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Fighting Name: Tome Skookum

Real Name: Thomas

Race: Wood Elf

Realm: Abraxas

Realm Rank: Scribe / Treasurer, Retainer to Smiley

Fighting Style: Bow & Arrow, Spear, Sword & Board

Started Fighting: 2018

Events Attended:

Skulk Of Volpes Opener 2018

Dunharrow Kill, Grill, Chill 2018

Character Lore

Tome Skookum is a Wood Elf, and like most of his kind, his story began at the heart of The Great Wood in the Kingdoms Of Old. His father was a High Elf, and a prince of their order. Being the eldest of five, he was destined to take the throne upon his father’s passing; an order he held the highest regard until he met Tome’s mother. She, a Dark Elf raised in the catacombs, was unwelcome into the Holy City of Elves, let alone be seen with the kinship of the Throne. How they met has never been known, but their love burned like wildfire through the streets of the Holy City. They kept it a secret, some say for years, but eventually the Queen discovered the lovers entangled in their royal chambers, and sentenced the star crossed mistress to death. The prince pleaded with her for the life of his lover, but the Queen could see no forgiveness. In an effort to keep things quiet, she struck down the Dark Elf mistress right there, still in her son’s arms. Mortified, the prince kept quiet about the pregnancy, thinking all had been resolved. Little did he know, the Dark Elf had used one last trick to ensure the life of her forbidden child.

Legend says Trognuuk was the one to cast the protection spell, he is one of the oldest beings to ever exist, a great forest spirit that shelters and protects all those loyal to The Great Wood. Trognuuk is not one to work with Dark or High Elves in normal practice, but it is said he could see the child’s future and knew he would grow to be of pure heart and power loyal to The Great Wood and all living things. When the protection spell was activated by the Queen’s rage, the nearly developed fetus was transported into the heart of Trognuuk himself, where he incubated and nurtured the baby, keeping the baby Tome safe from all the terrors around him.

Tome grew in the woods with the eldest and most wise of teachers at his aid. Trognuuk taught him to use the woods to keep him safe, and sheltered; and taught him of the balance that holds life together in perfect synergy. Tome grew skilled and knowledgeable, as well as patient. Around the time Tome was reaching adulthood, he came across his first encounter with humans. He watched as they barrelled into The Great Wood, seeming to ignore the fluctuation of the Wood itself, and charge directly forward. Perplexed by the sheer impracticality of their actions, and their obvious stupidity, he kept an eye on them. After several days of watching, he fell asleep high in a tree, but was rudely awoken by the loud clacking of gun fire, and piercing screams of a bear he knew had a den nearby. He lunged from his tree, and saw three of the men standing over the corpse of the bear cheering over their horrendous actions. The men began to pack up their things, anticipating leaving the bear’s corpse where it lie.

Furious at them for killing such a beautiful animal out of fear, not even using the pelt or meat for themselves, Tome needed to restore balance. He took cover behind a large bush, drew his bow, and waited for the perfect moment. After twenty minutes the impossible aligned. Tome loosed a single arrow that pierced through the bush without so much as brushing a leaf, and with the power of an ox it connected all three men’s skulls and pierced them to a tree. Tome went to the bear whose life had long drained, and placed a hand on her body, bowing his head in respect. He proceeded to skin and harvest the animal, carefully saving every piece for use. As for the men, he thought it best they feed the forest more than they took. He skinned and shredded their corpses, filleting them to bits all around the area. All matter of woodland creatures came out from hiding and feasted, this pleased Tome. He then went to the den he knew this bear held, hoping the poachers hadn’t found the cubs as well. When he found the den, he discovered the mother had been gone too long and the cubs were drug off by other animals. Tome was saddened, however pleased the animals would continue to provide for the forest. But then when he turned to leave he heard the slightest whimpering sound from behind him. He looked back to see one of the cubs had survived, and was hiding in a tree stump. Tome outstretched his hand, and the cub jumped into his arms with the biggest hug he’d ever felt. He named the cub Tobiasun, and from that day on the two would be inseparable.

As the cub grew to full maturity, so too did Tome. The months turned into years as the two lived peacefully in The Great Wood, always honoring the neutrality and peaceful teachings of Trognuuk. Eventually, Tome grew curious of the world outside of The Great Wood, and sought to understand it. One day he ventured to a village, leaving Tobiasun to forage in the nearby woods for fear of human’s brash actions. It was there he went to a rusty old tavern called the Tin Roof where he saw the most adorable bard doing stand up comedy; enthralled by the practice, he watched in awe as the man would speak and all around burst into laughter. Tome was quiet amongst people, still distrusting of their nature, but he returned every week to see Joshuaya Shosuff tell jokes. After several months, some patrons from the tavern tried following Tome to see where he went, but the forest stalker could not be followed. After that night, Tome thought it best not to return to the village, but missed the humor of the bards.

