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I will get this page filled out once the current voting period resolves. Galya (talk) 00:29, 2 January 2019 (CST)


War Council decisions in 2018

  • Speaking rights were granted for
  • Voting rights were granted for

Book of War changes in 2018

By-Laws changes in 2018

National Events of 2018

People who were titled in 2018

-Dragoon Sare (Pyke)
-Sir Juggernaut (Grey Haven)
-Sir Ra Carnifex (Sunspear)
-Sir Thumbs (Stygia)
-Dame Idril Frostfoot (Middle Earth)
-Sir Sahnz (Middle Earth)
-Sir Collister
-Dame Ruby the Stalwart (The Southern Plains)
-Sir Marik (Spira Draconis)
-Artificer Master Faline (Wolfpack)
-Artificer Master Anij Kalish (Stygia)
-Artificer Master Thurat (Carthage)

People who started fighting in 2018

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