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As a Raiding Party

An Olag-Hai is a raiding party consisting of at least three trolls and at least one Shal'a'quey. A ruthless and violent mob, their name literally translates into "trollish folk". Their rampage ceases when fatigue consume them or their target is taken out. Sometimes, when a certain person or group has violated their traditional laws, this blood-thirsty crew makes a competition out of hunting them down. It is considered a great honour to spill blood while apart of an Olag-Hai; it is even more important to uphold what they believe is the natural order of things.

Warbands aiming to attack a small group or individual do so using ambush tactics and archery. Trolls never believe in an even fight... mostly because each one is too eager for the kill and consider combat prowess in the highest regard. They attack with zeal and brutality, often taking trophies from fallen opponents of particular contest.

In larger groups, an Olag-Hai can target a whole community, but only for a serious offense (such as disturbing ancient burial sites or territorial violations). This horde usually uses the shifting colours of the evening to hide their surround. Once they are in place, a roar or chant goes up amoung the hidden warriors as they paint their faces with strange alchemy and drink concotions of a savage nature. This designated time before the attack has two purposes. 1) It creates an air of fear in their target and works them into a berserker state and 2) It gives any non-combatants time to take shelter or flee. Troll culture frowns on the killing of the unarmed or unfit for fighting, as it is unsporting.

Sub-Unit of the DGMA

A small group of trolls within the Dread Gate Mercernary Alliance of Stygia have taken the name of Olag-Hai. They serve as battle-field hunters and shock troops.


Malark, Shal'a'quey

Turkeyfeathers, Shal'a'quey




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