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First night as Squire Lorcan

Fighter Information

Name: Squire Lorcan O'Dullahan

Actual Name: Mike Zahalka

Gender: Male

Realm: Obsidian Hollow
Rank: Sergeant at Arms of Obsidian Hollow (safety and rules guy)

Past Realm: Thorum

Unit: House Dregoth
Rank: Sergeant

Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Spear

Fighting Since: 2008

Beer Preferences: Yes

Squire to Ser Karr Wynesson


"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both....and surpass the result."

I arrive from the plains and farmland of Ireland, near no great establishments nor seas. Near only a few hamlets and villages was the well known family of O'Dullahan. The O'Dullahans were farmers and butchers responsible for providing food for those that lived near. Myself, Lorcan O'Dullahan, only son of the families second son was taught an important lesson at a young age by my father, “life is determined by the choices you make.” Through the years many members of the family passed to the next world, and all that was left was my father and mother and those living in far off villages.

After completing the many years of education, it was determined by my father that I was prepared to strike out on my own and create a name for myself if I so chose to do so for he wanted more for me than potatoes and cows. Several generations of O'Dullahans have stayed on the farm and done nothing else, I would be the first to dare to do otherwise as was my choice. Upon the 18th year of my life, I had booked passage on a ship to a new world where I may find my place. Other men were on the ship such as Porthos, Malachi, and Karr. In the middle of the voyage a violent storm struck and our ship was barely hanging on. The ship had sunk and all were scattered. The loss of life was heavy as many were never seen again. Not long after I had regained my strength a letter came to my door. My close friend Porthos, who had miraculously survived the fury of the storm, invited me to venture to his current home in the lands of Wolfpack. I had to learn how to defend myself in the harsh and cruel world, I made the choice to venture forth and learn in these mysterious lands of the south.

For years I traveled with Porthos and continued to hone my craft as a warrior and learn my place among the other warriors. From the lands of Wolfpack to the hold of Dunharrow I continued to fight and learn. I would eventually spend some time with Porthos’s new clans men known as Clan of the Hydra. I would soon meet many great warriors such as Sir Beauregard and Sir Kyrian, though something inside me told me that my place may not have been with these noble warriors.

The winters were harsh where I laid my head and training was hard to find as many warriors were unable to gather due to freezing cold and harsh snows. Even in the face of the frigid weather I seeked out new challenges and holds to test myself and learn. I came across a large castle on the far reaches of Dunharrow held by Sir Murdock the Mad, leader of House Dregoth. I enjoyed my time with these green and black clad warriors and gave them an offering as a token of good will which ignited their desire for me to join their ranks which I chose to accept.

During my time with the warriors of Dregoth I had met a man I had long thought lost, I had seen Karr once again. Karr had also been training with Clan of the Hydra with his sister Mara, but had not joined their ranks. With this, I introduced Karr to Sir Murdock and soon Karr would join me in adventures with House Dregoth, as was his choice.

Karr and I would venture and find new lands to call home in Obsidian Hollow under the care of Koalt. Obsidian Hollow was a dark realm seemingly devoid of life but with great potential. Karr and I felt it was the right time for us to stay in Obsidian Hollow and fight for the fledgling realm. However, the call to arms would always come from the Dregothian army for us to test ourselves in battle and to drink and feast with our fellow brothers in arms scattered across the land. I had brought in several others to the embrace of the Dregothian banner, even my old friend Malachi who had also survived the storm years ago would find embrace with my fellow warriors. Sir Bowen, Sir Luthien, and other officers within the house saw fit to favor my promotion in the house and Murdock saw fit to name me a sergeant of House Dregoth. I would soon affectionately be known as “the good officer Lorcan” due to the rantings and ravings of a certain retired lunatic from Tir Asleen known as Sir Calarn.

Karr chose to begin a long journey with his old friend Sir Killian and learn from him. I had watched Karr develop his skills more and more as a squire both as a warrior and in wisdom. When Karr’s time for knighthood was approaching I had made up my mind and I felt it was right for me to learn from him, and what he learned from Sir Killian. Through Karr’s trial I was there for every hard fought match and victory proving himself worthy of the title that would soon be bestowed upon him, knowing that it would soon be my time as well. The man I had brought into the embrace of black and green had earned his new colors of orange and black signifying his knighthood. He would look at me and tell me, “create what I had to, and you shall walk the same path as I.” I had little crafting experience, though I knew what I had to do. It was the beginning of a long journey that many had ventured on before me. I had crafted my symbol of purity, my white Squire’s tabard emblazoned with the symbol of Ser Karr.

The words of my father resonate in my mind, “life is determined by the choices you make.” I had made my choice. The fire inside me will burn through dark days, I have found my destiny, I must not fail. I will not fail.

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