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Dun'Aearean Standard


Basic Information

Last Wiki Update: 04.30.12

Realm Name: Raen Dun'Aear, taken from Tolkein Elvish, meaning "Crooked West Sea" ( Pronounced: 'Ray-in Doon Eye-are' )

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Founded: May 2011

Contact: Use our Facebook page listed below, or contact Savage (Jon McCarthy)

Waivers: Waiver for Adults - Waiver for Minors

Facebook: Get regular invitations to practices and events by joining our Facebook group: Raen Dun'Aear (Sonoma County Belegarth)

Units: Western Uruk-Hai, White Skull & wandering warriors.

Typical Practice: 10-20 fighters

Practices in 2012

Several Archers Including Savage Choosing Teams in Fortriu, June 2011. (Photo Courtesy of Donald 'Kael' Spencer.)
Full Contact Equipment Available to Participants at Raen Dun'Aear Practices & Games

When: Every Saturday from 12:00pm (noon) until 3:30 pm. Get invitations on Facebook by joining our Facebook group

Where: Rincon Valley Community Park in Santa Rosa, California (Click For Map & Directions) We fight near the center of the park, not far from the picnic tables and BBQs, which are beneath the shade trees along the creek. There are several large open grassy areas for battle, a water fountain, and restrooms. You should be able to see us easily from the picnic area or playground. If you don't see anyone at noon, hang out for a while - sometimes we run a bit late.

What: Our weekly practices typically involve several different battle scenarios. New players are certainly welcome to come out and give it a try, we are happy to help everyone gain command of the basic rules of the game. A fair amount of loaner equipment is on hand for new players without their own.

Who: Newcomers are welcome regardless of experience. Anyone 14 years or older can play, but if you're under 18 you need a notarized Waiver of Liability for Minors, or a parent or guardian to sign it in person. Most banks offer the service of public notaries free of charge. Adults will have to sign a Waiver of Liability for Adults

All participants must agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Book of War. Participants must also agree to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner, and to play responsibly.

What To Bring: Safety equipment such as mouth guards, knee pads, gloves, and athletic cups if you so desire. Garb is certainly encouraged but it's not required for rookies. If you have your own full-contact foam fighting equipment bring it with you and we'll check it for safety and BoW compliance. There's a nice cool water fountain right next our fields, but if you prefer Gatorade or the like bring your own.

If you're under 18 and you haven't printed out our Waiver of Liability for Minors, filled it out and had it notarized, then remember to bring a parent or guardian along to sign it in person.

Local Events in 2012

Build Nights

We gather every few months and pool resources to build full contact foam weapons and shields, as well as garb and armor. Build nights are a great way for new players to get some help making their own gear.

-=(Join our Facebook group to receive invitations)=-

Bay Area Battles

Every month or two several compatible groups of foam fighters in the San Fransisco bay area get together for large scale battle. These gatherings typically include fighters from Raen Dun'Aear, Mallenorod (a local Dagorhir chapter), Salamandastron, Saracor, Fortriu, WestHammer (another local Dag chapter), and other distant realms. When hosted by Mallenorod or WestHammer, the Dagorhir rule set is followed.

Bay Area Battles are typically one day mini-events. Minimum garb or better is required, and the hosting realm provides Marshals to perform Weapons Check and keep watch over game play. These battles are a great way for us to mingle with other local fighters and enjoy the fun of a larger battle than you get at individual realm practices.

2012 Schedule


Event: Wine Country Raid

Location: Rincon Valley Community Park - Santa Rosa, CA

Date: Sunday, May 6th

Time: 12:00pm (Noon) - 6:30 pm

Host Realm: Raen Dun'Aear (Belegarth)


Event: The War of Silica Vale III (This is a regional event & Bay Area Battle)

Location: Ed Levin County Park - 3100 Calaveras Rd, Milpitas, CA

Dates: Friday, June 1st - Sunday, June 3rd

Time: 8:00am (Fri) - 4:30pm (Sun)

Host Realm: Mallenorod (Dagorhir)

Event: War of Wrath

Location: Fresno County Sportsman's Club - 10645 N Lanes Road, Fresno, CA

Date: Saturday, June 23rd

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Host Realm: Fortriu (Belegarth)


Event: Chaos Wars XVI (This is a national event, not a Bay Area Battle)

Location: Silver Bell Ranch - 98 Broadford Road, Hailey, ID (Idaho)

Dates: Sunday, July 22nd - Sunday, July 29th


Host Realm: Highlands of Chaos (Belegarth)

-=(Join our Facebook group, or another local group to receive invitations)=-




Lieutenant Warhost:


Big Man on Campus:




Devon of Crimson Wood



Gabe (Oakenwood)


Jack the Gypsy




Rin Yu








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