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Real Name: T.J.

Started Fighting: 2005

Realm: The Lowlands

Unit: Imperial Atlantis

Fighting Style: Sword and Board

Favored Weapons: Blue/Green 32" Sword


Events Attended

Winter War 2006 (Bel)
Beltaine XII (Bel)
Animosity 2007 (Bel)
Camp Bleeding Hollow 2007 (Bel)
Wintersnight 2008 (Dag)
Summer Slaughter I (Dag)
Wintersnight 2009 (Dag)
October Day Battle 2010 (Dag)
December Day Battle 2010 (Dag)
January Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
February Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
March Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
Oceanside Onslaught III (Dag)
June Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
July Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
Summer Slaughter III (Dag)
September Day Battle 2011 (Dag)
September Campout (WotS)
The Odyssey (Bel)
Ragnarukus 2011 (WotS)
Winter War 2011 (Dag)
December Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
January Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
Frostbane II 2012 (Bel)
February Campout(WotS)
March Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
April Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
Battle for Asgard (WotS)
June Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
July Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
Agoge "Atlantean Training Event" (Bel/Dag)
Summer Slaughter IV (Dag)
September Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
September Day Battle 2012 (WotS)
Odyssey II (Bel)
October Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
Tsuki Ura Musha Playtest I (Tsuki)
Annual Post-Thanksgiving Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
December Day Battle 2012 (Dag)
January Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
Tsuki Ura Musha Playtest II (Tsuki)
Sakura Moon January Day Battle 2013 (WotS)
WotS February Day Battle, hosted by the FFA 2013 (WotS)
February Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
February Tatakai 2013 (Tsuki)
Ides of March (Dag)
Day of Brotherhood 2013 (WotS)
March Tatakai 2013 (Tsuki)
March Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
April Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
May Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
June Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
June Campout 2013 (WotS)
Agoge II "Atlantean Training Event" (Bel/Dag)
July Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
Summer Slaughter V (Dag)

Confirmed Future Attendance

August Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
Atlantiad (Dag)
September Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
October Day Battle 2013 (Dag)
November Day Battle 2013 (Dag)

Foam-Combat History

Forerunner of Florida Belegarth and Founder of Gorewood and the Lowlands Realm (2005)
Resigns as leader of the Lowlands Realm, allowing for three independent Lowlands chapters throughout FL (Spring 2008)
Development of Imperial Atlantis begins as a pet project (Spring 2008)
Initiated the Florida Foam Fighters Association (Summer 2008)
Teej was accepted into Cu Sith at Wintersnight (Fall 2008)
Completed Cu Sith Vassus at Wintersnight (2009)
Became Marketing and Communications Officer of Florida Foam Fighters Association (2009)
Became the Florida Regent of the Cu Sith (Spring 2010)
Resigned from the Cu Sith to establish Imperial Atlantis
Held the first Atlantean practice after months of planning; emphasis on combat and military drill (Jan 2011)
Led the first Atlantean victory at the unit's debut at Oceanside Onslaught III (May 2011)
Became a squire to Florida's Order of the Golden Panther, under the supervision of Sir Shub-Felty Av Rausumea (June 2011)
Tears ACL in 110-man bridge battle at a Day Battle (February 2012)
Had ACL reconstructed 3 months later (May 2012)
Stepped down from position as an OGP squire for personal reasons. (Winter 12/13)
Returned to the field after a year on the sidelines, having missed few events in spite of his knee injury. (February 2013)
Named "Companion of Dragon Coast" and inducted into the Order of the Whelp. (August 10, 2013)

Real Life

Teej's real name is TJ; he is twenty-eight years old, married, has two sons (ages 5 and 7) and a 2 year old daughter.He is a former US Marine Corporal serving with 4th Med Bn. (a joint Navy/Marine unit) between the years of 2004 and 2010. Currently he is attending college at the University of Central FL, majoring in Event Management.


Shub: Current in-state advisor and supervises Teej as the leader of the Order of the Golden Panther.
V-Hil: Primary advisor for Imperial Atlantis.
B.A.M.: Former unit leader; Lowlands Realm Advisor.
Kyrian: Lowlands Realm Advisor.
IKE of Wolfpack: Lowlands Realm Advisor, Squired to the Lowlands.
Izareth: Early unit development.
Sir Freyson: Early introduction to foam-combat.

Contact Teej

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/tjwilkening

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