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Fredericko is de real star in dis pikture, he just nice enough to let me bees in it

Never Let Them See You Bleed

Real name: Kristen

Fighting since: Spring 2008

Realm: The Kingdom of the Northlands

Notables: Former Goblyn Queen of Rhun, Recipient of the Order of the Open Tome, Witch Doctor

Unit: Horde, formerly Clan of the Hydra

Race: Goblyn


Fighting style:
Sword and Board

Salamander began her life on the battlefields of Khador, though her real life began at Beltaine '09, where she first declared herself goblyn, and underwent the goblyn inquisition. Since Khador and the neighboring lands were decidedly lacking in goblyn presence, she joined Clan of the Hydra, as the first greenskin in its ranks. Perhaps her greatest achievement was that they never kicked out this particular greenskin.

Since then, she has fought in the lands of Dunharrow, though never claiming them. After that, she conquered the northern lands of Rhun, making a pinkskin king do all the work for her. It was fun for a while, but then it became work and made her do things like responsible stuff. She grew restless, and turned her eyes to the world around her.

Soon after, Salamander undertook the long journey to the lands of Eriador, and resided for a short time in Nan Belegorn. Here, in the birthplace of many famous goblyns and the first Witchdoktors, she managed to convince one of the last few Witchdoktors to take her on as one his apprentices.

She now resides in the wild and lawless Kingdom of the Northlands, her own birthplace. Here she trains and prepares to take her place as one of the new generation of Witchdoktors.

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