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This page is intended to serve as a compendium of the many tales and myths of ogre kind for anyone interested in them. As you may know ogre tribes divide often with some individuals moving between tribes indefinitely over their lifetime. So it is not uncommon for neighboring tribes to have vastly different ideas about the same gods. In this case following a tale you may see a Variation Note where a tribe may restate the differences between their beliefs. For more information about ogre's habits and culture see the Ogre page and the personal pages of the Known Ogres.

For information on how the ogres came to be played within Belegarth, see the Origins of Ogre Lore.

Ogre lore exists to grow with the ogres who play it. There are many variations and there is room for many different paths. But those ogres who follow the original lore acknowledge the following unchangeables:

1. There was an original ogre god who created the race, and the 4 known deities

2. This original ogre god died from treachery which is why we say we have 4 gods, not 5

3. There are 4 ogre gods named Ugangi, Ucronos, Una, and Utezni (spellings can fluctuate) and no others this is absolutly key.

4. These gods are elemental and associated with Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth respectively

5. Ucronos killed Ugangi and Ugangi in turn killed Ucronos, there are variants as to why, and who struck first etc. But they did kill each other and cause each other to ascend

6. Ucronos stabbed Ugangi in the back

7. Una loved Ugangi

8. Ugangi was the greatest warrior

The Urungnar: U'ron and his Children

Urungnar is a word that means 'children of the giant', the giant being Uron father god of all ogres. When he was cast down by the jealous, fearful other gods his body became a mountain but his soul split in four and made manifest in 4 children: fiery Ugangi, wise Utezni, mischievous Uchronos, and mighty Una. The first set of stories are theirs.

Timeline of the Urungnar

Timeline of the Urungnar

The Allfather

Bugbears say Marjack was first among the gods and father to all. Goblyns would name their god Melashekhaad as the creator of all things, but ogres care little of these gods. To us there is only U’ron. At the moment of creation Uron was born. The giant ogre named U’ron was born from the union of earth and sky in the moment of creation, warmed by the sun and birthed form the womb of the ocean. So long as there was U'ron there was earth, they were twins united in creation. U'ron marveled as the molten rock cooled, the oceans grew, and the lands rose. U'ron was there when his twin, the U'ond (great soul) split itself giving rise to the spirits of the earth. They took root and diversified and populated the world. U'ron knew no loneliness and discovered how to walk amongst the spirits without disturbing them. Eventually the land spirits came to know U'ron and taught him great wisdom. Eventually U'ron felt great rumblings and sensed the presence of another being akin to himself, this being is known as Melashekhaad. U'ron was the largest and strongest of the gods; all the others quaked in fear whenever he came near, except Melashekhaad himself.

He went forth and perceived a being too large for comprehension. He addressed this one known as milashekhaad and looked with curiosity at the “little” beings who mistakenly called him brother, and watched as they became many. Uron was angered, and he challenged milashekhaad that there were too many and demanded that they not live on earth directly but in the heavens above, for the Earth, the Uond, was his alone. Milashekhaad agreed to prevent the others from making dwellings on earth, but on the condition that one new creation be allowed to live there. For despite his many creations, he was bored. Milashekhaad had a plan for a new creation, one that would entertain him for all eternity, one that could not live in the heavens. Uron was intrigued, for indeed the desire to create life himself was beginning to burn in his mind. He watched as the tiny little green beings began to appear on the earth. So U'ron decided to create his own race, larger, stronger, longer lived, and more intelligent than the goblyns. Melashekhaad saw what U'ron was doing and wagered that he could not make a more powerful race than his goblyns. U'ron accepted the wager and set about creating his superior ogres, the Garad, sheltering them in a lush woodland valley surrounded by tall walls of ice and rock.

U’ron sculpted the ogre’s powerful body from stone and sewed veins of warm water through their limbs so they might move. However, these husks were slow and lifeless so he breathed air into their lungs so they could run and speak. Last he sparked fires in their hearts and minds so that they became both wise and passionate. He used pieces of the U'ond to give them souls and powers beyond those of all other races. U’ron labored and made many Garad, which were larger and more powerful then ogres are today. He was slow and meticulous. The other gods grew jealous, they too demanded the ability to create life in their image. Milashekhaad tired of their noise, and tired of waiting paid them no mind. And so they tried, but without the innate knowledge of the world, their creations were weak and easily destroyed.

Many ages passed in the blink of an eye, and Uron’s creation took form and was strong and hearty, long lived, and wiser than that of Milashekhaad’s. Each subsequent generation was further refined. As Uron neared the completion of his great work, the other gods came to uron with a plan to diminish Milashekhaad’s creation and so create space for their own. Uron grew enraged, what right had they to claim the earth? He refused their pleas and so it was that Marjack soothed Uron by saying they would find another place for their creations. As Uron turned his thoughts back to his children, the other gods struck him from behind, and for the first time Uron felt pain.

The sacred Ginnung valley made by the body of Uron.

Through the magic of the combined gods, Uron realized that his wound was fatal. With his creation so close to perfection he came up with a great gamble. He realized the earth would soon be overrun with lesser beings, that great clashes and struggles for power beyond his children’s comprehension would soon unfold, and so lay down as to become a great shield to protect his children until they could come of age. As the blood poured forth from his wound he made it into a great river with which to nourish the valley and provide sustenance to his children. And as the strength started to leave his body, he hurriedly took 4 trees in the valley, and from them he created 4 new children as perfect in mind and body as could be, and he poured into them the last of his spirit. To them he gave the capability to talk with the spirits and ability to learn the secrets of creation. He created their souls from pieces of his very own spirit. With his final breath he asked the spirits of his earth to teach the four as he was taught. As he finished, the light in his eyes dimmed and he was welcomed back into the void from which he came. The ogre allfather slept hoping that his final gifts would be enough.

The Garad were both saddened and enraged by the gods’ murder of U’ron. They journeyed to his resting place and climbed the U’ronnag (U'ron's Mountain). At the peak, they found four children that they called Utezni, Ugangi, Uchronos, and Una – the Urungnar. Some of the Garad demanded that they kill the children believing them to be a curse sent by Marjack to destroy them. A Garad name Krollo who was one of the earliest born from U’ron protected them. Unfortunately, this caused a rift among ogres, who are notoriously stubborn and single minded. The rift fractured them into new tribes.

Variations: In some renditions U'ron created ogres without the knowledge of Melashekhaad. When Melashekhaad found out he sought to kill U'ron but was unable to do so himself and enlisted the help of the other gods and together they defeated him.

Uchronos and the Cleaver

The ogres lived within Ginnung secluded and well fed from the game of the valley surrounded by the wall of ice and the mountains made by Uron's body. Uchronos was the smallest of the Urungnar males but he was also the fastest. Uchronos also spent a lot of time away from the tribe and explored every corner of the Ginnung Valley. The god of the sky searched caves, climbed trees, and jumped from water falls into the pools below. Utezni often came with him on these early explorations but he preferred to sit quietly and observe the land. Uchronos often poked at his brother to try to have some fun but Utezni would only shake his head and wander off.

It was on that sort of day when Utezni and Uchronos were wandering together that they came to the ice wall that encircled them. Uchronos had often wondered what could lay beyond and pleaded with Utezni to climb the wall with him. Utezni looked at the wall and said he would just as likely fall to his death in the first twenty feet as summit the ledge. But Uchronos pulled the right strings and appealed to Utezni's need to learn more of Yord and the earth god's lesser sense of adventure. Ultimately he relented and the two began to climb the treacherous ice wall.

Utezni was slow, unhappy so far from the ground. Uchronos however grew elated the further they went. He laughed and roared as gusts of wind buffeted them, threatening to toss the gods to the earth below. Uchronos challenged Utezni to climb faster and preformed tricks on the ice ledges, wedging his hands into cracks and twisting so that he hung upside down. Utezni grumbled and attempted to ignore his brother focusing on finding hand holds as his fingers grew numb from the cold ice. Suddenly he became aware that his brother was being oddly quiet. Utezni looked up and could not see Uchronos who had reached the top of the ice ledge.

Uchronos stood looking out over the mountains to the world beyond. It was wild, untouched by any race. Green trees threaded with silver were painted red and gold by the setting sun. The slopes of Uron's mountains ran away beneath them and were the color of grapes, antler, and blue stone. It is said Uchronos wept at the sight. Eventually Utezni joined him at the top, exhausted. He was astounded to see Uchronos sitting quietly on a boulder gazing into the darkening lands beyond. 'At last, brother. Are you ready to go beyond?' he asked. Utezni sat down beside Uchronos and spoke in reply, 'I am spent by the climb. Go on without me and I will catch up to you in the morning.' Uchronos nodded and set off running down the slopes of the mountains. So it was that Uchronos became the first of the Four to journey beyond the mountains into the wild world.

Night fell over the wilderness. No moon shone that night and the sky was painted by the northern lights and the many stars that would someday be known as Uchronos' domains. The god of winds moved silently through the woods. He passed deer bedding down for the night. He came to a fast flowing river of cold water and easily leapt over it. He sat there on its banks for some time watching otters play in the water. Suddenly the otters grew still and looked past Uchronos. They almost seemed to be screaming at him although they made no sound. Uchronos slowly turned and peered into the reflecting mirrors of a sabertooth cat's eyes. This was Chron'veyd the hunter-of-the-shadows. The cat was only a few steps away its dagger length fangs white against the black night. Uchronos waited, his every muscle tensed ready. Uchronos blinked and in that moment Chron'veyd sprung forward. Uchronos was swift rolling away and seemingly gliding to his feet.

The chase that followed cannot be described by words. Chron'veyd is the fastest of hunters but Uchronos would soon be master of the winds themselves. Uchronos ran and ran. As he crested a hill he saw through the trees a low hill beyond with towering pines the like he had never seen before reaching high into the sky outlined by the northern lights. Uchronos surged forward making for those trees.

As he drew near he could see that the pine's were many paces around, sturdy, and taller than any tree he had ever seen. Even their lowest branches were still many ogre-heights from the ground. By now Chron'veyd was closing in and Uchronos had only one chance to make safety. The god of the night took three bounding steps gathering all the speed he could muster and sprang up clutching for the branch. Miraculously he grabbed hold and heaved himself up hand over hand not daring to look back. Finally with his heart pounding in his ears Uchronos stopped climbing and searched for Chron'veyd. The sabertooth cat sat at the base of the pine unable to reach the branches. For a moment they looked at one another before Chron'veyd quietly made his way into the trees and out of sight. Uchronos laughed and threw his head back breathing in the sweet night air. It was then that he became aware that his laughter was not the only laughter in the bows of the pines. Uchronos decided that the strange laughter was coming from above him further up the trees. So he rallied his strength and began to climb toward the source of the noise.

Near the top of the tree Uchronos found a large white raven. The raven looked on him and spoke between many *quorks* and other noise. 'The wind runs fast, fast but noisy so noisy. You make me laugh, bumbling wind god, stumbling through the woods.' Uchronos did not like being made fun of yelled at the raven, 'What would a dumb bird know of anything.' The raven chortled, 'Dumb he calls me but I am smarter than most and definitely smarter than this ogre who climbed so high. We are the smartest of birds playing tricks on eagles and lions. We are the fastest and most nimble of birds. And I am Vask father of all ravens who cleaves the air like a hot knife through fat. You have much to learn.' Uchronos made up his mind to leave then unwilling to listen to this Vask talk anymore.

Vask snapped the air, 'You would benefit greatly to stay. Your reward for completing my challenges would be great.' Uchronos halted his descent intrigued. 'What do you offer, bird.' Vask flapped, 'You will know what I offer when you have earned the privilege of me offering. You must prove yourself to be silent in the darkness, swift as shadow, and deadly even more so than your kin. Then you will be rewarded.' 'Very well,' decided Uchronos, 'what must I do?'

The raven turned his head, 'You have met with the king of the night, the silent hunter Tskogrim. He has made a fool of you. Go hunt the hunter and become his master. I will be watching.'

Uchronos went down to the ground and saw that stars were now hidden behind a vale of cloud and the woods was now pitch black. Uchronos found the traks of Tskogrim and crouching followed them into the brush straining his eyes to see. Tskogrim would sense the disturbance of the smallest leaf, pine needle, or fern. Uchronos moved over them like a gentle breeze barely bending a single blade of grass. His eyes began to adjust to the darkness and the world became a haze of static and half formed shapes. Instinct called Uchronos to a halt. Through the trees he heard Tskogrim sniff the air. The wind didn't stir. The world was as still as Uchronos perched in the blackness as if it held its breath. Carefully Uchronos drew out his bone knife not even daring to scrape the edge on the leather lest the sound alert Tskogrim and placed it between his teeth. Like a shadow clinging to the back of a tree at noon, Uchronos plucked his way into the nearest pine tree. Fifteen feet of the ground he halted and slowly looked around. Tskogrim was laying in some ferns not five feet from where Uchronos had been moments before, the tiger's ears were perked his eyes alert shining the way a hunters eyes do at night. Uchronos took the knife from his teeth and stepped gingerly onto the branch directly above Tskogrim. The tiger growled a low almost inaudible grow. Uchronos sprang down on to his shoulders and deftly slit his throat. Tskogrim thrashed about in his death throws and threw Uchronos off. His claws raked across Uchronos' chest leaving deep cuts before the king of the night fell silent.

Vask's voice echoed through the night, 'Silent yes. Quick? We shall see. A game now, son of Uron! Catch me if you can!' A blur in the night scraped over Uchronos' head and a tuff of his hair was torn out. Vask took off into the night. For hours the bird led Uchronos on through the shadows ducking, diving, and weaving through the trees. Uchronos could not catch him. Uchronos realized that the only way he would catch Vask would be to male the raven fly where Uchronos wanted him to. As he ran he snatched up small branches. Once he had two large bundles in his hands Uchronos closed the gap with Vask the Cleaver. He threw the branches at Vask causing him to alter direction making him go where he desired. The raven came closer and closer to Uchronos barely dodging the darts. Vask sensed he was close to losing the game and pulled out his favorite stunt, a barrel roll, trying to dodge Uchronos but the god was quick and snatched Vask out of the air.

