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Karanduawn Ogre Tribe


The Kingdom of Eriador called Blood Valley by the Karanduawn.

The Karanduawn is a loosely organized tribe of wandering ogres that have become semi-sedentary in the Blood Valley - an area of land west of the Mighty River and north of the Marshes of Misery - commonly called Eriador by the civilized "pinkie" races. Although they raid the human settlements within and without of the Blood Valley they call the former elven strongholds of Nan Belegorn and Tir Asleen home.

Once the many realms of the Belegrim were home to ogres from many tribes. It is possible that the Karanduawn Tribe is the last of these tribes since no contact has been made with other tribes for many years. The Karanduawn also incorporate the members of the cattle herding Blood Hills Tribe who are near neighbors and dual members.

Cult of Utezni:

When the elven kingdom collapsed under the brutal invasion of the Horde's armies, Gorlock was drawn to the forests of the Blood Valley hoping to find the Tree of Utezni (called Ut'eik). In fact, Karanduawn means "great tree" in ogre's tongue. After Ugangi was betrayed by Ukronos, his rage created a whirling blaze that consumed the entire forest they were within. Utezni saw the devastation and found but one surviving tree, an ash tree. Utezni, wise in the arts of magic, placed a bind-rune seal on the tree before leading those who would follow him away from the site.

Utezni lived for one thousand years in his wisdom but disappeared from history and myth. Some believe he never ascended and still wanders the world as an ageless ogre of great power. Yet others claim he transcended mortal life thanks to his magical powers. And there are those that believe he did die and returned to the earth, buried beneath the leaves of immortal U'teik, his spirit remaining in that place.

No matter his fate, Utezni became a god in his own right as chief of chieftains, greatest of wizards, and the farthest wanderer. He commands the earth and mastered lightning. Unlike most ogres who are beholden to Ugangi of Flame, the Karanduawn hold Utezni to higher regard. The Karanduawn search the Blood Valley for the ever-green world tree and the resting place of Utezni, their chief god.

Clan Storm-Bringer:

This clan is a family of ogres who share a common ancestor. Gorlock Storm-Bringer, is famous for his powers fueled by rage that control storms and lightning. It is often in the best interest of those around him to keep Gorlock happy. His daughter has even exhibited the same skills. His cousins, Inanna and Shi'nok, the ogress sisters and best of skirmishers. Finally their brother, V'tok called Crudz, youngest of the StormpBringers. It is rumored that this clan is descended from the union of ogre god Utezni and Kragga the Thunderer, a skinchanger and weather demon.

Tribe Members:
Gorlock, Chieftain
Ghanima, Shaman of Una

Past Members:

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