The Horde Prana'Kai of Awakening

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Prana'Kai of Awakening

A feral is a member who has yet to awaken, think of it like any preliminary member to any group. When a feral has been with the group for a time and is deemed a good fit, they will undergo the Awakening. This entry challenge is unique, and makes no distinction between combat and non-combat members of the unit, once awakened all members are equal. When the feral is undergoing the awakening they are charged with collecting 10 tokens from different members of the unit present at an event. They earn these tokens by completing combat challenges, solving riddles, displaying knowledge, or in any other way that the blooded member they are earning the token from deems necessary or appropriate. In this way any member may take part in an awakening of any other member, and a feral can include anyone they are close with. Some ferals will choose to undergo a barrel, similar to the traditional ones that Horde has used for years. This new challenge, however, presents options for all members. It is not meant to be a hazing, or a brutal trial, but a welcoming to the group as a blooded member. Each task should be on difficulty par with a one-on-one fight like a traditional barrel. After all tokens are collected or fights are done, a ceremony is held in the evening where the tasks completed are told to the whole of the Horde, the new member is awarded their belt flag and welcomed to the group.


The Horde Barrel was a part of the remains of our split from House Hellhammer many ages ago. It consisted of 10 one-on-one fights, down a line, with the High General Izareth or an acting Commander at the end. The feral would fight each monster, in order of their blooded year, until all had fallen. In more recent years, as the skill of fighters grew and they sought a challenge, sometimes 2-on-1 or even 3-on-1 fights were thrown in at the end (mostly so the old vets could save a portion of their pride). This was always done at the discretion of the sponsor. A barrel was never meant to haze or discourage a feral, just to serve as a symbolic ritual and challenge to those who were already considered to be part of the group. The traditional barrel evolved into the Prana'kai of Awakening during the 2014 season, as the group was attracting a larger number of non-combatants and we felt they deserved to be treated equally as blooded members, by given the same types of tasks as combatants were given.

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