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This years Chaos Wars XV hosts are Elwrath and Sir Leif Autumnsonge along with the Empire.

It will be held July 25th - 31st, 2011 at the Silverbell Ranch in Hailey, Idaho.

Troll is $40, while pre-registration is $30, and must be postmarked by July 15th, 2011.

For full details, see the official CW XV thread: Chaos Wars 15 thread

The biggest Chaos Wars ever with just over 340 people attending!


Awards for the Week (Help filling these in would be very much appreciated.)

For the first time in its history, the banner resulted in a tie between the Forsaken/Andor team and the Gelfs. And thus was winner this year was aptly nicknamed "F.A.G." by the enthusiastic feast crowd on Saturday night. Clever indeed.

Chaos Plate

Awarded this year to Sir Cedric.


  • 10-Man -
  • 4-Man - God Squad
  • 2-Man -
  • Champions -
  • Highlander - Todo
  • Tank - Sampson
  • Sword and Board - Bhakdar
  • Florentine -
  • Single Blue -
  • Red -
  • Spear - Arrow
  • Archery - Kaber and Sare
  • Newbie -

Other Awards

  • Best Characterization - Paksha
  • Best Feast Garb - Niobe
  • Best Overall Garb - Phira?
  • Worst Garb - Todo (100% unanimous vote)
  • Best Nighttime Entertainment - God Squad for throwing an awesome Gladiator Pit!
  • Best Monster - Malark
  • Best Non-Monster Monster - Acorn and Rocca
  • Best Kobold - Puck
  • Sexiest Goblyn Elbows (sigh) - Galya

Please feel free to add any others that I forgot. Thanks.

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