'It was a well matched race, Uchronos.' Admitted Vask, 'You have done all I desired. Your reward is my children. I give you my three sons: Thog, Orr, and Yrr. They are very talented and will serve you well. As will all of their descendants.' With that Vask parted and Uchronos was joined by three ravens, his constant companions in the years to come. The next morning Utezni found him at the site of Tskogrim's carcass having skinned him and taken his saber-teeth. Uchronos would wear the pelt as a cloak and fashion the teeth into his first set of long war knives.

Una and the Water Spirits

Much like her siblings Una wad drawn to solitude. Ugangi hunted, Uchronos adventured, and Utezni would disappear on prolonged journies. Una did not require action, bloodshed, or extended loneliness that her brothers craved. She merely enjoyed the rest and soothing nature or being alone for a while. She spent most of her outings walking the paths of rivers and shorelines until she could recognize those streams by the sound of the water alone. It was during one such walk that Una found herself following a calm, meandering stream in spring; its waters were cold and dark with snow melt. Una, following a deer path rounded the base of a large walnut tree. She paused to look at it and noticed a hollow at the base. Within the hollow two golden lights flickered from an unworldly pitch darkness. Una barely had time to notice the lights when they became violent eyes striking out at her. A massive serpent of untold length sunk its fangs deep into her thigh. She beat at it with her fists but the serpent only let go when he desired to.

It spoke then, 'Here on this morn I have found you, who to water was born. Long I have waited, coiled, to spring. I am the spirit of the rivers, Vilinann. Instructed to show you the meander. Ahead to moon's mirror the ogress must wander. There the shielded wave rider will aid you. Be warned if you do not heed these words by tomorrows morn you will feed the worms.' At that the serpent receded into the black space beneath the walnut tree and would not respond to Una's calls.

Una saw that daylight was wasting and set off upstream looking for the 'moon's mirror'. As she walked she saw that the river was fed by many smaller streams and the further upstream she went the more diminished it was until the river itself was shrunken to a creek. She became fearful that she had strayed from the correct path but decided to follow the creek a bit further. Around the next bend the creek climbed a rocky path to a cleft in two hills. Una climbed the stones the water danced from and came to the top. Ahead of her was a bowl shaped valley filled by a large circular lake with crystal clear water. She saw a large rock resting near the brim and climbed it to survey the area and decide her next move. From the top she could see that the lake was fed by a creek leaping down large table-like slabs of rock before falling into the lake. Below the surface the lake was teeming with fish. Along the edge otters were playing. Then Una saw a massive shape drifting below, it was a colossal tortoise with a armored shell of many colors. Una knew then that it was Sker'brim the Wave-Breaker or as Vilinann called him the 'wave-rider'. Una dived from the rock and swam to Sker'brim in a few powerful strokes. She swam to Sker'brim's head and began to drag him toward the surface but the tortoise only moved at his own pace - slowly surfacing.

Una explained Vilinann's instructions and asked Sker'brim to help her. Sker'brim thought some time before speaking. 'Seek the source of spring's laughter and bottle the nectar of joy. Find next the spotted frost of summer and collect two handfuls. Needed also is the feet of the snow-clad towers. Lastly cut free the heart of winter. All these things you must bring here as the moon rises. Go now with haste.' Una asked questions but Sker'brim would not reply. It became clear that she would need to solve these ridiculous riddles herself.

She climbed the rock and began to think but could not find any answer. It was past noon when she began to watch the otters absent minded. She remarked to herself on how merrily the otters played. A few had climbed up the table-rocks and were playing the pools there. She left to approach the place where that stream emptied into the lake and was surprised to hear the sound of laughter - the splashes of the otters were echoing from the rock creating the noises. It became clear and Una ran up the stream and followed it to its source - a pool of cold water spring from some rock. She filled her water skin with the clear fluid, the nectar of joy.

She began to puzzle over the next riddle walking through the trees. Frost of summer, but there is not frost in summer except maybe in the high mountains. Even then why would it be spotted. Una decided that the mountains were her best bet and began to walk toward the Uronnag's. She realized quickly it would take to much time to get there. She would not be able to return by nightfall. She sat on the hill near two tall rocks before a stand of birch trees. Her hand fell on soft moss growing in the shaded side of the boulders. She saw then that they spread in a lattice much like snow, ice... or frost. Una then saw that the moss wasn't just green but spotted blue and white in some places. She carefully cut free two handfuls with her stone knife happy to have solved the riddle.

Una made her way to the hill crest and looked back toward the Moon's Mirror wondering after snow-clad towers with feet. So far the riddles had been solved with simple observation and Una was confident the answer would present itself if she looked for it. The sun was still high and she had time. She saw on high tall rocks like towers covered in snow but again they were in the mountains far away and would not help her. Again she looked around and noticed a splash of white nearby. She looked closer and saw that the bark of the birch trees was white like snow. She quickly deduced that the feet of the snow-clad towers were obviously the roots. She ran to the trees and saw the roots of one sticking free from the soil. Una carefully cut a length free and stood. Not ten steps ahead of her was a stunningly white buck who surprisingly had not shed his wide antlers. The deer peered at her a moment before bounding away. Una knew then that the buck was the hart of winter and she was meant to chase it.

Up and up they ran. Every time the deer grew tired and stopped Una was able to find him and together they climbed the rocky hills headed for the Uronnags. Una's life was on the line and she would not surrender it but neither would the stag surrender his. The sun was falling and Una was growing afraid when she found the stag again. This time the proud animal was fallen between two large rocks its leg broken. Una came to the beast and without hesitation began to help it. She went to a juniper bush and snapped two green branches from it. Over the broken leg she crossed them and began to speak a healing spell which seemed to echo from deep within her mind although she had never known it before.

   Her ot her
   Solt ot solt 
   Sla ot sla

In time the the bones, muscles, and skin bound together and the stag was healed however since Una was unskilled the leg was crooked. The stag was Cromund the Heart-Walker and he spoke to her then thanking her for caring for him. However he would never run the way he had before. Knowing that, as all totem spirits, he would be reborn into a new body he asked Una to provide him a painless death and showed her where to cut with her knife. He also told her to collect his blood for she would need it. So she mercifully killed Cromund and collected his blood in a bowl she had with her. She also cut free his heart and wrapped it in cloth. She saw that the sun was setting then and quickly ran for the Moon's Mirror.

When Una arrived the land was dark and the moon had not risen. Upon the large rim-stone a fire was burning. Una made for the fire and found the bones of the great tortoise laying beside it. Over the fire was Sker'brim's shell which miraculously did not crack from the heat. Una poured the spring water into the shell and waited for it to boil. Then she added the birch root, the stag's heart, and some juniper berries for flavor. When the healing meal was finished she ate the heart and roots and drank half the potion. She then mixed the stag's blood with the remaining fluid. She poured this mixture over Vilinann's bite and covered it with moss. She bound the moss in place with cloth.

By now the moon had risen high into the night sky and shone reflected from the lake's surface. Una was drawn to the water so she removed her garb and set herself floating over the lake. She settled in the middle beneath the moon and slipped into a fever as her body burned the poison from itself. Time stretched into an eternity. It was as if she blinked and suddenly it was noon the next day. Una now rested on Sker'brim's back. Sker'brim congradulated her and explained that the healing meal she had consumed the night before had not only saved her life but, as Una would find, has gifted her with great wisdom and skill in healing. Una then asked Sker'brim since she had met the spirits of the rivers and lakes, where she would find the spirit of the ocean. Sker'brim thought a while before saying, 'One day, great-daughter, you will find the spirit of the oceans and no mystery will be left to you.' After this Una left the Moon's Mirror and returned to the tribe. She would often go to that place when she sought solitude.

Utezni's Crossing

In his youth, Utezni was rarely in one place for very long. He would wander the wilds for months at a time leaving leadership to his siblings. During one of his journeys, he came to a long coast. The water rose up in a powerful wave that overcame the land and swept Utezni out to sea.

A powerful shaman of Utezni exhibits just a fraction of the god's power.

Utezni awoke clutching the trunk of a large tree with no land in sight. He clung to the tree trunk for thirteen days. Shadowy shapes circled below and lights danced in the sky. Utezni gazed into shadow and plucked from it knowledge of the worlds and all things in them. When Utezni returned he found his tree had washed up on a sandy shore.

Utezni wandered aimlessly unable to find his way. The shadows tore through his mind giving him no rest. He stumbled into a clearing ringed by tall pines. In the clearing –he would later call Vapnem – were five standing stones. Utezni built a pit lined with cobbles and struck a fire into it. Bellowing and beating his chest, Utezni demanded the pain in his head to stop but it would not. Desperate for relief Utezni took his hunting axe and lopped off his left hand. Wisdom came to him as his blood fell to the forest floor. On the five stones, he carved thirteen totems and recorded the wisdom of the cosmos with runes of his own design, stained with his own blood. When he had finished, Utezni seared his wound on a hot stone. The stone bound itself to Utezni’s arm. Utezni could not sever it and set off for home. When he arrived Uchronos chiseled his bound stone into shape and Utezni learned to use it as a new hand. As for his old one, Utezni boiled the flesh away and wore the bones in a pouch for the rest of his time on earth. These bones were passed down from shaman to shaman; some were given to chieftains other to warriors. They possessed great power and were prized. Now only seven of Utezni’s bones’ remain together and are in the possession of Utezni’s Shaman.

Uchronos and the Dwarves

It came to be that Uchronos was climbing some mountains just for the thrill of it. As he perched on the cliff face, the wind carried to him the strange sounds of hammers ringing. He whistled and Thog took wing to seek out the source. When Thog returned he told Uchronos that just above him was a window, not more then a crack in the mountainside to allow light and air, which looked into some sort of room where large fires burned and tiny, hairy, pink-things labored.

Uchronos was intrigued and crept up to the crack and cautiously watched these strange creatures work. They smelted metal and formed shapes making all sorts of shining things but what interested Uchronos most was their weapons. Ogres only made weapons with wood, stone, and bone – nothing like what the mountain pinks had.

When night fell the dwarves set down their hammers and lifted up their horns quaffing mead and ale. It did not take long for Uchronos to realize there were three chiefs among these dwarves, each boasting about their latest creations. One had fashioned a sword or fine metal and silver inlay, another had made a broach of fine jewels, the last a war horn gilded and inscribed. Uchronos spoke to his raven, Orr, who speaks for Uchronos. Orr moved swiftly through the shadows and alighted on a rock. From here, it mimicked the voice of the Swordsmith claiming that neither of the other two could fashion a weapon as fine as his. The Jewelsmith scoffed and the Hornsmith jumped to his feet – after all the Swordsmith had no right to make such a claim. As for the Swordsmith, he thought the Hornsmith had said it. Uchronos then mimicked the Jewelsmith saying that he was capable but perhaps the Hornsmith was not since he did not possess the skill to work steel. The Hornsmith grew red and cursed the Jewelsmith’s beard. Uchronos spoke again saying that the Swordsmith’s beard was thin and falling out, and the Hornsmith’s had the consistency of wet stone-moss. Those were fighting words. All three dwarves leapt up and fought, tugging at each other’s beards. Suddenly a stranger’s voice issued a challenge.

The dwarves would work for three days to create the finest weapon they could. Happily and with little thought the dwarves agreed and set to work. Uchronos sent forth his second raven, Thog, who quietly watched everything the dwarves did. In that way Uchronos saw, through Thog’s eyes, all the secrets of the dwarf-smiths. At last, they unveiled their projects: a sword, axe, and spear of incredibly quality.

Uchronos released his last raven, Yrr, who is death. Yrr landed amongst the dwarves and startled them. Before they could move, swift and silent Uchronos had opened their throats – spilling their blood onto the polished stone floor.

Satisfied with his knife work, Uchronos examined the weapons. They were to splendid, light, and sharp but far to small for his tastes. The Trickster god had learned what he wanted to know and returned to the tribe with arms full of tools and materials.

He labored for many days and forged a mighty oaken boar-spear and wicked knife with steel the color of smoke. The spear he gifted to his warrior brother Ugangi who thought it a fine weapon. The knife he kept for himself. Utezni admired both and inscribed them with runes of power.

Ugangi's Nine Victories

Ugangi is well known as the greatest of warriors. All monsters appeal to him before battle with chants and offerings. While he walked the earth Ugangi won nine great victories.

The Hunters

During these days the ice wall that surrounded the ogres' refuge began to melt and opened the world to the ogres. Utezni went wandering abroad, Uchronos sought out the high places fraught with peril, and Una took long walks following the paths of rivers. But as Ugangi matured he grew truly colossal - even among the ogres of those days. His strength was only matched by a few ogres then and his skills with weapons were growing.

Ugangi grew bored and left the valley to hunt after a rare prize. Hunters in the tribe had seen a massive white boar covered with bristles that left great ruts in the ground while it sought after roots. It was so great in size it often uprooted great trees in its search, and its name was Rul. Ugangi set out to kill Rul and followed its massive trail for miles and was far from the valley when at last he sighted him as Rul rutted beneath a oak tree. Ugangi leveled his spear and approached downwind of the beast. But in order to reach Rul Ugangi had to crawl beneath a bramble of thorn bushes. At last he neared Rul and prepared to thrust his spear into its side when a sudden shift of the wind brought Ugangi's smell to Rul's nostrils. The boar reared up tearing the oak from its roots and the heavy trunk fell pinning Ugangi's leg to the ground. Rul proceeded to gore Ugangi mercilessly - knocking Uchronos' gift from his hand. Ugangi fended himself against Rul and eventually plucked its eye from its head after that the boar fled into the forest.

