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These creatures are large bears that have humanoid abilities such as walking on two legs, using tools, and communication/thought. They can be extremely fierce warriors, but are also abundant in neutral to many of the lesser races. They are nomadic in nature, and will travel in tribes when available. Do not confuse them for Bugbears - they aren't even real bears!

Other terms that have been known to be used by pinkies are: bear, werebear, murder-machine, Arvonaco

Dire Bears are a proud and boastful race, since they are at the top of the food chain. They have been known to carry 'trophies' of their conquests to prove their ferocity and strike fear into their enemies. If you ever see missing limbs or appendages on a dead body, you can guarantee that it would have been taken if they were a worthy opponent.

Some have said that you can soothe them with offerings to prove your respect. After all, who doesn't love a sacrifice made in their name? They tend to be very loyal to the ones they decide to keep around - all others tend to 'disappear' when they get agitated.

Normal characteristics: - normally midsized to larger type person - recommended to show ferocity

Garbing ideas: - use red paint on face in designs to look like the blood of a fresh kill - earth toned colors (if you want something that looks pretty on you, have a story of what you killed to go with it) - fur on gloves, shoulder, etc. to make you look like a bear (don't do a single sleeve of fur though, you will be confused to be one of those nasty Bugbears!) - bears don't have hands, they have paws. When sewing garb, it is perfectly fine to make mistakes and not make anything perfect!





It was the earliest of times when the earth was still being created and the deities still walked the land. Callisto, being the goddess of nature and the hunt, kept a balance and harmony even to the wilds of the deep wood. Even the most ferocious of beasts were tamed by her presence.

Callisto reveled in the peacefulness of the deep wood and made it her sanctuary. She frequented this area for meditation. Over time, she realized that her children were becoming nervous and jittery. Her presence was not enough to serve as consolation to this imposing threat. She had felt a great sadness and had begun to search around for what was the cause of this disruption within her realm. Through her vast kingdom, she had discovered several points of spreading destruction. Humanoid races were forming and causing havoc in her forests with their plundering and their civilizations being formed. As man's civilization grew, it brought decay and death to what she had once given life. The forests sheered down for lumber and never replanted. Her children were slain and taken as trophies.

At the suffering of her children, Callisto wept. Not only in shame of those with darkness in their hearts, but in rage. Rage at the destruction of the beauty that had been born of her. Every death had weighed heavily on her spirit. And her rage grew. The forests became barren. Fields withered. Animals turned wild and feral. The weight that dragged Callisto down grew. Her roots began to set. Soon, she could not wander as freely as she once had, and her journey was limited to the deeper forests. Still, she wished to see her children protected. And she dug deep into the rage and love that filled her heart and set it into motion.

Her essence flitted wildly through the forest, its energy burning and roaring. Her creations balked from it. They were afraid of accepting the responsibility that their queen so freely offered. Finally, the power of her spirit came across a mighty bear. It did not flee, and it let the essence of her spirit bathe his fur. In an instant, it was changed by her blazing spirit. Strength and fury filled it as it rose to its hind paws and began to walk. As it went, it reached out and was given sheafs of thick bark and bones from the earth, which it fastened to itself as armor. On and on it strode, more and more feeling the seething power that it had been given, along with the wisdom that it now had.

Its acceptance had been echoed by a great many, all of whom had awoken in a similar manner. They were clad in the armor of the forests, some carrying clubs given freely from great trees, other simply wielding their claws. A rare few had weapons from men foolish enough to challenge the might of the forests. And they knew their duty, bellowing together in salute. Callisto's champions had awoken, the Arvonaco.

With the Arvonaco by her side, Callisto's woe was lifted and her roots gave way from the earth in the deeps woods. Her champion's were prepared for battle. They sounded off with a roaring battle cry that was heard to the edge of the forest. She led them to nearby villages where they proved their ferocity in battle. They ravaged those who had destroyed the lands of their goddess and took trophies for themselves. A message was sent that Callisto's land and her children were to be respected else her wrath would come down upon them.

Known Dire Bears


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