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Fighting Name: Porthos

Mundane Name: Anthony Rabattini

Started Fighting: August 2007

Realm: Minas Ithil

Location: DeKalb, Illinois

Special Titles: Dwarf, Guard to Clan of the Hydra, Apprentice to Master Faline

Units: Clan of the Hydra

Guilds: Artificer Guild

Equipment Used: Spear, Bow/Arrows, Sword and Shield

Mundane Occupation: I'm a financial aid analyst for Adtalem Global Education (otherwise known as Chamberlain University, among others). Why does this matter? Should you ever have any financial aid questions, feel free to reach out to me through Facebook, or whatever else the world is using 5 years from now (or, alternatively, just find me at an event, bring a beverage and a bit of time) and I'll be happy to answer whatever questions I can.

I do a bit of leatherwork on the side, and not just Belegarth-specific things (lets face it, turning out armor gets a bit boring after a while). Wallets, belts, notebook covers, bags, and so on. I'd love to make something special for you, or should you ever want to learn, I'm happy to pass on what I've learned.

And yes, despite being tall and rotund, I am a dwarf. A bit of Ent-beer at a young age will do that to you.

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