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Who the fuck hands Melee Moses a baby?

Realm: Pyke
Real Name: Marceline
Horde Alter Ego: Babby Bloodteefs Killswards, named by her auntie Spike
Joined: April 2012
Fighting Style: Flailing limbs and charming smiles

Chaos Baby is the temporary name for the offspring of Nysa and Remy the Wroth, until she is old enough to find her true name. Her current name comes from having been the product of Chaos Wars 15. She proved herself a worthy future warrior of the Babylon Empire and Pyke on the second day of Western Wars IX by shitting on her own sock, thus matching the ruckus brought by God Squad. By the end of the event many attendees had succumb to her cutie charms.


Every Chaos Wars and Western Wars since 2012. Yes, really.

Nysa and Remy the Wroth are unintentionally cruel parents. CWXV
Ready for Goblin Night @ CWXX
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