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Real Name: Tim Wing

Started Fighting: October 2006

Realm: The Lowlands

Race: Bugbear

Unit: Imperial Atlantis

Fighting Style: Single blue and shield. (axes swords and maces)

Favored Weapons: Polearms, single blues (axes swords maces), Javs

Real Life information Tim lives in Jacksonville Florida. He is an over-worked Store Manager at Gamestop. When not fighting, he enjoys playing airsoft, D&D, video games, and watching UFC.

Belegarth History To'Gur became involved with Belegarth in September 2006. He was searching the web for Larp groups and came across The Lowlands in Sanford (then called Gorewood). After contacting Teej, To'Gur began organizing a group of fighters in North Florida. In November 2006, To'Gur petitioned, and was accepted into the Lowlands as the Northern Branch. He spent some time in the Cu Sith and would eventually join Imperial Atlantis as the unit's Northern Harmost (regional leader).

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