Ugangi bled from many wounds and was helplessly pinned beneath the tree. Embarrassed and enraged he tried to heave himself free but he could not get a good grip onto the oak nor was he at a good angle to lift or roll it away. Eventually he stopped struggling. He then noticed a vulture sitting atop the oak laughing at him. Ugangi thrashed grasping for the creature who would dare laugh at him. The vulture's name is Hly'und and it spoke, 'Mighty Ugangi slain by a pig and a slab of wood. Calm yourself, Flame-brand, you will only bleed more quickly. Fear not I will not kill you, for your strength is far greater than mine. But I do not need to kill you. By the suns rise your bones will be mine.' At that Hly'und flew away and alighted atop a nearby tree. His gaze never left Ugangi as the sun began to set.

Shortly after dark the first echoes of Ugangi's doom drifted on the night winds to his ears. The howling grew louder. Finally, Ugangi caught a glimpse of the first arrivals. These wolves were small, no bigger than those that hunt today. Soon others appeared and these were truly enormous. These wolves were the spirits of war: defeat, victory, pillage, ruin, rot, among others. And they had come for Ugangi. All night they circled the great ogre dodging him for even wounded and weak Ugangi was not to be underestimated just as the dying bull mammoth should not. At last Ugangi's strength flagged and he went limp. The greatest wolf, Bannog'Yrr or 'death-blow', one of the two greatest children of the great wolf Gor, approached. Banog'Yrr is black as shadow with blood-matted fur and eyes like burning coals. He licked the wind once, than twice, before snapping forward toward Ugangi's exposed throat. Ugangi's eyes snapped open, at once his arms came up and took Banog'Yrr into hand. He pulled the wolf down and they struggled. At last Banog'Yrr took Ugangi's fist into its mouth and the fire god gripped hold of the wolf's tongue. He tore it free and lifted it into the air bellowing defiance to the other wolves. Banog'Yrr wriggled free and fled and never again was the howl of defeat heard by Ugangi the Victorious.

A few short minutes later the sun crested the ridge and Uchronos entered the clearing. The wind god had been told by Orr, his raven, that Ugangi was in danger and had come as quick as he was able. He flicked his hand at the vulture and Hlae'und flew away chuckling. Uchronos helped Ugangi free himself and carried him several miles before Utezni, who speedy Uchronos had easily outpaced but had nevertheless heard the strains in the earth as Ugangi fought for life, arrived. Together they carried him to Una who had been concerned for Ugangi but had had no messengers in the wood awaited. She tended Ugangi's wounds and brought him to health again. Without her powers Ugangi would have lost the hand that had been within the wolf's mouth, a strange infection had taken root in the wounds there. For that reason the wrist was forever remembered as the Wolf-Joint.

So it came to pass that Ugangi's first victory was against the spirit of defeat itself. For the rest of his time on earth Ugangi never tasted defeat but ultimately he would be slain in betrayal but that story comes later.

Rul the White Boar

Once his health had returned Ugangi found the pack of war wolves and took them as his followers and friends. Forever after he would be accompanied by wolves both while hunting and at war. His favorite was the child of Val'ulv, victory, and Bara'Yrr who is called Karn. It is Karn that finds the spirits of battle-fallen ogres and leads them to Ugangi's war band in the next world.

Ugangi set out once again to find Rul and dispatched his wolves to run before him. They tracked and ran down Rul in the forest eventually cornering the great boar within a grotto walled with tall rock. Rul swung his head back and forth, brandishing his tusks against the enemy until Ugangi appeared. Spear in hand, Ugangi stepped within the ring of wolves. Upon seeing him Rul flew into a frenzy and charged Ugangi. This time Ugangi's spear bit flesh but Rul came forward anyway running up the shaft. Ugangi dropped the spear and took Rul by the tusks. Screaming in furry both boar and ogre fought against each other until at last Rul's strength gave out and he collapsed - his white hide red with blood. Ugangi roared in victory and set about butchering the hog. He made a massive fire there in the grotto and fed his wolves with the flesh of Rul and laughed as they snapped at each other and fought for the bones. He himself ate Rul's brain, heart, and liver and felt the frenzy grow within him. After that he sacrificed what remained of Rul to the fire and joined the wolves in their games and lost track of time. So was won the second victory and Ugangi earned for himself the name Frenzied-One.

Fury, Frenzy, and Flame

Suddenly the wolves grew timid and backed away from the fire deeper into the grotto. It was a dry autumn and the grotto had been full of dead leaves from the trees that arched over it. Ugangi saw now that the leaves had caught flame and the narrow grotto was filled with fire all the way to the opening. Above him the trees that still had leaves also burned from the upward heat of his cook fire. The world was now only heat and flame. The wolves howled, panic gripping them. Ugangi felt fear down in his gut but then a great heat appeared there and frenzy once again took hold of his heart and mind. He bellowed at the flames and charged hoping to find escape but the flames lept up taller and roared. Ugangi faltered and charged again and again was turned back by the flames. The flames were close and threatened to kill Ugang and his wolves but Ugangi slammed his fists and head against the stone and worked himself to a stone cracking, flaming fury. The god rose taller than he had ever stood before and bellowed one last time vociferated at the flames. The tongues faltered and retreated a step. Ugangi followed shouting down the flames where they sprang at him. Step by step the stamped out the roaring inferno until only a few scattered embers remained.

That is how Ugangi killed and consumed Rul, frenzy, and became the master of flame with his fury. His skills were still unrefined until Utezni taught him certain magical arts to allow him greater control of fire. Una concerned at seeing Ugagni's unstoppable rage developed chants and spells that could help bring him back from the berserk state.

Coming soon.

The Raven's Eye

Ucronos as with all young ogres often wandered. Sometimes he and Una would wander together, sometimes it was just him and his ravens. This time he was alone. Utezni had been gone for several days, and his absence made Ugaingi’s slights and loud jokes unbearable. Nor could he stand the way Una looked at Ugaingi and how she told him it was just a joke and to be merry as well. Ugaingi was always thus after a successful hunt, and his eyes narrowed in anger at the thought. Ucronos was far of sight and keen of hearing, and heard a great commotion up ahead. As silent as death, he crept up and witnessed something strange. He saw small green creatures speaking in a swift and biting tongue, and he saw taller paler creatures with sparkling eyes. They were unlike the animals in the valley, for they were aware, and spoke in different ways. However they were not spirits either. He watched as they fought bitterly, the tall ones seeming to try and flee with something. Neither side relented and soon all save 1 of the green ones had fallen. It appeared to be the leader, and wore a ragged strap over one shoulder. It went and retrieved a small object from one of the tall creatures, and as soon as its hand touched upon the object it turned to look in his direction. It screamed in rage and leapt with a strength and speed that did not match its size. Ucronos though was swifter still and with a precise slash of his knife the strange green creature fell, its blood pouring out upon the ground. He saw then keenly for the first time what the battle had been about. He saw a wooden orb, smooth and stained with blood. A single mark existed upon its center. Cautiously he touched it, and nothing happened. Then he gripped it in his hand, and again nothing happened. He would have abandoned it then, however, he heard new voices, and saw a large group of the pale creatures approach riding on the backs of animals he had not seen before. They shouted urgently and when they came upon the ruins of the battle they searched the bodies, both of their own kin and of the others. He heard one word that stood out in his mind Obellys. It felt like a word of power, and at the very least a word of great import. Ucronos quickly took cover and he soon realized that whatever the orb was, it was important to these tall pale ones. As soon as they were done searching the bodies, the large group pushed on ahead in presumably the same way the green ones had come from.

Ucronos then raced home, determined to learn the secrets of this Obellys. When he returned, he found that Utezni had returned as well, though now bearing a stone hand, and an understanding he had not had before. When Ucronos spoke of encountering the creatures, Utenzi nodded and warned the tribe of others as well. Though protected by the valley, the ways beyond the great mountains were not safe, and only those prepared for battle should ever go forth that way. He told Ucronos not worry about the orb, for it did not concern them. Ucronos then realized that Una was missing, and he immediately wanted to set out to find her, fearing for her safety. Utezni though held him back. “Our sister is not weak, nor a youngling to be corralled. Just as we go wandering so too does she, I feel to some greater purpose just as I have done. Ucronos, Look to the tribe, we must make preparations. As the lands fill with more of those you have seen, the godless will seek to return to our protected valley. I will not stand to give them sanctuary of any kind. “You are the fastest, go with your ravens, and your swiftest bulls, find where they are that we may prevent the battle from occurring right on our border. Though still filled with worry over her, Ucronos did as he was asked.

Many events too numerous to account in one story occurred, many of which you all know. You know of Una’s encounter with the great serpant, and tortoise, You know of Ucronos stealing the knowledge of the forge from the dwarves, you know of Ugaingi’s nine victories, you know of the great deeds of strength and courage performed by the 4. All of these occurred and the Obellys’ power remained untapped. Its secrets remained hidden in favor of war and dominance. Ucronos, was clever and knew that Utezni was holding knowledge back. He was certain utezni held the key to unlocking the power of the orb, but everytime he asked, he was turned away and told such things did not concern them.

This would change one night as Una was binding Ugaingi’s wounds. Ugaingi angered at the stinging of the open flesh, and the chiding words of his sister, lashed out at Ucronos. He berated him for his lack of injury, and his lack of courage, always coming in quickly from behind stealing the kill cleanly without much danger to his own skin. Ugaingi banged on his chest and loudly declared that only by show of blood could Ucronos ever impress him. Una tried to intervene between the two, chastising Ugaingi for his outburst, but ucronos had had enough. He stood before the fire and with his knife he deftly cut out his own eye and threw it into the fire. “ There Ugaingi is your show of blood, have you the courage to do it too” and he offered Ugaingi the knife. Una screamed in horror, and slapped Ucronos. “ What have you done?” she implored. But Ucronos would not stand down. As the blood trailed down his face, he stared at his brother, who for once had no words or teasing jokes. Ugaingi sat down and stared in surprise and discontent at his brother, but remained silent. Una convinced ucronos to finally sit down and she tended to his wound. Once the bleeding had ceased she grasped his shoulders and asked why he had done it “ Ugaingi’s flesh will heal, but your eye is gone forever” she cried “ ”it may be so, Ucronos said, but if Utezni can create a hand from stone, so too may I gain new sight.” Una merely shook her head, “you know what he will say.” Ucronos then placed the newly bloodied Obellys in her hand. “Take this to Utezni” he said, perhaps he will not deny you as he does me, perhaps he will look upon my show of faith and reward me. Am I not too deserving of wisdom?” Una looked at Ucronos sadly and despairingly, but she complied, for she could not bear to leave him thus. She went to find Utezni, who could often be found sleeping under a tree apart from the other 3.

She approached purposefully, and told him of what had occurred around the fire, and what Ucronos had asked of him and her. Utezni shook his head. “Una” he chided “such things are not for us, we must look to our own gifts and not worry about the powers of others” said Utezni definitively. But Utezni” una said, her words taking on a wizened tone, “is it not with the powers of others that Ucronos has given us great weapons? Is it not with these weapons that we beat back those who would besiege us? Is not Ugaingi’s spear feared above all, are not my twin blades used in defense of our people, are not Ucronos’ knives used to silence scouts and others who seek to take us by surprise. Is not your axe used to hammer our foes back? You know how Ugaingi makes jokes against him, you know how his pride is often hurt. Please Utezni, do not deny me this. If ever you have cared about me, if ever I have meant something to you, let me help him regain what he has so foolishly thrown away. Let me help him before we lose him to despair. Perhaps he will find he no longer need care about Ugaingi’s jokes and jibes.” Utezni sighed as he looked at the bloodied orb. She went to wipe the blood off of it, but Utezni stopped her.

He looked closely at the Obellys. He could sense a power held deep within it, but not available to him. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He saw powerful runes appear before him, He took a blade and carved them in. It took all his strength, as the wood was hard as stone. As he carved, Ucronos’ blood filled the grooves and stained them red. As he carved, he felt a humming as the power within the eye surged forth. He held it in his stone hand which began to glow hot as he held the thing of power. Once done he handed it back to Una in a cloth and told her to cool it in the stream. It burned warm in her hands through the cloth, and utezni cautioned her not to touch it, as it was bound to Ucronos now, and only he could now handle it. She took it to the stream and while still in the cloth, she set it in the water. It hissed as the heat encountered to cold wetness, and everything around her seemed to freeze and go silent. When she removed the eye, she found it was now cool, and careful to keep the clot between her and the orb she dared to look upon it. Ucronos’ hand print was marked in red upon its surface that would not rub away. The runes remained bright red despite the bath, and the mark upon the center stood out bright in the moonlight.

She returned to find Ugaingi sleeping by the fire, and ucronos waiting. She presented the Obellys to him, and watched as he smiling, grabbed hold of it, and placed it in his wounded socket. His head jolted slightly as his body adjusted to it, and he laughed as he realized he could see the fates of others. He looked at Una, and his face suddenly contorted, he then looked to Ugaingi and turned sober quickly averting his gaze. He then took the cloth she had carried it in, and covered the eye noting to a worried Una that he had given a great gift in return for his act, and left for his own bed. He clasped her hands as he left, and Una felt a shiver. Una just shook her head, and said a silent prayer that she had not made a grave mistake, while dark clouds started swirling above.

Even though the Obellys has resurfaced, do not fear my friends, Ucronos is not blind. For he is bound to the eye by blood. He can still see and sense the fates of ogres, and uses this artifact to achieve his own ends.

Ogre children born with mismatched eyes are claimed by Uchronos and often have fate-seeing powers. Those with black, white, or red eyes are particularly blessed by Uchronos.

The Betrayal of a Brother

Under the suddenly darkened skies, Ucronos found una screaming, clutching her clothes to herself. He touched her shoulders and saw with the Obellys’ eye what had occurred. Suddenly he was filled with fresh hate, and an anger that could not be born. He kissed her forehead and said softly as was his way, “ I’ll take care of this” and he ran so swiftly, even his ravens struggled to keep up. Una, coming to her senses, screamed “NO, don’t do it”, but it was too late. She got up and ran too, but knowing she could not beat Ucronos in speed, she sought to get Utezni. He was her only hope of stopping what was about to occur.

