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Who is Xar?

Fighting Name: Xar aka Zar, Zarzar, Xarzar, or Czarzar
Full Name Xarzar
Race: Deep One
Weapon of Choice: Spear
Realm: Armored Penguins (Armored Waddle Flops)
Unit: Horde - Awakened at Battle for the Ring 2019, Year of Mayhem
Fighting since: 2015


Xarzar is a Deep One spawned from the great lion turtle in the murky seas of the Jagged Coast. He grew quickly among the paws of his immense mother, never going hungry nor in danger of predators. However, one day he lost the marvelous creature from which he spawned to the drifting tides. For days he swam along alone, no creatures in sight nor any plant life to speak of. That is until he came upon a bunch of logs floating on the surface of the ocean. He decided to investigate, and was surprised to find more creatures like himself… Well sort of. These creatures were of the same skin and humanoid design but they had hair and fin like projections on their heads. Xarzar on the other hand grew seagrass upon himself and already had the start of several barnacle and algae colonies upon his skin. But he decided to attempt speaking with these creatures anyways. After all, what was the worst that could happen? Upon hoisting himself onto the boardwalk a crowd of Deep Ones gathered around him and promptly ushered him to the main hut in the middle of the village. In this hut an old Deep One sat smoking a foul smelling plant. The old one coughed a bit and said in a grizzled voice, “Hello little one, I am Salfin de Esotere. Whad’iz your name?”

Xarzar sat there and thought… “I have no name Salfin.”

“Well den it’s your lucky day ‘cause I shall give you one!” And so Salfin took an enormous hit from his pipe and exhaled several smoke rings around the young Deep One. “From dis day forward your name shall be Xarzar!”

As soon as the old Deep One said this Xarzar knew in his soul it was the most perfect name for himself.

The next few days were spent with the Esotere, learning all about being a Deep One. But soon Xarzar grew restless. He knew he couldn’t stay in this village forever and so he set out to wander the sea not knowing what he was searching for but always on the lookout for what was tugging at his soul. As he traveled and gained much knowledge and wisdom. In the Pacific he learned magic, in the Atlantic he learned the art of war, in the Arctic he learned survival, in the Indian Ocean he learned how to cook, in the Persian Sea he learned politics, in the Mediterranean Sea he learned to trade and barter, and in the Black sea he learned the arts. But even this was not enough. In an attempt to learn more he set out to receive the Mark of Dagon so he may travel the land and learn what else the world held. He went back to his name giver, Salfin, and asked him how he may attain the Mark of Dagon. Salfin sent him to the deepest part of the ocean where the only light came from the fish that dwelled there. He followed the esoteric path and was eventually brought before Dagon. Dagon saw the thirst for knowledge in the Deep One’s eyes and the wanderlust he had inherited from the lion turtle. Dagon sent Xarzar to study and if need be slay the Illithid. Xarzar went forth to study these inhabitants of the sea.

Xarzar lived amoungst and studied the Illithid for 3 years. The proximity to these creatures gradually drove Xarzar insane and physically morphed him to have tentacles on his face. Xarzar returned to Dagon with all his research each page showed the madness and knowledge that had grown within him. Dagon gifted Xarzar with his mark and enlisted him in his ever growing army, as the time was almost at hand for Dagon’s assault upon the land. About this time Finn took Xarzar under his fin and apprenticed him as an Esotere. Dagon seeing how well they worked together, sent them as his spies and forerunners for the assault upon the land. On land Finn and Xarzar allied the army of Dagon with the Monsters. With all the planning, foresight, and strategizing Xarzar did; Dagon granted him the title of Esotere. Today Xarzar fights under the banners of Armored Penguins and Norcalia waiting for the army of Dagon to rise and help him conquer the land.

Events Attended

Harvest Massacre 6
Battle for the Ring 8
Silica Vale 7
Harvest Massacre 7
Battle of Blackwater: Doku No Pico
Battle for the Ring 9
Armageddon XVIII

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