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Fighter Information


Name: Hippo
Mundane Pinky Name: Andrew S.
Gender: Male
Race: Mech Goblyn
Realm: Thunder Guard
Unit: Horde (feral)
Primary Fighting Style: Archery and Ball and wall.
Fighting Since: March 2015

Other Information

"Skribbit be ma copilot, and weez shootin for knee caps."- Hippo
Known for his notorious scum-baggery, if you are not looking all over place all the time, your back will become his new sheath for daggers, swords, clubs, axes, polearms, and fudgecicles. Though he is easily frightened, he will attempt to take down any person not being careful, no matter how skilled, strong, or numbered.
Real talent is in Archery, though it is different from hunting and shooting field targets, most of the skills are applicable to Belegarth. I like to think I'm a pretty good shot, but there are many others out there that would probably love to try and prove me wrong. To them I say, "come at me, 1v1 IRL bro, I'll rek u m8 I swear on me mum!"
A fanatic of Skribbit.
Feral under Kodite.

Ever wanna play EDH? I'm your goblyn!

Events Attended

Giant's Awakening V
Ocktoberfest 2015
Snowball IX

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