All too soon, she felt the piercing blade in her mind as if she herself had been stabbed. She also felt the spear as if it bisected her in two. She collapsed as she felt Ugangi’s rage consume all, and a terrible scream pour throughout the valley. It was a rage and wrath that made ucronos’ rage seem like that of a small childs. Ugaingi added his roar to the sounds of the valley and the noise was truly deafening. The words Traitor, betrayer, backstabber, rumbled and his world ending wrath caused the entire forest to explode into great flames. She felt the wind burst forth and fan the flames into a great frenzy. The wind and the flames bashed each other fighting for dominance. The noise reached a crescendo and she strained against the pain in her mind. She felt the heat and knew if she was to survive she must move quickly. She watched as the animals and spirits scattered and knew not which way to go. She called out to them, and they remembered her, and she led them to the great pool where the river gathered before it went out to sea. The flames burned so hot that there was little smoke. The spirits turned to her and said you must do something, or all will be lost. “What can I do” in the face of this. This is a power we have never seen, it is the end? She slumped in despair, but Suddenly, her will returned, and summoning every ounce of her strength she called forth great clouds heavy with rain. She bayed them surround the tribe and soak everything in a torrent so strong that the flames would be kept back. In so doing, even though the forest was lost, the tribe remained, enclosed by the great sheets of water. But with her strength utterly spent, Then she fell into a fevered dream.

When she awoke, it was as if she was still in a dream, though the spirits and animals had departed. She still felt the wind, though it was gentler now. It was pushing her, urging her to rise. She got up and followed it, too exhausted to protest. Her body was soon covered in ash, and the devastation was immense. She soon found herself in what appeared to be the center of the event, and the wind swirled around her as if in farewell, and then all was still. The charred remains of the trees had obviously been blown over before the fire had finished its work. Some of the embers remained hot, and flared up with the wind and her approach and then went cold. Something stood out to her from amongst the ash, all was covered in black except for this one pristine object. She reached for it, and as soon as she did she realized what it was. The obellys eye, once so familiar, the runes now seemed a bit crooked and jagged. The bright red of Ucronos’ blood remained, as did his hand print. Without thinking, she reached for it, and as soon as she touched it, she saw what took place. She saw Ucronos confront Ugaingi, she saw Ugaingi shove him down and say he would deal with it once he returned from the hunt. She saw Ucronos follow swiftly and silently. She saw the precise blow to Ugaingi’s back, and the retreat afterwards. She saw the instant regret, and in the same instant watched as Ugaingi’s spear passed straight through him leaving a terrible hole in its wake. She watched as Ugaingi’s body erupted into flames, and as ucronos seemed to fade and the wind pick up. She watched the fire spread as ugaingi now entirely flame continued to fight with the wind. She screamed in agony as more visions appeared each more horrible than the last. She watched their birth, and life all out of order and out of sink. She saw herself wither and dry out but not die. She heard voices yelling at her that it was all her fault, all was lost because of her. She beat her hands into the ground, and screamed unable to release the eye from her hand. She saw wrath and fantasy combine, and the chaos intensified. In desperation, She reached her hand into her water pouch and upon contact with the water, she was able to release the eye. She closed the pouch and sat rocking back and forth unable to move.

Utezni feared all was lost, the heat from the wind and fire would soon be upon the village. He was ordering everyone out and to flee, but soon the rain coated everything in water so thick that it would take days of straight sun to get anything dry. Water ran off the hair of his beard so fast that it left a little river in his wake. He feared the worst, but could do nothing until the storm passed, for the ground became so wet that it could no longer take solid form. Once the rain ceased, the wind passed, and the fire had nothing yet to consume, He looked out and surveyed the devastation. The tribe wailed and despaired. What could have happened, they cried. Where were Ucronos, Ugaingi and Una? Utezni quickly restored order and went himself to seek out what had happened. He felt the ground pounding in despair, he listened for any sign, and soon found Una. She was mumbling incoherently all he could discern was Ugaingi, Ucronos, death Ugaingi Ucronos deth. He carried her back, as she had no strength. He handed her over to her acolytes and prepared to go out again to seek his brothers. Though they thought her safely resting on a mat, had they seen the turmoil of her mind they would have feared more.

Utezni searched long, and when he returned he said nothing, when pressed he only asked after Una’s health. He went to see her and asked what happened. She remained silent. When he mentioned Ugaingi and Ucronos’ names she screamed and shook violentlyand the river grew wild. Her eyes were open, yet seemed unseeing. Storm clouds began looming on the horizon with lightning crackling. Utezni placed a rune of calmness on her forhead, and she collapsed. As she slept, the river quieted and the storm clouds cleared. Fearing that his brothers were gone, Utezni sought wisdom from the earth and from the spirits. He found amongst the ruin a single tree, blackened yet still alive. It was a young tree that had been shielded by other larger trees from the ruin. The spirit of the forest appeared to him from the tree as a young child weeping. He tried to comfort her, saying that they would grow the forest back, but this made the spirit cry harder. You can’t she cried, this is a cursed place now. Betrayal, violent death, deep magic beyond my understanding has worked in this place. There is no order left here, there can be no new life as long as so many remain lost. “What do you mean asked Utezni” The spirit wailed in response, “Can’t you feel it she cried, all the ones who were lost, can’t you hear their cries. They have no way to return. Order is gone.”

Saddened at the realization, Utezni cried “I will find a way, if my brothers did this, I will set things right.” The spirit looked up, “Utezni, wise as you are, even you cannot undue what has been done, at least not by yourself” there was a brief silence. “but perhaps I can help you. But know this Utezni, this will require my passing on. The forest shall never return, but life will continue, and order will be restored. We will use me, and create a way to return to the earth with this little tree. You must place runes of protection and binding on the tree, and I shall become one with the tree. “ The spirit then turned wistful, “I will miss walking amongst my friends and nurturing them from seeds into mighty trees, but I will be content if this one reminder remains.” She then disappeared. So it was that Utezni placed runes upon the tree and the spirit melded with it. It started slowly, but a calm fell over the place, and though there had been no noise, it felt as if a great cry had been silenced. Utezni returned to the tribe and found Una to be much improved. Unfortunately though rumors ran abundant. The tribe was heaving in the chaos, and two sides were quickly forming. Utezni knew he would need Una to help broker a peace as only she knew what happened. He went to her, and She seemed to see and recognize him. Though she appeared to have no memory of the recent events. Utezni thinking it would do her good, took her to the tree, but it did not go as he expected. She became increasingly agitated as they neared the place, and Utezni began to doubt his plans. All of the sudden she broke free of his protective grasp and ran to the tree. She screamed, you cannot trap them here, and tore a branch from the tree. As she reached for another, Utezni grabbed her and slapped her to the ground. Una sobbed and clutched the branch.

Una then looked at Utezni and told him of what ucronos had done, and what Ugaingi had done in return. She did not tell of what caused the confrontation, nor of finding the Obellys. Utezni comforted her, though his own heart was heavy. He tried to remove the branch from her hands, but each time The sky would darken, and she would shriek and shake so violently, that in the end he let her have it. He took her back to the tribe, and felt that the only way to help her improve was to ,no longer place the rune on her forehead. He simply bid her goodnight. Una pretended to sleep, and once she was alone she tried to command the water, but it would not listen to her. It did not take long for more rumors to start circling. The tribe remained on edge, and wanted someone to blame. Una could not bear hearing the noise, and shouts. Some against ucronos, and others against ugangi. It all became too much. Una had always been unpredictable, and her actions could sometimes catch Utezni off-guard despite his wisdom. Even though she was watched closely during the day, at night she was left alone. So it came one morning that Utezni was awoken by agitated voices. Una was nowhere to be found. They searched as much as they could, but she had vanished. No one knows everything that happened to Una, but roughly 1 year from the day she left, Una returned to the tribe. She had made the branch into a staff, and with it she could channel her abilities again. She was afraid Utezni would not welcome her back, but he greeted her with open arms. He did not sense the same madness in her but he did sense she was different, changed somehow. They worked to put the past behind them.

After the Betrayal

After Ugangi and Uchronos' deaths Una was wracked with grief. The goddess fled from the tribe leaving Utezni alone to reestablish order. For a whole year the ogres scratched a living from the ashen soil that had been the cradle of their race. Often ogres departed forsaking Utezni's leadership and the blessing of Uron, but many stayed because Utezni stayed. The Wandering God would not leave without his sister. All that year great storm of snow, bone shattering thunder, and tearing wind buffeted the valley and offered no comfort to the tribe.

No one knows where Una went during this year but the goddess eventually did return. One morning the sun shown clearly and she walked into the camp assisted by a wooden rod. Una had gone to the Utiek where the souls of her brother's rested and spoke to them. Afterward she took a token from the Soul Tree and imbued it with incredible magical power. Through her staff Una could channel her healing and elemental power but also make contact with the dead. Those brief communications with Ugangi were her only comfort. Utezni warned her that continued contact with the worlds beyond would pull her closer to them but Una did not care. Although she performed her duties as a shaman and healer, she became increasingly more withdrawn from the tribe often wandering the paths of streams and ocean shores alone.

Una's Lost Year

For a time, Una wandered alone. She felt ill from exhaustion and grief. Even the water provided her little solace, it almost seemed repelled from her. She felt Ugangi’s presence with her as if he was right there, but Ucronos felt far away. She sensed something was different about her, but she did not know what it was. She took a seat, closed her eyes, and concentrated inward. She sensed great turmoil, as if Water, Fire and Air were all competing over something; something small but with the potential for great power. She grew very afraid, and momentarily contemplated finding the necessary herbs and being done with it. But she resisted the urge and fell into an uneasy sleep. She would need to find somewhere to hide, as Utezni would surely come looking for her. She awoke quite hungry, and even though she was not the most skilled at the hunt, she managed to take a hare. The fire sparked to life much more easily than ever before, and she quickly cooked and ate her kill. Once she had regained a little strength, she buried the evidence, and found her way to a small island knowing even her acolytes would not find her across the water. The swim taxed what little energy she had built up, and she retched as soon as she reached the shore. Once somewhat recovered she rested under the warm sun, eventually she found the strength to hide on the other side, away from the search. Days and nights rolled together. She spent much of it in fevered dreams as the war raged on within herself. Slowly she began to recover, gradually the swirling inside of her ceased to be as strong. Whatever battle had been fought, the outcome had been decided, though she could not tell who/what had won. She pulled from deep within herself and found if she used the branch as a focus point she could at least hear news from the water. This is how she learned of the schism, and Utezni’s failed attempts at preventing it. She feared for him. He had been away often, and the tribe had lost their most charismatic leaders. But she pushed such thoughts from her mind. She could not return until this was over. She slept most of the time as wakefulness could bring emotional breakdowns. She would rest by the water, and as the days went on, she felt a warmness in her heart that had not been there before, and before when she had found much comfort from the moon, she found the sun now offered at least as much comfort to her. She fought against grief and anger, anger at her brothers, anger at her state, and anger at the tribe for splitting. In times of lucidity, she found that if she focused hard, she could learn of the movements of both tribes, but fine control eluded her and the effort would often lead to a breakdown. As the weeks went by, she began to grow concerned. She found enough on the island to sustain her, and though she was physically healed, her emotions continued to race wildly. She knew she would need to seek out others at some point as she did not want to remain alone, especially considering her continued state. She considered returning and confiding in Utezni, she knew he had been successful at pulling the tribe back from the brink. She longed to be with her only remaining brother. But she grew scared of the consequences, and feared that the control he had won would be reduced given her condition. She decided he and the tribe at large could never know. Her only other choice then was to find the other group, but could they be trusted? She did not know, there was danger, but at least there the consequences would be on her alone. She gathered what little she had, and prepared for the swim. Her body had recovered, but was changed, and the swim was awkward but doable. She climbed ashore only a little weakened, and she went forth. She knew she must be quick. Utezni would be listening for her, and she had to get far enough away that he would not send others after her. By listening to the water, she eventually found the group who called themselves the cronon. She took a deep breath and approached, making sure she had a path with which to flee. They looked startled at seeing her, and recognized her immediately. They looked back and forth at each other whispering about what was to be done. A wise female named Tesca declared that it mattered not. Ucronos’ love of Una had been apparent, and they looked on her state and took pity. They also held great hope that her arrival was a sign that their cause was just and they would have someone to rally around. She stayed with them until the time of the anniversary approached, and though her ability with the water remained strained, she taught them much of her healers knowledge. On the anniversary of the day, she startled awake. She felt the pains deep inside of her, and she relived every moment of the event. Others came to assist her. But the torrent of emotions, and turmoil inside of her built up in crescendos and then would ebb. The skies turned dark and a heavy rain began, augmented by a chilly wind. The only fire that would stay lit was the one in her tent, and it burned so hot that there was little smoke. She screamed in agony, and it was all the others could do to comfort her. This went on for many hours, then when she thought she could bear no more, she felt a tug and a pull on her very being. She grasped at it and tried to pull it back to herself, but it slipped away. Then it was over, and the fire suddenly died. She collapsed into a dark dream, and heard the sounds of crying and excited talk that grew faint as if it were moving away from her. She felt like she was falling, but she landed softly. She saw one of Ucronos’ ravens, the one he called Orr. He spoke to her with Ucronos’ voice. “Una, I could not come to you before now, not with Ugangi’s presence so close to you. I must be quick. Just know, I have made the claim, all will be well now. You need never think again on what Ugangi did. Leave the Obellys here. It will be safe, as none but those I call can handle it. Leave it as a gift, and a promise for those who have shown loyalty to me. She then heard the baying of wolves, with Karn’s familiar howl at the forefront. The raven looked at her once more And spoke. “I must go now, and you must get up this is not the time nor place for you to follow us. Yrr will guide you back. Go back to Utezni Una, he can help you. You need not fear anymore.” The first raven flew away, and a 2nd one arrived. It beckoned her silently, and she followed. As she moved, Una felt herself being lifted up. She lost sight of the raven, but started to hear the voices again. They were coming closer. She heard the word Marbanog being used, and felt cool compresses on her head, and the hands of those trying to aid her. She looked upon herself, and realized her dire predicament. She felt a pull, and then she awoke in her own body once more. Though exhausted and on the point of collapse, she told them what herbs they should get, and how to mix them. And though she was incredibly weakened, she survived. However, no longer did Ugangi’s presence feel close to her, and the fire though relit felt unnaturally cold. She felt incredibly alone, and wept anew at her loss. After only a couple of days, she felt strong enough to move. She felt lighter than before, and the water headed her command a little bit better. She avoided thinking about the source of this change though, and once she felt strong enough, she declared her intentions. The cronon were sad, and asked her not to leave, to stay and lead them and seek out Ucronos. His signs were already becoming clear. Una shook her head she asked to be alone for a little while. She took some water and stepped into the hut. When she returned, her face was resolute and the water pouch was empty. In one hand wrapped in a cloth was the Obellys. “I present this to you as requested by my brother. Know that only those he calls can touch it. Be careful lest it consume you as it almost did me. I must take my leave and seek out Utezni, but I leave this with you, as well as part of myself, my Marbanog. Take care, and remember my experiences, and know I will seek you out and reek my vengeance upon you should you ignore this task. Someday perhaps I will seek you out again, but for now I must go. The cronon provided her with rations for the journey, and she remained resolute, and only looked back at the hut one last time before taking her leave. This is where her story to me ended, and as is often the case she challenged me to seek the truth hidden within. I pondered on the meaning for quite a while, and it was only after realizing some of the parallels to my own experiences that I think I have stumbled upon what she would not say out loud. A great secret, held close throughout the centuries, at one point discovered and then lost again. Marbanog is Una’s child by Ugangi. And interestingly, he was the first shaman of Ucronos. Una left him with the Cronon in fear of Ugangi’s supporters rallying to Ugangi’s son rather than Utezni. The memories he brought up reminded her of her losses, and so she left him behind, an action she came to deeply regret. What the revelation of this secret means in conjunction with the finding of the Obellys remains to be seen.

