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Winter at BftR III.
Real Name: Matthew DiSabatino
Realm: Andor
Unit: Hydra
Started Fighting: June 2010
Fighting Styles: Sword and board, Spear, Red



Winter is a San Diego native who joined Belegarth in June of 2010. He has been sword fighting in different forms, off and on, for well over a decade. Despite living less than a block away from the Andor training field, it took him almost a year to walk down the street and check out the "sword fighting thing" his roommate kept mentioning. After watching one practice, he was hooked. In the time since he has joined, he has become a Veteran of Andor, and a petitioner in The Clan of the Hydra.


In his mundane life, Winter is a Systems Administrator for a local spray lubricant company that almost everyone has heard of. He spends his day telling servers what to do, and his nights learning to program. Some day he hopes to spend his days programming, and his nights learning to program even better. He's married, but doesn't have any children (and isn't planning on having any), and his wife knows to humor him when he gets that slightly manic, excited look in his eyes when he starts a new hobby. His current obsession with foam- and armorsmithing has turned his garage into a chaotic workshop, but has yet to produce more than a few very interesting prototypes.

In addition to hitting people with padded sticks, Winter's other hobbies include:

  • Learning how to hit people with his hands and feet as a student of [Bak Fu Pai Kung Fu].
  • Home Brewing and Distilling (I'll bring some to the next Chaos, I promise).

On the Field

In past fighting lives, he fought almost exclusively single sword style (be it shinai, Rapier, or Foil), but has picked Sword and Board as his primary fighting style for Belegarth (although Florentine spear fighting still has a special place in his heart). Under the tutelage of more experienced fighters, Winter has learned how to not die most of the time. His new fighting passion is small squad tactics, and he is gaining a reputation for yelling commands that don't get his teammates killed.

Someday he'll get around to learning some other styles, particularly Sword and Board ...but that's mostly just because he hates being shot with arrows.

Winter finally got tired of being shot with arrows and injuring his hands while fighting glaives. He now fights Sword and Board most of the time.

  • note Winter was given the title "Lord" at the Battle of the Sword Coast II*

Events Attended

Event Year
Chaos Wars XV 2011
Chaos Wars XVI 2012
Battle of Andor II 2011
Battle of Andor III 2012
Battle for the Ring III 2011
Battle for the Ring IV 2012
Battle of the Sword Coast II 2011
King's Tourney I 2011

Contact Information

Email: Contact
Realm Website: [] (registered but not built yet!)

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