaigns. His discipline was lax, but his troops fought well under his command. He began training with a shield and a sword because it offered more protection from the archers who were beginning to look for him since he was a leader.

More orcs joined his ranks. Pretty soon his was so large he needed to implement a new system. Firstly, he needed more leaders. And then they needed a uniform.... more to come later.

Vision: Imagine a large group of people standing on one end of the battlefield. They number just over one hundred. They are all dressed in similar styled armor, mostly in greens and browns. For every ten green armored soldiers, there is one who wears a mohawk of green and black and a green and back banner. For every twenty, there is one who bears black armor and a black and white mohawk with a similarly colored banner.

Of these twenty, they are all similarly equipped. Most carry a strapped 28x40 strapped shield and a sword. Beside them is another group, except they carry various round and teardrop shaped shields. There is another group of twenty carrying great swords, spears, glaives and other large weapons as well as bow and arrow. Another group carries punch shields, various close combat weapons and wears a variant of the standard armor.

All of these soldiers listen to their respective leaders commands. Should a soldier die in combat, there is another to take his/her place. Should a leader die, there is another to take his place. These soldiers fear nothing, for they know they will fight again in the afterlife (or in fifteen minutes) and that the weapons that strike them do no permanent damage for they are foam. The soldiers’ discipline allows their leaders to develop a pre-battle plan and change the plan as the battle rages.

And who makes these plans...?

The man who dons the Warlord’s Armor. He wears red armor with a skull helmet. On this helmet is a red and black Mohawk. On his back he wears a red and black banner. He is surrounded by green armored and black armored soldiers who advise, relay commands and protect the Warlord. From his position (unfortunately in the rear), he can command the entire army with a series of shouts, which are echoed as they trickle down the chain of command.

This is the vision of V-Hil, Warlord of the Uruk-Hai. He hopes to attain this vision, this dream, in the next five years. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part, please contact your local recruiter.

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