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Koom gone whoop dat ass!

Real name: Jeremy E. Haag
Fighting since: 1997
God: Banzor
Weapons of Choice: Rocks, Pike and Dagger
Unit: The Secret

Koom Di'Puts is a master of the Drunken Troll stance, feared by Newbies and pinkies across the lands. His slight skill in Liquormancy makes him a very dangerous poker player. Koom fighting skills are only matched by his drunken stupers. He spends most His Time in Creating new ways to make Weapon Checkers Cry. When he is not creating obnoxious weapons he is telling tale of Lore from different Races and Different Events.

In that Real life type place-
Jeremy has had a real interesting series of jobs...
He went from a Humanitarian discharge from the United States Marine Corps, to
a sales rep for Dell computers. (He was good too.) The he went from that to bein a
Reptile specialist at Petco. Then he worked for as a time keeper for a gas pipeline company. Then A manager at a blockbuster, followed by Pizza hut. He is now a Materials Manager for a hospital.

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