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Fighter Information

Sethra and Turkeyfeathers

Name: Sethra
Actual Name: Alyssa Rawson
Gender: Female
Race: Forest Troll
Current Realm: Killa Bee

Unit: No Current Unit

  • Previous Unit: DGMA

Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Secondary Fighting Style: Spear
House: Dread Gods Worship, Acolyte of The Great Hunt

Fighting Since: 2010

Other Information

Sethra fighting spear at Chaos Wars
  • Retainer to Sir Chimera
  • Starting Retaining at Ocktoberfest 2018

Events Attended

Sethra has been making herself known at events since 2010, as such it is impossible to list all the events she has attended. The below list is by no means all encompassing of her event attendance, it is just what is in recent memory.

  • Chaos Wars XV, XIX, XXII
  • War of the Gate V
  • Ocktoberfest 2016, 2018
  • Thaw Brawl
  • Eustarie
  • Western Wars
  • War of the Gate
  • KGC
  • BFTR
  • Chumpsgiving
Sethra Sword and Board at Chaos Wars
Sethra fighting Sword and Board at Ocktoberfest 2018
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