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Kuma at SoS 2020 PC:E$
Kuma + Heda volunteering at troll. WoW 2019
Kuma Shooting at PR 2019 PC:E$
Kuma + Butters taking pics at PR 2019

Belegrim Name: Kuma! Short for Acolyte Taiyo Kuma

Sunflower Nomad

Breather of Fire

Mundane Name: Ronny McGhee

Pronouns: They/She

Prefix: Mx (Pronounced like Mix)

Realm: Sunspear, Nomadic

Monsterdom: Dire Bear, Dragon, Silverhelms

Houses: House White Lotus, House Kongeda, House Valkyries, House Stonewall

Fighting Style: Yelling, Shooting (photography/videography), Sword n Board

If in trouble/lost please return to Apprentice Kib, Squire Igua, Sir Ra or Warmaster Bacchus

Events Attended:

War of Wrath, iX:2018, X:2019 Xi:2022,

Battle for Blackwater, '18

Battle for the Ring, '19, '20, '21

Battle of Andor, '19

Pheonix Rising, '19

Seige of SunSpear, '20

Chaos Wars, '20, '21

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