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Full Name: Moses

Unit: DGMA

Realms: Stygia

Fighting Since: 2005

Race: Half-Troll, Ogre

Fighting Styles: Polearm, Sword and Board

Real Name: Moses Sartin

Moses was born a slave in the pits of the south. His parents worked into the ground to build the overlords monuments. His mother died slowly of starvation and his father died later that summer in a prison break, Moses carried to the dubious safety of a feral ogre camp.

He grew strong in the wilds and mountains under the guidance of the hordes. His life fell to tragedy again when while coming from a hunting trip the tribe was butchered to the last monster. Upon regenerating back to the consciousness he left with what he could carry disheartened and alone.

He wandered hunting and trapping his way through the high mountains for several years before eventually entering Stygia for supply. After several uneventful trips into town he ended up getting into a drunken fight at the local watering hole. After he tore off a chunk of the bar to bludgeon several freeholders (who had insulted his mother) to a bloody pulp. As the guards came running to put him down with fire and sword Theadric Thumbs stepped forward, offering to cover his fines and teach him the ways of these townsfolk in return for his loyalty on the battlefield. Thus he joined the DGMA, and found peace for the first time in his life.

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