Una's Ascension: Spoken by Sa'udmad Ghanima

Silence, The time is mine to speak of sacred things. I Ghanima, shaman of Una and keeper of her staff shall tell you of secrets revealed to me by Una. Una the dual natured. She is Water, she is both life and death, chaos and calm. She is full of love for her children, and full of vengeance for those who displease her, and her power is great. For she is the queen of storms, and water has no choice but to obey, and those she touches may also command but a small part. Hear now the story of Una’s ascension as no other has heard before. Oft she is described as but a puppet to her madness, but do not dare to forget her strength and power. She is the daughter of Uron, and drove fear and despair into many a foe’s heart. Una was preparing for the storms with Onna and the other healers. All knew to expect the storms on the anniversary of the acsension. Una’s face grew clouded as did the sky with the thought. She fought back, as the familiar pains returned, and though the sky remained dark, the clouds dissipated. Onna, who shared some of her father’s wisdom, came offered her mother comfort. Even now after so long, with 100 years of experience, the scars seemed just as fresh and ready to bleed anew. Una felt weary, for just the day before, she had tried to again reach between the planes, to reason with her brothers and mend the rift. The air was thick, and felt ripe with unnatural energy. A sign that meant her brothers were nearby, also drawn together by the event of their ascension. With little time for sentiment, Una snapped her head, and with renewed focus continued preparations. For the healers would need the necessary tools of their trade ready. There were many babes to care for, and the wounded. The tall pale enemy was becoming smarter and attacking the legs and feet, knowing it would slow them down. As she touched the water though she gasped and heard what it had to tell. A great force approached, larger than those yet encountered. Perhaps this had been the plan, to delay and weaken the tribe for a more thorough attack. the pounding in her head began, and a wild fury appeared in her eyes. She called for her staff and resolutely, set off into the thickened air with energy flooding her senses? Utezni was ahead with the scouts finding a more favorable place for the tribe for the coming storms. She knew there was danger expending too much of herself at this time, but she knew it was up to her to protect those in her charge As she stepped out the clouds billowed and coalesced overhead, the sky darkened and thunder clapped. She gave the command and sounded the alarm, and the tribe moved and obeyed. She climbed up the nearby precipice to oversee the encampment as the rain began to pour. She could sense the enemies in the rain, the water was eager to tell her all. And she reached deep and called forth the rain, and the thunder and the lightning. She struck the enemy where they stood and where they fled. She could feel herself slipping between the planes as she spent more of herself. Images and feelings were running through Una’s mind faster than time, she felt outside the bounds of yord. As though she could perceive all. She saw too Ugangi’s face washed in flames, accusing her, but also beckoning her to reconciliation. She felt Ucronos in the wind, cold and alone. She wanted to follow both of them, but they were in opposite directions. Both asking her why she had forgotten them. She felt the urge to just let go, but sensed her daughter’s great fear, and her attention turned back to the healer’s tent. Onna cowered back, a deep cut on her arm received from the weapon of the foe who approached. Then suddenly it seemed as though her mother appeared, and just as quickly disappeared with the enemy gone as well. Utezni felt the reverberations in the earth, and as he learned of the attack he also felt the rain on his head. As he neared the camp He encountered ogres fleeing his direction. He gave orders, and the tribe moved to obey. AS he pressed on towards the camp he saw wanton destruction the likes of which he had not seen for 100 years since his brothers ascended. He saw the charred remains of the tall pale creatures their bodies still smoking under the biting rain. He saw others crushed by trees or skewered upon their branches. And though some amongst the tribe had fallen, many more of the pale ones were dead than the tribe. The storm continued to rage, and the rain was bitter cold and stung like thousands of needles. The tribe was moving as quickly as they could, the injured even allowing themselves to be partially carried if only to move faster. He continued on, and as he neared the center he saw her atop a precipice. The runes on the staff glowed white like the lightning around them, as did her eyes, and it seemed her feet no longer touched the ground. In one hand she held the head of the enemy captain, his eyes still showing the shock of meeting his demise so quickly. And he called out to her Amidst the immense energy Una was processing, she felt Utezni, she looked at him, and could hear him pleading with her to come with him, though hearing is not the right word, but she knew his thoughts none the less. She felt his care for her, and their daughter, and it competed with the pull, the desire to let go and give up her mortal form for the freedom she felt now. Una pulled back and deep within herself but she was spent, and the storm was beyond her now. The very forces of nature were at war, out of balance, and seemed to laugh at her commands, where before they had been oh so willing to obey. She could sense as Utezni worked his way towards her, and truly none but one who could command the earth could have done so amidst the enslaught. He cried out that it would be okay, that they would persevere like they always did. He cried out to her to come back with him even as he saw two large familiar shadows on either side. But Una knew now there was but one way to end the storm. Una looked at him, and told Utezni that it yes, it would be ok, and Utezni was relieved to know she could yet be reasoned with, but in the next instant Una purposely fell backward into the storm. Utezni looked over the cliff for her, but saw nothing He sensed a change, and felt a great force grab hold of the storm and wrench it apart. In an instant the water ceased to pour, and all that remained was the devastation. And with that, Uron’s daughter was gone. Utezni searched for her the next day, but though he did not find her body, the water offered up to him her staff, and once he picked it up he had a vision of giving it to Onna when she came of age. With Una’s loss, An old faction also rears its head. This faction had waited silently watching all that befell the Urungnar, the children of Uron. They remembered the original compromise and felt the tragic events were due to them not killing the children and allowing Uron to be reborn whole. But when they were together the Urungnar were too powerful to attack. Now that only one remained, some mutterings were heard about the need to finish the job and also slay U-tezni and Onna so that they might again prosper. These are the drot’skum, they do not accept the 4 as gods, and hope to allow Uron himself to be reborn whole. To have lineage from the gods is to have a piece of their soul, and also a piece of Uron’s soul They are a despicable group, and their existence is a rejection of the very elements we are made from. Utezni lives 4 times longer than any other Ogre. He does not appear to grow old, only more wise. He is worshipped as the All-father, a god in his own right who protects and shields them from all others. During his rule, A piece of his soul is shorn off in the battle with D’zono the canible, who is his son Ulv first chosen of Ugangi who met his fate in the flames. And late in life Utezni returns from wandering with a daughter named Kra’nock whose mother was Kragga the thunder spirit. No one knows when or why Utezni died, but all of the sudden one day Utezni was there no longer, his body never found, there was no unnatural disaster, but a natural progression to godhood. For a god he is, the god of Earth. Thus is was that the gods no longer lived amoung them, but Certain Ogres were found to be “touched” or blessed, as Una has touched me. They have left us with their rules, and if obeyed their favor can be beseeched. And that is all she wishes to say, I can sense her prescence has wandered, and see the water has run out and stopped its flow. So hear the truths, and seek out their meaning and know I speak with her voice.

Variation: In some versions Una fell into a well. Also some tribes (including the Karanduawn) believe Onna to have been the daughter of Utezni and Una who was born some time after Una's absence and at least two years before Una's ascension. In some renditions Utezni gave Una her rod of power to comfort her in others Utezni found Una and directed her to the Utiek hoping that she would be able to make peace within herself there.

Utezni and the Cannibal

Many years after Utezni led his tribe from their homeland they came to a place of rocky hills and thick forests. It rained often but there was ample hunting lands and other resources. Needless to say, it was an easy decision for the tribe to remain there for a time to rest. Months passed without much incident. One evening, a thick fog settled on their wooded vale. The night passed in gloomy silence and come morning one of the tribe's hunters did not return. This in itself is not odd since ogres easily spend weeks in solitude. But when he remained missing in the coming weeks the tribe grew suspicious. Hunters were told to go in pairs just to be safe.

A month after, when the ogres had become lax again, two brothers, noted warriors each, vanished on another night cloaked in fog. Troubled, Utezni built a great fire and sought Ugangi's thoughts but the Fire-Brand had no answers for him. He then called for Orr and spoke to Uchronos. The Raven-Eye peered at Utezni. Eventually he crowed a grim warning, "There are teeth in the fog, Stone-Fist, and they seek to devour you." Utezni spent a day by the sea but Una would not come to him. Finally he walked the stony hills and read the earth. He could only sense an old presence, older than he was, watching from the hills.

Soon another fog smothered the ogres. Utezni ordered everyone to remain within the camps boundaries. He built a roaring fire and pounded the earth with his feet to drive away the mists. When roll had been taken Krollo announced that one young ogress, named Onna, was not among them. Utezni wasted no time, barely snatching up his sword and strapped on his shield before tearing off into the bush.

The unnatural fog was thick, impenetrable but Utezni trusted his feet to carry him to his unseen enemy. The paths led up, over, and through the stoney hills until halting beneath a great dome of rock that overlooked a round lake with still waters - like glass - though Utezni could not see more than ten feet across its glossy-black surface. Atop the dome a dim blue light glowed. As he approached Utezni saw that it was a fire burning eerily beside a stone alter. Atop the alter was little Onna.

Utezni searched the mists for the enemy but found none. Only when he stepped near the alter did the sorceress reveal herself. She was an ogress, lovely to look at with long hair like hammered gold and eyes of emerald. Her voice was the sound a ruby would make if it talked. Utezni knew that as she spoke he was being bewitched but he fell all the same. A darkness enveloped him where in she was the only light. He no longer held his weapons but found that he was laying beneath her. She kissed him fiercely and Utezni lost the will to struggle. Suddenly her hands were inside him, tearing away his soul - but Utezni was stronger than the others by far. The god unmasked himself to her. He lifted his stone fist and broke her honey smile with a deafening blow.

The witch screeched and retreated, with her too went the shadow and fog. Her form had changed, now she stood a yellowed crone with eyes of onyx and a gaping, toothless mouth yet still lithe and strong. "Who is this that has the strength to challenge me, D'Zono sculpted by U'ron himself, master of fog and shadow?" Utezni squared himself to the witch and replied in a voice of the mountains, "Stone-Fist son of U'ron, and you Cannibal will know me." Utezni thrust out his fist and spread his stone fingers. As he did so the dome of rock opened beneath D'Zono's feet and she fell within. She screeched as Utezni spoke again, "I banish you to shadow and curse you to ever hunger." With a clap of his massive hands Utezni sealed shut the dome. He then drew a ring of powerful spells around the rock to trap the witch therein forever. If you return to the spot on a foggy night might be you'll hear old D'Zono screaming within and see the rune spells flare in fiery light - Utezni halting her reach for you.

When Utezni fetched Onna he found her clutching an ogre babe in her arms. The shard of Utezni's soul D'Zono had torn free had struck the earth and formed Utezni's son, who he called Ulv. Ulv would grow fierce and strong in the manner of Ugangi but would be plagued by darkness - a result of D'Zono's role in his birth. Onna would herself become wise beyond her years and take up Una's Staff as tribe healer and marry Ulv.

After Utezni's victory over D'Zono he made it known that any ogre who ate of another ogre's flesh would be cursed. Their soul doomed to wander the worlds until D'Zono finally found them and consumed them.

Variation: Some tribes believe Onna to be the daughter of Utezni and Una explaining his haste to search for her.

Note: D'zono is now banished and has no power on our plane. She is basically an impotent buggy man for ogre parents to use to keep their children in line. She is not a god, never was. She was just a notable garad who rejected her maker. She has no ability to affect the lives of living ogres. She is incapable of giving blessings even to those who might find her intriguing. And woe be it to anyone who does. She is not our "devil" figure. We have no such thing. The only thing you need consider my friends is that Utezni defeated her on his own, in his mortal form. There are now 4 immortal gods who watch over us. She literally has no power over us, and this is her true punishment for that is what she sought above all.

The War Against the Droskom

Coming Soon...

