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Henneth-Annun, the 'Window on the Sunset', was originally founded by Daemarth, Angwynn, and their daughter Madison, in southwestern Illinois. Today, Henneth-Annun has mostly gone the way of legend as some of its members have dispersed to other groups and others have retired from making war altogether. Yet here and there whispers can be heard of forges, long cold stoked once again and hammers ringing in the hills in the waining hours of the night.

==Core Values==
Henneth-Annun poses for a picture prior to their 7 on 7 challenge against the Uruk-Hai.
  • Quality
  • Realism
  • Honor
  • Service
  • Presence

Quality: Members strive to set an example through high standards in their garb and equipment.

Realism: Heavier weapons are prefered to keep the game closer to its roots as a high-impact combat sport.

Honor: Members of Henneth-Annun hold each other accountable and are expected to exhibit excellent hit-taking and unimpeachable honor on the field and off.

Service: It is expected that all members will contribute to their units, realms, and to foam fighting events through service.

Presence: All active members must remain active locally and nationally to retain voting rights within the group.

4 members of Henneth-Annun prepare for a charge against the vanguard of the Iron Crown at Springwar 2007.
==Henneth-Annun Resources==
Henneth-Annun barrels Ohtar outside their walled camp.


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