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A tribe of ogres known for their size, speed, and strength. Tall but lean members of the Blood Hills Tribe excel at using their strength and speed at flanking attacks and when necessary simply wading in and crushing all in their path. Able use many weapons they are a benefit to any they choose to fight with and a terror to their enemies.

Ogres born into the tribe are sent off on a path chosen by the gods themselves when they come of age. Natural warriors and herdsman they tend to large herds of cattle as they defend their lands from the pinkies and others who wish to claim their lands for their own.

Best known member of the tribe is Kraylose a nomadic herdsman and warrior who fights with Horde in an attempt to rid the land of pinkies.


Many seasons ago the Blood Hills Tribe was known as the Blue Mountain tribe till an ogre shaman arrived in their lands telling of a pinkie scourge wiping out all they feel is evil and the scourge was headed towards Blue Mountain tribe’s land. Praying to their gods the warriors of the Blue Mountain tribe readied their lands for the upcoming battle.

Several suns after the shaman’s arrival the pinkie scourge also arrived. At dawn the pinkies attacked. Welcoming the pinkies with ax, club and sword the Blue Mountain ogres cut swaths through the pinkies like a farmer cutting down wheat. After many, many pinkies were killed the pinkies retreated. Blue Mountain Tribe was victorious.

Late that night though the cowardly pinkies set the forest around the village on fire. Quickly the fire raced through the forest burning down trees and ogres alike. Behind the fire came the pinkie army firing volley upon volley of arrows cutting down more ogres that night than during the morning battle.

After that cowardly attack the Blue Mountain tribe was severely weakened. Many of the tribe’s warriors died in the fire as they fought valiantly against the pinkies delaying those cowards allowing the rest of the tribe to escape and many more tribe members died leaving only a third of the tribe still alive.

Praying to the gods for guidance the ogres headed towards the setting sun with the pinkie scourge several suns behind them. After a season of running the ogres reached a lush plain of rolling hills. It is there the gods told the ogres to stand and fight for the time had come to strike back at the pinkies.

The season of travel had changed the ogres. Once large and bulky because of their main pastime of throwing boulders down mountains the tribe’s warriors had become leaner and faster due to the constant running and fighting. They decided to use this against the pinkies who outnumbered them even more than when they first attacked the Blue Mountain tribe.

Attacking the pinkies in midday the ogre warriors raced along the flanks cutting and slashing through the pinkie lines with incredible ease. After killing many pinkies the warriors pretended to retreat and drew pinkies into a small valley between two hills. The rest of the tribe now appeared firing arrows into the pinkie army as the warriors stopped running and hit the pinkies head on. While running the warriors had split in half and the second half now appeared behind the pinkies roaring battle cries as they smashed into the rear guard. Not letting up the vengeful Blue Mountain tribe crushed the pinkie army by nightfall and the hills were stained with pinkie blood.

During the night Utezni and Una came to the sole shaman left in the tribe telling him what to do. At nightfall the next day all those who fell in battle were buried in the battlefield with a tree seed in soil Utezni himself blessed. Once the last warrior was buried Una herself brought rain down upon the battlefield bestowing her blessing upon the tribe.

Taking a new name the Blue Mountain Tribe was now known as the Blood Hills Tribe in honor of their fallen brethren and the rolling hills they now called home. As the seasons passed a forest grew up around the tribal village, cattle herds prospered, crops grew in abundance, and many ogre nomads found their way to the Bloods Hills lands making the tribe stronger and more able to defend itself against the pinkies still out there.

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