Kragga the Thunderer

Utezni led his tribe for many years but grew more and more distant. He would spend hours alone staring into the distance or sitting in silence during feasts and festivals. Utezni only stirred when called on to dispense wisdom or to lead the troop on the war trail. But even these duties began to fall to others. Ulv took control of the warband and often led them away to raid and hunt. Onna became the tribes consular since she too was wise. Utezni began to wander again. At first only short distances but his walks began to lengthen rapidly.

One evening Utezni snatched up his gear and disappeared. For a year he wandered over the hills and mountains sitting and listening to the winds off the glaciers and the songs of water bouncing off stone. During this time Ulv and Onna were made co-leaders of the tribe and the led their people deftly with wisdom and courage.

Utezni found his way into a narrow mountain valley. He stopped for the evening at the foot of a high hill. As the sun set he saw the clouds were growing thick and heavy with rain and the wind began to howl. As darkness took hold Utezni watched the blackness intently. Miles away across the lake, at the top of a grand mountain stings of lightning began to tangle around the peak. Utezni watched the lightning strike the ground and felt the thunder quake the earth for hours. Finally he grew angry of such a disruption. He set off through the night covering many miles and swimming the lake before climbing the grand peak before morning.

It was a dull morning stained gray black by the thick clouds. At the peak there was a small flat place and a tall jut of rock. Alighted at the top was a strange serpent with the feathers of a bird and two strong front limbs. As it snapped its tail long spears of lightning would spring from the brightly colored plumage. Utezni bellowed, 'Cease your clattering at once, you odd looking bird.' At that the serpent turned and accused Utezni of interrupting her clattering stating, 'for I am Kragga the Thunderer and no earthly being can command me.' Utezni laughed and the mountain shook, 'I am Utezni son of Uron, the Stone-Fist, the wise, and Far-Wanderer and lord of Yord and you will head my call.' Kragga denied Utezni and lashed at him with her tail striking him with lightning. Utezni caught the spear in his stone hand and felt the blow pass through him and into the stone beneath his feet. Utezni recovered and stomped his foot onto the stone which shattered like brittle pottery. So began the magical struggle between Utezni and Kragga. For Three days they fought each other neither one getting the upper hand. When the last spear of lightning flew into the sky the mountain top had been reduced by a thousand feet.

Kragga admitted that Utezni was skilled but since he was of the earth he would never overcome her since she was of the sky. Utezni admitted Kragga was skilled but reminded her that rain and wind takes thousands of years to move the stone, however, 'perhaps you enjoy my company so much that that doesn't sound too bad to you.' Kragga snapped her jaws which seemed to be like laughter. 'The stone may last thousands of years but the mortal body is a different matter.' She snapped forward jaws open aiming for Utezni's throat. Utezni unslung his long hafted axe and delivered a well timed over head blow forced Kragga to turn aside. For another three days they fought hand to jaw, tooth to claw, until they both collapsed upon the ground bleeding from several wounds. The grand peak had subsided another thousand feet.

Utezni noted that Kragga was a gifted warrior but perhaps not as gifted as his brothers had been. Kragga said that she would have no doubt failed against such skill if it was true they were greater than him. Utezni replied, 'Yes my brothers were more skilled with steel than I but my value was not in my arm bur rather in my head. None that dwell in the plane of Yord is more wise than me.' Kragga shook her blood soaked yet still iridescent feathers and doubted Utezni yet again. So began another three day struggle. Utezni and Kragga fought with their words testing each other's knowledge of the mysteries of the three planes.

Finally at sunrise of the ninth day of combat Utezni asked Kragga, 'Tell me, what is best in mortal life?' Kragga snapped her jaws with laughter once again, 'Easy. Freedom is what is best in life.' Utezni was silent for a time, his chin upon his chest. Kragga tilted her head, confused. Then she saw the smile hidden in Utezni's beard. 'Why do you smile?' she asked for not once in all these days did Utezni smile. Utezni began to laugh. At first it was choked and constrained barely audible. Utezni's laughter grew into a cacophony of sounds bouncing off the rubble around them shaking the earth and tearing stone. Kragga was afraid but did not flee. She waited.

At last Utezni's laughter faded and the earth stood still. Again the peak fell another thousand feet. 'You are wrong,' the god said, 'so very wrong.' Kragga flinched her feathers raised in anger, 'How am I wrong? No doubt you enjoy your freedom foremost over all things.' Utezni shook his head, a slight movement hardly perceptible. 'No. What is best in life is to stand victorious over your enemy.' Kragga's eyes grew wide for she knew that she was beaten. After all she had just spent nine days in combat trying to win this victory. And now she was defeated.

Kragga began to hum a strange music and before Utezni's eyes she transformed into a lovely ogress. She was strong and appealing, with eyes like Utezni's - deep with memory but bright, the color of illuminated night. Utezni knew at once that he desired her and they mated. For nearly two years they stayed together on that mountain until Kragga gave birth to a daughter who they named Kra'nok, 'thunder-warrior'. Sometime after that Kragga abandoned Utezni returning to the sky in her serpent form. Utezni raised Kra'nok in the wilderness until she reached maturity. Together they tracked down Ulv and Onna. Utezni had been away for over twenty years and many had assumed he had ascended into the earth and were shocked he still lived. Ulv and Onna wondered if he would retake control of the tribe but Utezni showed no interest. He gave them both one of his knuckle bones so that they would be able to call on him at any time. Utezni became some what of a sage then, an enigma. Gone for years at a time only to suddenly return in the night to sit beside his children and speak to those gathered. Ulv and Onna were mated and continued to lead the tribe while Kra'nok, also gifted with a K'nutar, began to wander like her father. Sometimes she would go with Utezni but more often she preferred solitude. In some ways Kra'nok was Utezni's favored child. Undoubtedly she was the most alike Utezni and enjoyed the most time with him. Utezni would eventually stop visiting the tribe and many began to think he had ascended at last. From now on ogres would look to these children and to themselves for leadership as the gods took their seats governing Yord.

Utezni's Twilight

Utezni raised Kra'nok in the wilderness until she reached maturity. Together they tracked down Ulv and Onna. Utezni had been away for over twenty years and many had assumed he had ascended into the earth and were shocked he still lived. Ulv and Onna wondered if he would retake control of the tribe but Utezni showed no interest. He gave them both one of his knuckle bones so that they would be able to call on him at any time. Utezni became some what of a sage then, an enigma. Gone for years at a time only to suddenly return in the night to sit beside his children and speak to those gathered. Ulv and Onna were mated and continued to lead the tribe while Kra'nok, also gifted with a K'nutar, began to wander like her father. Sometimes she would go with Utezni but more often she preferred solitude. In some ways Kra'nok was Utezni's favored child. Undoubtedly she was the most alike Utezni and enjoyed the most time with him. Utezni would eventually stop visiting the tribe and many began to think he had ascended at last. From now on ogres would look to these children and to themselves for leadership as the gods took their seats governing Yord.

Following Ulv and Onna's assumption of Utezni's role as chieftain Utezni became a semi-legendary shaman for the ogres keeping to himself in the wilderness. By now grandchildren who had never met him were reaching maturity. These ogres would have been doubtful of the stories they had heard as all young ones are hesitant of such things. Only rarely would Utezni quietly take a seat beside Ulv at the fire during a feast. Or some scout would catch sight of him ahead of the tribe as it moved watching over them. Utezni did not leave his children entirely. He gifted Kra'nok, Ulv, and Onna each with one of his magical knuckle bones. These allowed them each to communicate with him at moments of need, or when they required great wisdom. Utezni also often met with Kra'nok in the wilderness since she, like him, often spent time alone wandering.

Those knuckle bones remained in their possession until Ulv was captured and his war party defeated. He was burned alive and his knuckle bone disappeared. Utezni was strangely inactive during this time. Instead, Kra'nok and Onna, who did not often see eye to eye, allied themselves and their powers to avenge Ulv's death.

Utezni still lived, however. His continued absence added to his legend until he slipped largely into myth. Every couple generations a great warrior or wise chieftain would claim they met Utezni while hunting or walking a long forgotten trail. They would brandish a K'nutar as evidence. Without fail their lives would be long and successful, full of victory. After their death the K'nutar would be passed down to a deserving child, or mysteriously disappear in the night.

The last remembered hero to know Utezni was the fabled U'vatok'na, the greatest chieftain who ever lived who some call King of the Ogres. In his youth Utezni visited him and set him on the path to greatness with a K'nutar kept in a leather bag at his neck. When exactly was this? Shaman argue the exact number of years that had passed since Uron's death to U'vatok'na's encounter. A conservative estimate ages Utezni one thousand years at that time. After this he fades away.

What ultimately became of Utezni is unknown. Some Shaman claim that he ascended in a great earth quake felt around the world. Yet others think he quietly merged with Yord around the time of U'vatok'na's death. A few others suggest that he never ascended, held firm to mortal life by his love for the wild things of the world. It is equally possible that Utezni found a way to maintain a mortal vestige while still embracing his place among his siblings ruling Yord as a god. I do not know what to tell you. I will mention that there are still reports of an ancient ogre found on abandoned trails telling unknown tales of impossible deeds or dispensing wisdom to any who would listen before suddenly disappearing between trees... perhaps behind a boulder.

Children of the Four

Here are the known and suspected descendants of the Four.

Utezni had three children, Kra'nok and Ulv who would go on to have their own. Generation after generation, Utezni's blood beget terrifying warriors and mystic shaman, all great chieftains of their people.

Note: The following is written in the Karanduawn belief that Onna was the daughter of Utezni and Una.


Una/Utezni: Onna

Onna is the first shaman of Una, and inherits her mother’s staff upon maturation. She looks like her mother, and has many of her mothers abilities, but does not have the instability. She is 6 when Una ascends, and approximately 8 when Ulv is created. She has some of her Father’s wisdom, and a deep dedication to the tribe, and while not overly charismatic in her later life, she is a calm and capable leader. In her youth, she distances herself from her mother for a while due to resentment and fear of following in her path. Utezni helps guide her to see how she does have much of her mother, but she is unique and their fates are not the same. Once she makes peace with herself she is able to fully wield the staff and becomes quite powerful. She is very skilled at short branch and wrote much knowledge down that has since been lost. Always close to her half brother, she becomes Mates with Ulv, and their relationship is somewhat a vision of what might have been with Una and Ugangi. She and Ulv have twin daughters. Due to the nature of bearing twins, she becomes much more homebound after their birth and does not desire to wander and adventure much anymore. Her name means dark waters.


Utezni alone: Ulv

Ulv is the first shaman of Ugangi and is created when a peace of Utezni’s soul is shorn off by Dzono during her attack. Onna reaches out and catches the peace of soul, and an infant ogre appears in her arms. Ulv is a firebrand, and is made of the most warlike aspects of Utezni’s personality. Utezni is far less likely to lead battle himself after Ulv’s birth. Ulv is incredibly stubborn and independent, and takes much of his father’s patience to raise. He is very close to Onna though and will listen to her above others. For a while they adventure together and wander as most young ogres do. Their father gives them each a Knu’tar so that they may always contact him if they need. They become mates upon reaching adulthood, and Utezni leaves the tribe in their combined care for long stretches of time. He is burned alive by human priests but claimed by Ugangi for his war band in the afterlife. Onna and Kra’nock come together to avenge him. Ulv means 'great-wolf'.


Utezni and Kragga: Kra’nock

Kra’nock is unique in that she is part elemental spirit. Her mother is Kragga the thunderer, and she is effectivly the first shaman of Utezni as she is very similar to her father in elemental affinity and personality. She is extremely charismatic. Onna is about 90 when she is born and Ulv is nearer 80. She spends much of her youth wandering with her father while Onna and Ulv manage the tribe. She is also given a Knu’tar. After Ulv’s death she returns to her sister and they co-lead the tribe into avenging his death. Her nieces admire her greatly. Her methods of leadership clash with Onna’s, and they decide to part ways, but on good terms as sisters. Onna continues to lead the larger tribe which maintains a smaller radius of territory while Kra’nock leads a smaller group who roam farther. At certain times the tribes meet in their wanderings and typically a great celebration is had. Kra’nock eventually finds a mate and has at least one child. Her name means 'thunder-chieftess'


Una/Ugangi: Marbanog

He is the first shaman of Ucronos, wielder of the Obellys, raised amoungst the cronon. He is roughly 100 years old before his half sister Onna is born. What if any interaction he has with his sibling/cousins directly is unknown. It is likely though that his descendants were cronon and would have warred with the descendants of the main line. What reconciliation with his mother there ever was is also unknown. As far as I know Una never saw him again in life, but probably would have sought him out after her ascension. It is likely that he considers Ucronos as his father rather than Ugangi. The drotskum did not know about him and so it is unlikely his descendants were hunted as the main line descendents would have been. His name means mothers death blow in reference to her near death with his birth, and her great sorrow.

U'Vatok'na the Great

U’vatok'na: the greatest chief of ogres sometimes called king, descendant of Kra’nock and Onna/Ulv. As such he is also a descendent of both Una and Utezni. He is earth aligned and led the largest tribe of ogres known since Utezni and Una. He was blessed with some knu’tar from Utezni and blessings from the other gods as well.

Olvna and Naonda

Twin daughters of Onna/ Ulv. Olvna is the oldest by mere minutes and is fire aligned. She inherits her mother’s knu’tar. Naonda is water aligned, and inherits the Utiek staff

Female Descendants of Onna and Ulv

So far Only female descendants of Una have wielded the Utiek staff. It is theoretically possible for a male child of her lineage to as well, but traditionally shaman of Una have been her female descendants. It goes without saying that the child must be water aligned as well. It is entirely possible to have lineage from Una but have a different elemental affinity. In that case, the staff would not work, and might even harm one such as this who tried to claim it. My personal lore reflects that, and as the current bearer of the staff I claim distant lineage from her.

