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Vengar Face.jpg

Name: Vengar

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Maelstrom

(formerly Horde - Awakened Saturday, October 8th Year of Pain at Oktoberfest 2016)

Race: Hat Troll

Fighting Since: 2014


Kobolds and Kites.

Vengar zoned out in a field thinking about a question a kobold had asked him once. When he came back into time he couldn't remember the question clearly, but the answer was a resounding "no". The field had been cultivated and was long fallow since he had last been aware of it, and his clothes were different, strange... itchy. He was covered in black feathered things, and swiftly clawed out catching a few squirming crows in his hands before they could escape. Ravenous from his time away, he eagerly devoured them to temper his hunger.

He then examined his clothes more closely, which besides being covered in shit, were not as he remember; some pinkies thought it would be funny to dress the statue-like troll as a scarecrow. Hay was sticking out of his shirts and pants, and his once colorful hat was now a mute burlap. In a rage, Vengar looked for any signs of them, and found some faint tracks leading out of the field. Following them into the woods he sees the remains of a cottage, which he tore apart looking for anything to kill. He did not find anyone. Smoldering but seeing an opportunity when he sees one, he decided to use his given guise of a scarecrow, the tireless watcher of the field. He hunts pinkies, leaving them stuffed with straw as revenge for his humiliation.

Svengar the Mighty!
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