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Dane came to Belegarth as a means to stay active when sports-playing friends moved away or became less active. Initially seeming a fun, silly hobby, the possible depth of Belegarth combat became apparent, and the hobby became something of a passion. Dane helped Peter the Quick to establish the Amyr, a group dedicated to improving Belegarth as a whole through demonstrating excellence in its four main components: fighting, garb appearance, quality of gear, and service through volunteerism and teaching.

Dane is a nationally recognized teacher of Belegarth fighting and donates several hours at most events he attends to teaching classes and providing instruction to any interested fighter. He specializes in single-blue and sword-and-board fighting, his own style promoting advanced footwork and closing techniques and proactive shieldwork. Major influences on his fighting are Sir Peter the Quick, Sir Kenneth, Sir Galin, Slagar, and Physic.

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