Onna and Ulv had twin daughters who each mothered a different line. To one line she bequeathed the staff, and to another she bequeathed the K'nutar gifted to her by her father. Ulv’s knutar was lost upon his death. As descendants of a powerful Una shaman and Ugangi shaman, they are likely water or fire aligned, and might also be more prone towards Shamanhood/ warriorhood. Una in particular has a soft spot for her descendants, and such affection can manifest in interesting ways. Even her non water aligned descendants may experience unanticipated blessings.

Descendants from Kra'nock

The descendants of kra’nock, Utezni’s youngest child and the one most like him, often become chieftains. Those of the storm bringer clan hail from her lineage, and even though they may not have a water affinity there are rumors that they can affect the weather. How exactly this works with Una’s dominion over weather is unknown, but could be seen as a sign of blessing and approval of the descendants of her brother’s daughter. Even though Onna and Kranock did not see eye to eye when leading the tribe after Ulv’s death, they parted on good terms as sisters. Kra’nock also had one of the Knutar and it was passed down her line.

Modern Descendants

Stormbringer clan—are distant descendants of Kra’nock and Olvna Shaman Ghanima—distant descendant of Naonda current wielder of the Utiek staff

The Garad and other Heroes

The Garad, as aforementioned, were the first generation of ogres sculpted by U'ron himself and were the most powerful of ogre kind - except for the Urungnar themsevles.

The garad are the first ogres, and are any ogres born with souls created by Uron himself rather than the mixing that happens now. The Urungnar in this respect are technically the last garad, but also not truly garad as they were parts of Uron’s soul, not specifically made separately. Most of the garad have been lost to history, but we do remember some. None of them are worshipped or even beatified. They were particularly great or notable souls.

D'Zono: one of the oldest Garad, mistress of Shadow and Fog, the Cannibal. She is also technically the first godless as she rejected Uron as god. She was sealed away under a spell bound dome of rock by Utezni. She perpetually hungers for the flesh and souls of ogres and in this way is considered a demon by ogre kind. That being said, she is not a god, and since her defeat, has no real power. She is impotent, a punishment, and her fate represents the fates of those who commit the great sins. She cannot be worshipped as she has nothing to offer. If ever in doubt, remember ogres have no “devil” amd there are only 4 who ogres may worship.

Gli'mok: (earth shaker) one of the early Garad, contemporary of D’zono and one of Uron's favorites, gifted with mighty strength and grappling skill. Was tested, and contended with the great serpant, and lost.

Krollo: saved the Urugnar from being destroyed as infants, a fatherly mentor to the gods in their early life, considered a patron of parents.

Hyr'u'tok: (shaker of fire) godless challenger of Ugangi (more coming soon)

Tesca: (The wise one): Cronon ogress who advocated harboring Una in her late pregnancy. Most likely the adoptive mother of Marbanog

Yi'or: one of the Garad who could run as fast as Cromund the stag spirit.

The Story of D'Zono

D'Zono was created by Uron and was among one of his earliest experiments. Uron gifted her with great magical power and an equal elemental affiliation between wind and water. Her favorite trick was manipulating mists for Uron. D'Zono was unhappy however, she did not like the sheltered valley surrounded by ice. She would ask Uron what was beyond. Uron would always tell her that one day she would see. Eventually Uron created other ogres that kept his attention while D'Zono experimented with her skills. She eventually learned to consume the souls of animals which made her stronger yet. Soon animals would avoid her and she began to stay in dark water caves in the icy walls. D'Zono began to despise Uron for keeping her trapped there in the valley. She soon hatched a plan.

Using her skills with mist she cloaked the whole valley in it but that alone would not insure her escape since Uron could peer through clouds and leaves. A technique she had learned amongst the dark caves was to become as a shadow and fly from shadow to shadow. In that way she climbed up the cracks in the ice, over the ledge, and beyond into the wilderness. Uron looked for her but she was crafty in her arts and was not found.

After Uron was slain she was forgotten. D'Zono eventually came to the sea and saw Hafgufa in the waters there and followed him through the dark waters to the gateway to Myrk. There she glimpsed the terrible deep and was filled with terror. Thanks to her power she was not immediately driven mad by the sight but she was irreparably changed. Once beautiful she was now a hunched, sunken figure with tallow-like skin.

The ogres soon began to spread across the earth and stumbled upon D'Zono. She would isolate them using mists and shadow trickery before killing them and consuming their flesh and souls. She grew even more powerful now with the souls of ogres as her diet. When Utezni came near she could sense his power and skill. D'Zono also desired his power and knew she would only achieve it if she defeated Utezni. But she was too weak to do that just yet. Among the ogres was another very strong ogress named Onna, who was Utezni and Una's daughter.

The story concludes in the a fore written story, "Utezni and the Cannibal".

Gli'mok the Body-Shaker

The first of the Garad were no better than golems, slow hulking creatures of smoothed stone with dull eyes and little motion. U'ron quickly grew dissatisfied with those early Garad and re-crafted them into more sophisticated creations. In time ogres as we know them today began to take shape: powerful, horned, and brutally strong. Uron was increasingly more satisfied with these creations and began to test them to see if they were truly ready to reveal to Melashekhaad who would no doubt admit that his ogres were best of all.

Uron had is favorites: dark and brooding D'Zono who was skilled in magics, Krollo who was kind and wise, Yi'or who could run easily beside Cromund. It must be said that his favorite above all was Gli'mok the Body-Shaker. Gli'mok was now the tallest of ogres but he was the sturdiest; stout, muscled, and bald. Gli'mok was skilled in war and rivaled all the other warriors of the tribe in all sports but he was most skilled at wrestling. Gli'mok and the other bulls clashed constantly establishing their strength over one another. The goal of the wrestling game was to get a hold of your opponent, lift them, and throw them bodily to the ground. The first ogre whose shoulders found dirt would lose. There was no entangling or sprawling on the ground either, only a clean drop, trip, or toss was counted. If both ogres fell to a knee or otherwise were tripped they would be reset for another bout. Gli'mok was never defeated in this game and soon became recognized as the greatest ogre warrior to that time (ultimately dethroned by Ugangi God of Fire).

Eventually, Uron decided to test Gli'mok once again but not against his fellow ogres. A great storm came to Ginnung - that sacred valley. For many days it rained swelling lakes, flooding the plains, and turning land far and wide into marshlands. Together the Garad became to move from the lowlands near the river to the high hills and bluffs. They came to a wide marsh but could see the hills just beyond. The water was high still, up to most ogres' waists but on Gli'mok closer to his chest. When the Garad were nearing the edge of the marsh the water began to churn. A Garad was pulled beneath the dark water beside Gli'mok but the Body Shaker was able to grab the ogre's hand as he fell and so went down into the murk with him.

Heartbeats later the Garad burst from the waters surface and the ogre's retreated to the hillside. Beneath them Gli'mok was still not to be seen. The dark waters began to churn more violently and foam against the grasses and tree trunks. Minutes seemed to be hours before Gli'mok's head finally broke the water's surface. The ogre gulped in air and fought against a long coil wrapped around his chest, neck, and arms. The Garad named the beast Rilgnul which means 'tangler'. Rilgnul was a serpent of immense size the color of swamp peat. Rilgnul had Gli'mok entangled and constricted trying to shatter his bones and bit at him sending venom steaming into his flesh. Some of that venom fell into the water hissing and boiling, sending up wisps of acrid smoke. But Gli'mok fought on despite the poison that was quickly killing him.

Gli'mok would surely parish but the great warrior would not be going alone. Gli'mok flexed his muscles causing Rilgnul's grip to slacken. The hair width slack was enough for Gli'mok to pull free on of his arms. Gli'mok snatched Rilgnul's head with his free hand and pulled it free from his flesh, the serpent's fangs digging out deep trenches in his flesh. With a mighty heave Gli'mok pulled Rilgnul's head to his other arm, still entangled in the serpent's body. Gli'mok bellowed and crushed Rilgnul's head between his hands spilling blood, brains, and bone into the marsh. The serpent's body began to whip violently and in the chaotic movements pulled Gli'mok beneath the waves. Gli'mok went gladly proud to die in battle against such a foe. The Garad never recovered Gli'mok's body.

To this day the sport of Body Wrestling is called Glim in honor of strong Gli'mok the Body-Shaker.

The Three Schisms

Ogres who do not follow the Four

These are essentially alternative religions an ogre in the sport could claim for RP purposes, or because they want more freedom to do their own thing. This post is written partly in Ghanima the ogre’s voice, and as a shaman she has no desire for these paths to be persued. The fact remains though these are in the lore specifically to preserve what Beergaurd did, while also not ending up with a bunch of different ogre races. Just as all goblins are goblins with tribal varients, all ogres are ogres but some may not adhere to the basic lore/religion.

My friends, I mention these here for completeness, and as a warning, lest you find yourselves tempted to deny the gods their due. As your shaman of Una I fear for your very souls, and would not hesitate to kill you. Be mindful my friends, the gods do not share their power nor their spoils with lesser gods, only ogres may receive their blessings, as they are the rulers of Yord and we are the chosen inheritors.

The Godless

This Schism occurred at the time of Uron's death. Remember the garad do not know why Uron died, only that he did. It is only once Utezni gains his wisdom that he learns of what befell his father. I think about 1/3 of the garad broke away at this schism. They reject not only Uron as god, but also as their creator. They have decided that Uron was merely a spirit who was trying to hold them back. They also do not recognize the 4 urungnar as gods either. ( They are essentially agnostic)They worship none, and as such reject the very forces that created them. Dzono could be considered the first godless. They may follow other minor deities/demon out there, but cannot claim to both follow one of the 4 and something else. The 4 urungnar suffer no challengers, and do not share spoils or power. Anyone who is an ogre and claims to follow/worship something other than the 4 would automatically end up in this schism.

For the faithful, A godless is not to be suffered, and must be killed on sight. They make good offerings to the gods, and Una especially delights in their death. No one knows if any remain, the urungnar diminished them severely, to the brink of eradication during their mortal lives. I myself have never met one, but I hear heretical whispers everynow and then. As the shaman of Una I do not wish to ever meet onel, but I will do as my goddess commands and cleanse the earth of their presence. They are less than animals to me, for even animals know from whence they came. Their fate after death, if their souls have any strength at all, is to wander forever alone. Even Ucronos has his ravens, but they are but wisps in the wind to be buffeted around aimlessly forever.

The Cronon

This Schism occurred at the time of Uron's death. Remember the garad do not know why Uron died, only that he did. It is only once Utezni gains his wisdom that he learns of what befell his father. I think about 1/3 of the garad broke away at this schism. They reject not only Uron as god, but also as their creator. They have decided that Uron was merely a spirit who was trying to hold them back. They also do not recognize the 4 urungnar as gods either. ( They are essentially agnostic)They worship none, and as such reject the very forces that created them. Dzono could be considered the first godless. They may follow other minor deities/demon out there, but cannot claim to both follow one of the 4 and something else. The 4 urungnar suffer no challengers, and do not share spoils or power. Anyone who is an ogre and claims to follow/worship something other than the 4 would automatically end up in this schism.

For the faithful, A godless is not to be suffered, and must be killed on sight. They make good offerings to the gods, and Una especially delights in their death. No one knows if any remain, the urungnar diminished them severely, to the brink of eradication during their mortal lives. I myself have never met one, but I hear heretical whispers everynow and then. As the shaman of Una I do not wish to ever meet onel, but I will do as my goddess commands and cleanse the earth of their presence. They are less than animals to me, for even animals know from whence they came. Their fate after death, if their souls have any strength at all, is to wander forever alone. Even Ucronos has his ravens, but they are but wisps in the wind to be buffeted around aimlessly forever.

The Drotskum

This Schism is nearly as old as the godless, but remained hidden and silent until Una's ascension. They reject the 4 as gods, and believe that a mistake was made when they were not killed. They erroneously believe that if they can kill every ogre with part of Uron's soul they would enable him to be reborn whole. They think they betrayed their god in allowing the 4 to usurp his place, and aim to make it right. Any mortal descendent of the gods would need to be killed as they all would have a sliver of Uron’s soul.

Although they technically worship Uron, they are revering an effigy and a dead god. They reject his final gifts, and as such are really rejecting him. They too are less than animals to me. I pity them in their stupidity and lack of understanding, but remain firm in my belief that the signs of the gods are real. They have little excuse to continue their idiocy. Uron died, the 4 did not and ascended to rule in his stead..

No one knows how many, if any remain. The descendants of Utezni fought long against them, and persevered as ogres today can trace their lineages back. Their fate after death would be the same as that of the godless. Una despises them for their rejection, and the hunting of her children. Ugangi and Utezni care for them not, and Ucronos knows there is no point in leading their souls anywhere.

Many Tribes

This section is devoted to the records of the many tribes of the ogres, or those that are remembered. Some of these tribes are extinct, broken by war or ogre stubbornness. Yet still some tribes remain both strong or in fragments. These are their stories.

For a list of all known tribes see the Ogre page.

Blood Hills Tribe

See Blood Hills Tribe.

Karanduawn Tribe

See Karanduawn page.

Dictionary of Gods, Heroes, Spirits

A list of primary characters in the tales of the Urungnar and Garad including animal servants and legendary locations. Most entries also include a meaning of the name in the partially lost Stone Tongue of the ogres.

Banog'Yrr: meaning 'death-blow' or 'defeat' is a wolf spirit of war that is black as shadow with fur matted with blood and eyes of burning coals, first great child of Gor, whose tongue was torn out by Ugangi so that defeat would never howl for him.

D'Zono: one of the oldest Garad, mistress of Shadow and Fog, the Cannibal. Sealed away under a spell bound dome of rock by Utezni she still hungers for the flesh and souls of ogres. Considered a demon by ogre kind.

Forest Spirit Her name is unknown, and her existence would be unremarkable if not for Ucronos and Ugangi’s ascension. Due to the unnatural nature of their departure the natural order was broken. Utezni with the sacrifice of the forest spirit created the Utiek to restore the balance and allow the souls and spirits to return to the Uond and reform. In this way she is the only spirit to have never been reborn, as spirits in general cannot die.

