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aka Shoonz

Real name: Dustin

Location: Orlando Florida

Joined sport: October 1st 2006

Main fighting style: Archery and single blue.

Favorite color: Green

Known for: Shooting Shub in the face with arrows, and running.

Hey everyone! I'm Shoonz, I enjoy clear liquids, fresh fruits (and their juices), strong winds, stormy weather, and long walks in the mountains. I'm in the process of building a unit at the University of Central Florida. I am an advocate of fighting without armor, taking light hits, yelling loudly in general, not wearing shirts, or shoes, running faster than you can, and then killing you with ease:)

History: I started fighting with TeeDge and his Lowlands unit. Shortly after joining them IKE of Wolfpack had moved to Miami and started fighting with us. Ike taught me a fair amount fighting stratagies and trainig. I got to take part of the first Belegarth event in Florida, Animosity:) I fought with them for about a year before taking a break due to group fallout. About a year ago things started forming back again and I went to Wintersnight II and had a blast with the Cu Sith. Our attendance wasnt great but I have goals to have a strong force attending this coming Wintersnight III (heads up Bam) even though I have yet to form a group (ya I work like this.) Earlier this year I went to Animosity II which was almost a whole group of new people at Floridas Second Bele event. Since then I have been attending Valrim practices regularly and preparing for Florida Foam Fighters first event Summer Slaughter:) Hope to see you on the field:)

Trained by: TeeDge (Titus), IKE of Wolfpack, To'gur (Alucard), and Sir Shub. Other Noteables include Creak, Maude, Atticus, Nibenon, and Tiberius.

Weapon smithing history: Ten swords (half destroyed), two Javelins, two clubs (lasted one day), eleven arrows (six left), and a shield (used as target practice for a .22). Double this in progress as loner gear for new unit:)

Injury history: Several sprained ankles, a backflip over a grill, running into a light post, and a scar from poorly spinning around a garbage container post.

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