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Realm: Dun Abhon

Race: Water Goblyn

Unit: HoRdE

Weapon(s) of choice: Sword and board.

Events attended: Beltaine 05,06 Equinox 06 Viking homecomming.


Starfish was an exiled watergoblyn for the great kingdom of swampwater located in the celtic river region of Dun Abhon.
Angry and vengful, Starfish carries on in the land of humans and dwarfs in searh of belonging.

One warm spring day Starfish was drinking from a nearby river when he heared the thunderous march of what looked to be an army of monsters and evil alike. As the perfect march of the hidious monsters bewildered Fish, it also struck interest in his green goblyn eyes.

Fish ran to the front of the march and demanded to have a chance to prove himself worthy of joining the horde army. He was then given his trial there and then on that Beltaine day. Within minutes he had earned his riteful place in the horde army. Now he fights along side Horde and loyal to Izareth in his quest to let evil reign through the lands.

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