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Name: IKE

Realm: Wolfpack of the High Plains

Unit: Wolfguard

Since: 2002

Location: Peoria, IL


IKE has been a member of Wolfpack since 2002 when his sister Nuri brought him out to the field for the first time. He became a retainer to Sir Kyrian and after a sememster of fighting he became a member of Wolfguard. He is easy to find on the field due to his large size and is almost always fighting sword and board.

IKE is also known as the Corporate Whore due to his employement as a Financial Analyst with a Fortune 100 company. His career has caused him to leave Wolfpacks stronghold in Normal, IL for nearby Peoria, IL and now Miami, FL.

While in Miami he has become a quasi-advisor to The Lowlands in Orlando, FL. How long he remains in Miami is unknown and completely up to his employer.

As of 2007, IKE was sent to Sao Paulo, Brazil by his job and it is not known when he will be able to return.

Needs to pick up his epic prize from Hordetaine.

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