Garad: meaning 'first/old-ones', a term referring to the first ogres sculpted by U'ron's hand.

Gli'mok: one of the Garad and Uron's favorite, gifted with mighty strength and grappling skill, name means 'earth-shaker'.

Gor: meaning 'war' is the greatest wolf spirit associated with battle and father of Bana'Yrr and U'shi.

Hly'und: meaning 'one who laughs', vulture spirit of fire, a comic spirit who cares little for the living.

Karn: meaning 'devourer' and 'scavenger', a great black wolf with eyes of white-flame who scours battlefields to find the souls of the warrior dead and lead them to Ugangi in the world beyond. A favored sign of warriors.

Kragga The Thunderer, a shape shifter, wild and untamable she and Utezni became a pair for a time. From their Union Kranok was born. However, Kragga is not really the maternal type and Utezni raised the child on his own. Kranok is wild like her mother and bears a strong affinity to the Earth.

Krollo: one of the Garad who defending the Urungnar from those who would destroy them, a patron of parents.

Kra'nok: Utezni's final child born from Kragga the Thunderer, demigod of thunder, name means 'thunder-warrioress'.

Onna: the daughter of Utezni and Una. stolen by D'Zono, future mate to Ulv and successor to Una as healer and shaman. Name means 'dark-waters'.

Orr: meaning 'swift', one of Uchronos' three ravens who does his bidding. Orr is Uchronos' messenger and speaks with his voice, particularly to the Shaman of Uchronos. Orr flies before Uchronos in battle

Sker'brim: meaning 'wave-breaker' spirit of lakes, marshes, and standing bodies of water taught Una the magic of healing.

Thog: meaning 'silent', one of Uchronos' three ravens who does his bidding. Uchronos sees through Thog's eyes and goes where Uchronos cannot. Thog is the spy of the trio, quietly watching and listening. Thog reports to Uchronos what he sees. Flies beside Uchronos in battle.

Rul: meaning 'frenzy', a fire spirit associated with uncontrolled rage manifest as a white boar of immense size. Hunted by Ugangi.

Uchronos: U'chronos, Ukronos, the Sly, the Smiler, the Trickster, the Betrayer, Raven-Feeder, Raven-Eye, One-Eye. Urungnar god of the winds, birds, craftsmen, and the afterlife. Uchronos tore out his eye to prove his manliness and had it replaced by a black, glass eye made by Utezni, called his Raven-Eye, See-Eye, that can peer into the fates of ogres. He keeps three ravens: Yrr, Thog, and Orr. With his Raven-Eye Uchronos sees the death of ogres and sends his ravens to fetch them to the afterlife. Betrayed and killed his brother Ugangi for the love of Una but was consumed by his rage fire becoming wind. Uchronos was joyous and proud but also the most cleaver of the gods finding solutions even Utezni the Wise could not see. He was also the most skilled with knives and bow rivaling Ugangi as a hunter. Name means 'great-darkness'.

Ugangi: U'gangi, the Wild, the Terrible, Fire-Brand, Flame-Beard, Urungnar god of fire, warriors, hunters, destruction, and the slain. Ugangi conquered fire and all other foemen and was second to none, not even his brother-chieftain Utezni. He was betrayed by Uchronos and ascended into a raging flame. He resides in the U'tiek and despises his brother. His companion wolf Tarn gathers warrior dead to join his warband in the world beyond. Name means 'great-rage-flame'.

Ulv: Utezni's eldest son, a fracture of his soul torn off by D'Zono. Considered a demigod of archery, the hunt, and winter. Burned alive by human priests but claimed by Ugangi for his war band in the afterlife. Ulv means 'great-wolf'.

U'vatok'na: the greatest chief of ogres sometimes called king, descendant of Kra'nok.

Una: U'na, Lady of the Sea, Urungnar goddess of water, change, rebirth, healing, fertility, and understanding. She first learned healing arts from the Lake and River Spirits but was given greater understanding by Utezni. The only daughter of Uron she prefered the sounds of water over battle and had a gentle disposition but her wrath was unquenchable when awoken. Una admired Ugangi above all others and often bound his wounds although her love was not returned. Una ascended into the sea. Her sould remains within the waters giving life and death easily. Name means 'great-healer' but the ending 'na has also become synonymous with 'water'.

U'ron: known as Ule, Uron, Allfather, the Giant. Gave life to the first ogres. Slain by the other gods who feared him. His body became a mountain range known as the U'ronnag. Name means 'great-father' in the Stone Tongue.

U'ronnag: means 'great-father's peak(s), the mountains formed from the corpse of U'ron.

Urungnar: means 'great-child(ren), referring to U'ron himself and the four children made of U'ron's soul: Una, Uchronos, Utezni, and Ugangi.

U'tiek: meaning 'great-tree', World-tree, tree of souls, Utezni's tree, gateway to the afterlife where Utezni bound all souls to journey. Sought by the Karanduawn ogre tribe.

Utezni: Far Wanderer, Stone-Hand, Foremost of Chieftains, the Wise, Wizard Maker, Patron of Wanderers, the Tale-Teller, Urungnar god of earth, justice, wisdom, chieftains, shaman, and wizards capable of talking to animals, plants, the wind, water, flame, and the earth. Utezni cut off his left hand to become wise, was the most skilled of wizards, created the Stone Tongue, was the first chief, wandered the worlds for a thousand years and fathered children from three unions: Una goddess of water, D'Zono the Cannibal, and Kragga the Thunderer. Some believe Utezni later ascended into the earth but the ogres of the Karanduawn theorize that he returned to the Utiek and dwells there (in some form or other) and often visits the world in the guise of a old shaman. His name means 'great-wisdom'.

Val'ulv: meaning 'slain-wolf' commonly called 'victory', the second great child of Gor Father of Wolves who manifests as a white wolf.

Vapnem: the five standing stones where Utezni recorded the widsom of the world. Their location is lost to ogres today.

Vilinann: meaning 'poison-dance' referring to the muscle contractions and painful spasms associated with disease and poisoning, Vilinann is the spirit of the rivers, creeks, and springs. Considered an unhelpful spirit. Bit and poisoned Una leading her to discover the healing arts from Sker'brim.

Yi'or: one of the Garad who could run as fast as Cromund the stag spirit.

Yrr: meaning 'death', one of Uchronos' three ravens who does his bidding. Yrr seeks out the dead and guides them to the afterlife. Yrr also flies behind Uchronos on the battlefield.

The Reliquary

A collection of relics of heroes and gods and thier locations.

Obellys The Raven's eye. A magical relic bent by Utezni to work for Ogres, became Ucronos’ eye and allows him to see the fates of Ogres. Since his ascension it need no longer be with him for him to see the fates. As a magical item, it survived the great fire. Una found it, and upon touching it saw the fates of her brothers and was nearly consumed. She left it with the Cronon along with her son. The Karanduan passed it on to Te’kan Rotten as he is touched by Ucronos. It should not be touched directly lest purposely directed to by Ucronos himself. The Obellys has a way of moving to its intended keeper, and what this means remains to be seen.

Una's Staff: made of a branch from the U'tiek it carries great power, but can also be unwieldly. Its long handling by shaman and direct contact with Una has left a shadow of a will upon it. Only a water aligned ogre may possess it, and only a descendant of Una can directly wield it. Its true power is yet to be fully assessed, and it often tries to flee from its possessor (ie it likes to get lost). Tribes who have had it in their possession have often experienced good luck, and the implied favor of Una. It has been passed down by the line of her shaman, and currently possessed by Ghanima, Shaman of Una. Though how long she can continue to bind its will to her own remains to be seen

The K'nutar U'tezni's Finger bones, several have been lost, 6 are currently kept by Sigurd, shaman of Utezni. 1 by Kroton Gorlock of the Karanduan. The K’nutar have a way of being found or delivered to worthy ogres as a sign of favor of Utezni, and a source of wisdom. It is said you can directly communicate with Utezni through the K’nutar.

Uchronos' Long Knives:' crafted by Uchronos, two knives of gray, patterned steel and ironwood, inscribed by Utezni, location unknown (presumed destroyed)

Ugangi's Spear: crafted by Uchronos, a boar spear made of gray steel and oak, inscribed by Utezni, location unknown (presumed destroyed)

U'ronnag: mountain resting place of U'ron, locaiton unknown

U'teik: the tree of souls gateway to the afterlife, location unknown

U'tezni's Fingers, the K'nutar: means 'knuckle-bones', several have been lost, seven are currently in the pocession of Svarr Shaman of Utezni

Vapnem: five standing stones where Utezni recorded the wisdom of the world, location unknown

Rites, Rituals, Prayers, and Songs=


By Shaman Ghanima

When a babe is born after 3 days it is consecrated with water so that Una may watch over it until it reaches maturity. The tribe gathers and makes a pact to watch over the child, and guide it until it chooses its own path.

Special circumstances—if the child was created from a mixed pairing it must be determined if the child has an ogre soul. A shaman should oversee this determination, and the specific method used is not important, just that the child is confirmed to be an ogre. If it is not, it may be humanely killed, or if the mother wishes, it may be taken somewhere where it might be found. If the child has an ogre soul, it is ogre and shall be treated no differently.

For Young Ogres

Roughly translated into the common tongue:

Fear not my little one, the forces of Myrk,
Una remains ever vigilant and oft has she protected
her people from those who would seek to destroy them.

Fear not the flames of Ugangi's hunt,
for Ucronos remains swifter yet,
Una yet tries to mend the rift.

Fear not death,
for in the great sleep there is peace
and in the great hunt there is kinship.

Seek Utezni father of wisdom,
find courage that your soul be not consumed.

The Totem Ceremony

By Shaman Sigurd

The tribe is gathered around the young ogres coming of age. The shaman will have prepared 4 bowls, 1 for each god with the respective totems inside. Each bowl will have 5 stones. (See the totems section for which stone goes where)\

The shaman shall relate the story of Uron, and his creation of ogres, and his creation of the 4. They will then tell of the necessity of finding your own way and your own connection to the gods, this ceremony is merely a guide. Just as Utezni created it to help Onna, she still had to find her own path with the knowledge gained. The totems relate to the four gods and elements and how they link Yord together. The ceremony was designed to show young ogres how they are a part of the Four and all four elements are a part of them.

The young shall each pick a stone from each bowl, and it should be noted which ones they picked. Each ogre shall have the option of picking any stone, even if one was also picked by another. Once each ogre has picked 4 stones the shaman shall look upon the totems and offer guidance on their potential meaning. The ceremony concludes with bidding the young ones to seek out the answers for themselves.


By Shaman Ghanima

When an ogre dies, their soul lingers with the body for a time. In an effort to help it on its way the following is done.

All bodies are first burned as an offering to U-gangi and the ashes are buried so that Utezni may know to await your soul. A prayer to Ucronos is made so that your soul may be found quickly and you may move on. It roughly translates to.

"There is no life after death for those not called by Ugangi to the hunt, Find here our brother/sister and lead them to where they may find rest, And seek a fate unlike your own. If however you are touched by a god, your ashes are either thrown to a hotter fire to be consumed, thrown to the water, or thrown to the sky, or all of these if you are touched by all 4. Being touched by all of the gods is exceptionally rare."

Elemental Affinity, Totem Spirits

Coming soon.

The Rite of the Shaman

By Shamans Sigurd and Ghanima

A shaman initiate is called a Te’Kann. They are either discovered by an existing shaman, or hear the call of their god and seek a shaman out. They will then begin their Ra’unn or challenge. At a minimum the shaman’s they must

Create a ceremony and learn the rites to the other ceremonies created and their respective deities for (birth (Una), death(Ugangi/Ucronos), chieftain (ALL), the elemental affinity ceremony for new/young ogres (ALL) Should posess a relic, and have a lore story for how they received said relic, preferably from their deity in some form Should have written a piece of Lore about their associated deity and shared it with other ogres.\ An initiate shall perform a task to provie their connection with their deity, this task must be overseen by a current shaman. The initiate shall tell the story of the 4, shall tell at least one story about their deity, and shall explain how they will prove their connection. Once adequately proven, the overseeing Shaman shall gather the ogres and proclaim the initiate as a full Sa’ud’mad (shaman).

Recognizing a Chieftain

When a worthy ogre is to be declared Krolton (chieftain), The tribe brings him forth. If there are shaman, the rite is overseen by them, but can be performed by any member of the tribe. The great deeds and worth of the ogre in question are proclaimed. Examples of leadership from the Urungnar are shared. The whole tribe shall join in the chant “Ugangi Ugangi Myoshia, Utezni Utezni nana K’ta” afterwhich the field portion of the ceremony shall commence. The proposed Krolton must complete 4 tasks of leadership on the field.

-Personally Lead your tribe to victory in one of the race wars in honor of Ugangi

-Disarm an opponent, wound him, and let him live to fear you in honor of Una

-Kill 5 enemies without them being aware of you in one battle in honor of Ucronos

-Utilize your tribes skills to your advantage in honor of Utezni

Once the 4 tasks are complete, the tribe gathers and the Krolton shall be marked with a leather band with the symbol of the tribe, and given a spear as a sign of the tribe’s loyalty. Members of the tribe should also be given tokens with the symbol of the tribe.

Proposed In-Game Ceremonies

These are proposed ceremonies that can be incorporated on the field, or in tribal affairs, and represent dealing with the 3 great ogre sins. These are not complete yet.


If an ogre is killed by another ogre on the field by being stabbed in the back, they may at the end of the battle require the guilty party to make atonement. Ogres do not stab other ogres in the back, it is one of the great sins and laws. (we can stab others in the back though)


If an ogre has consumed another ogre’s flesh


If an ogre lost their way and forsook the 4 in favor of something else, in order to be welcomed back and reconcile with their people they must face their grave error and submit to the ceremony of rebirth.

They must face 4 tasks to win back the favor of the 4etc. If the gods accept them back all is well and they are welcomed back into the fold. However if the gods do not accept them back they must be killed immediately as they are no longer kin.

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