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[[21728246 10155280024878751 2203613557801756409 n.jpg|thumb|300px|right Kord drawn by Archive the Mad Monk]]
[[Image:Kord_and_Kazi.jpg|thumb|300px|right|[[Kazi]] and [[Kord]] scheming]]
[[Image:Kord_and_Kazi.jpg|thumb|300px|right|[[Kazi]] and [[Kord]] scheming]]

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thumb|300px|right Kord drawn by Archive the Mad Monk

Kord Sempai.jpg
Kazi and Kord scheming

Fighting Name: Dr. Kordavin Goblyn WM.WD.
Race: Mech Goblyn
Unit: Horde Awoken in the year of pain 2016 at Battle for the Ring

  • Made HoRdE commander in the year of destruction 2017 at Battle for the Ring

House:Red Squad
Realm: Blood Moon Bay Forever the Jagged Coast
Fighting since: 2010
Warmaster- Warmastered at Battle for the Ring 2017 by Warmaster Hakan
Witchdokter- Witchdoktad at Battle for the Ring 2017 by Witchdokta Salamander

Fucking Freud of the Science Alliance

Whats Kord done?

  • Mate: Tink
  • Founder of the Armored Penguins
  • Head Herald at BFTR 6
    • Awarded Herald of the day at BFTR V and CW 17, 18
  • Convinced Warmaster Hakan and Witchdoktor Salamander to do a double apprenticeship
  • Bites off way more than he can chew, but swallows anyways


Much as been lost to the sands of time, who knows when the memories will flow through his eyes.

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