The following week, a day after the show Tome didn’t attend, he noticed none other than Joshuaya himself was walking into The Great Wood with another weekly tavern patron that didn’t follow him home, a rather large dwarf that stood nearly as tall as Joshuaya walked with him in heavy armor carrying a large hammer in one hand and a shield in the other. Tome watched as they entered the wood, and began bickering over whether Tome would be nearby. The two walked near Tobiasun’s favorite fishing hole, and caught him getting a meal. Tome took stance on a tree branch, and readied his bow, taking aim at the dwarf’s head, leveling a precise shot through the visor in his helmet. But to Tome’s surprise, the travellers stopped and gazed in wonder at Tobiasun, in awe of his majesty. Tome lowered his bow, and watched tensely as they kept their distance. Tobiasun was too enthralled with his freshly caught lunch to pay them any bother, rolling on his back batting at the fish and playing with it before consuming it in a single gulp. They watched for several minutes, then turned to continue their search. Knowing the forest would kill them in a short matter of time, or the would get lost for the remainder of their lives, Tome dropped from the tree branch, and approached them. It was that day that Tome Skookum the Wood Elf, Bigby Hammerfist the dwarf, and Joshuaya Shosuff the human became the best of friends.

The three friends carried on together beyond the woods and nearby towns to find whole new worlds of experiences. They fought hardily together; Shusuff using his divine connection to protect them from harm and hinder their enemies, and his charm to bring friendship and gifts from settlements they came across; Bigby using his mighty hammer and shield to clear their foes and anything else in their path, and his forging skills to keep their gear in prime condition; and Tome using his trusty bow to take down powerful enemies with precision and plentiful enemies with speed, and his survival skills to navigate the lands and scavenge for food.

After wandering for many years, they came across a strange land occupied by small settlements of mostly humans spread out around an abandoned nobleman's castle. They sought liquor to parch their thirst, and while at the Tavern they met a human man named Pale Nomad. He admitted it wasn't a given name, but gave no other due to personal reasons the group didn't understand for years to come. What they did learn that night was Pale Nomad's intentions to bring the land together under a communal government where everyone got an equal say. The three agreed this was a cause worth fighting for, maybe even worth dying for. They offered their help to Nomad, who offered in return free stay at his Castle, an equal say in government, and respect among fellow peoples. It wasn't long until Nomad brought teachings of the One True God Abraxas into light, and the group decided to name their new lands the Realm of Abraxas. For all words are His and Hers and Theirs alone, given unto all by the blessed curse of Abraxas: The bringer of evil, the seeker of light, the damnation and the salvation, the unstoppable and the immovable, the righteous and the pious; all is good and all is evil, all is permitted and all is forbidden, may Abraxas bless this Tome and usher it into the vortex of damned salvation that is the will of Abraxas here ye here ye! By the blaze of Abraxas torches the lands were transfixed, obliterated by the raw power their communal system gave each citizen. Settlements folded and joined the Realm of Abraxas, while others sought to invade and pillage but were met with the broad-head of Tome's arrows, the cold steel of Bigby's hammer, the razor slash of Shusuff's wit, and the order under squad leader Nomad that protected the Realm from the mighty Skulk of Volpes and the encumbering Dunharrow.

How I started Fighting

It all started with a bachelor party for Bigby Hammerfist put on by myself and Joshuaya Shusuff. We decided to try out the sport by crafting our own weapons and spending the evening sparring. Surprisingly, we completed 2 moderately safe weapons in the day. We were joined by veteran fighters Anarchles, Pale Nomad and Dylan who loaned us weapons and helped us have fun in a safe way. I fell in love with the sport immediately, and in just a couple months we sunk our teeth into starting the realm of Abraxas. After fighting some time, I sprained my wrist and decided a bow would be my best bet for a long career in the sport. I made my first half dozen arrows, got a bow that matched my Wood Elf style, and the rest is history....

How The Name "Tome Skookum" Came About

I got the name Tome from veteran fighter Smiley, now my Squire for Retainership who took me under his wing and showed me the ways of Belegarth, shortly after getting the name I picked up responsibilities in scribe and treasurer, and thus Tome became the keeper of the Tomes of Abraxas. Skookum comes from my real world life where I've a video game developer, I made my career knowing a rare and incredibly powerful AI scripting language called Skookum Script. As such, I took the name as my own.

Tomes History

I started fighting in 2018 at a bachelor party, and withing three months we exploded into the realm of Abraxas with over 10 active members, custom hand made garb for everyone, and a stack of loaner weapons. I quickly got a hold of a solid bow and crafted my arrows to join the line, I've been to one big event at Dunharrow's KGC, and one small one at the Skulk of Volpes opener both in 2018. I'm currently preparing with my realm to attend Okfest this year and do lots of in period fun stuff.

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