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Name: Nakis Armen ColdForge
Real Occupation: Fiscal Program Analyst
Gender: Male
Realm: Pyke
Current Unit: None
Former Units: The Order, Salamanders
Fighting Since: 2005

Other Affiliations
Personal Background

Early on Nakis fought at the kingdom of Knightfall in Illinois for a few years until he moved on to Wisconsin. After a short period he then enlisted in the USMC and putzed off to Japan before coming back to the U.S. in Virgnia. He worked to try and stand up Water's Edge for Dagorhir, but the glut of other LARPs/Boffer groups presented problems in retention. Nakis spent some time in Amtgard, at one point earning an award for marshaling in called the Walker in the Middle. Moving out west, Nakis has settled in Portland, Oregon and is working on his skills in Pyke.

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